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Aim for a High Score on This Test About Woodworking Tools to Prove You Are a Cut Above The Rest!

There's a good likelihood that you'll work with wood at some time during any type of home improvement job. You should thus at the very least be familiar with some basic woodworking equipment. Test your knowledge of woodworking and woodworking tools by taking this quiz!

What is the purpose of a traditional Kreg jig?

Sharpening chisels

Cutting dowels into half-rounds

Pocket-hole joinery

Cutting dovetails

Pocket-hole joinery
A Kreg jig creates an angled pocket or hole to perfectly align a screw between two pieces of wood.

Which of these devices is best to use with a lathe?

A parting tool

All of the above

A skew chisel

A spindle gouge

All of the above
Gouges, scrapers, parting tools, and skew chisels are examples of tools used in woodturning; an awl is not.

How should a plane blade absolutely NOT be rested when it is not in use?

In a bucket of water

On its side

On the blade

None of the above

In a bucket of water
Some individuals believe that resting it on the blade is ideal because it will safeguard the just honing iron. Others believe that you should tilt it so that it doesn’t scratch your workstation. In any case, you should avoid submerging it in water because doing so might cause it to rust and make it much more difficult to use later on.

What is a drill press used for?

Presses a drill into a flat surface

Allows complete control over the drill

Holds the screws in place while you hold the wood

It takes up space

Allows complete control over the drill
A standing drill that is operated by a lever or handle is called a drill press. It is fixed, making it much simpler to direct and manage.

When is a crosscut saw appropriate to use?

When cutting against the grain

When cutting across the grain

When you want to cut only on the pushing motion

Whenever you want

When cutting across the grain
A crosscut saw is made to cut precisely and counter-clockwise. Whether you’re tugging or pushing, its teeth may slash in any way.

When should pressure-treated wood be used?

When you plan to paint it.

When wood will be exposed to water

When you like the color green

When you want superior strength

When wood will be exposed to water
Despite the fact that pressure-treated wood may be painted, its main function is to fend off decay. It is used in outdoor settings when wood is in contact with water.

What use does a pilot hole serve?

They help prevent measuring errors

They allow beginners to practice drilling cleanly

They aren’t actually necessary with modern tools

They prevent wood from cracking under the pressure of a screw

They prevent wood from cracking under the pressure of a screw
Pre-drilling minimizes breaking when a screw is added. Pilot holes are a fantastic insurance policy for strong joints, despite the fact that wood might not split without them.

Which way should you sand a piece of wood?

In the direction of the longest side

In the direction of the grain

Against the grain

It doesn’t matter

In the direction of the grain
In order to prevent scratching, it is essential to sand with the grain. For projects you want to stain, this is especially crucial.

What is the typical distance that you should leave between floor joists?

4 inches

16 inches

10 inches

5 feet

16 inches
In order to build a strong floor with a minimal usage of materials, floor joists are spaced apart. To meet these goals, normal joist spacing is 16 inches. Although the type of joist you choose and the final properties of the finished floor may alter, in some circumstances you can position them farther apart or closer together.

There are instances when using a chisel requires using something to drive it into position. This is the device you need nearby to complete the task




Claw Hammer

A mallet is a more compact and delicate hammer. It is considerably simpler to use on more delicate places when you don’t want to scratch the surface or need more control due to its lightweight construction. Although many seasoned woodworkers choose hardwood mallets, a rubber mallet may also be used with a chisel just as well.

When cutting through pine wood, what should you avoid doing?


The bark

The grain


Pine is a natural wood that has knots. Some of them are visible from the wood’s surface, while others could be more difficult to locate. It may be quite nasty to try to cut through a knot, especially in pine, because of the sap.

This fixed tool includes jaws to keep wood pieces in position and is firmly affixed to a workbench.



Table saw


When working on a project that requires the use of two hands or requires delicate labor, a vice is useful. It should be fastened to a surface, such as a workbench or a table. Your hands are then freed up once the jaw is forced tight against the board.

This retractable device makes it simpler to take measurements.

Slide rule

Yard stick

Tape measure


Tape measure
While all of the aforementioned methods take measures, dealing with wood requires a tape measure the most. You may measure in centimeters all the way up to several feet with the retractable tape. If you’re trying to take a longer measurement, you also don’t require any assistance from a third party.

What piece of equipment for woodworking has a face, tongue, blade, and heel?

Cobbler’s hammer

Framing Square



Framing Square
In woodworking tasks, a framing square is usually used to ensure that angles are cut correctly. It is an L-shaped instrument with measurements written all over it rather than a true square. It has intriguing names for its many components and is a 90-degree angle in and of itself.

An instruction handbook is included when you buy a tool. How should you handle it?

Throw it out – you don’t need directions

Use it to line a hamster cage

Give it to a neighbor

Read it and keep it

Read it and keep it
You would be wise to read and keep hold of the instruction manuals because they are offered for a reason. Create a procedure for filing them in your store in case anything arises that you are unsure of. They occasionally also come with troubleshooting manuals.

What is the most common device found in garages?



Table Saw


The garage or trash drawer of almost every home contains a claw hammer. For those who don’t work in construction, it might not be utilized every week or even every month, but it is used. Those who enjoy working with wood typically have one or more in their toolboxes.

Everyone who works with wood should have this tool, according to woodworking experts.



Power drill


Writing this quiz made it quite evident that the chisel is the woodworker’s most important and often used tool. The majority of people feel that you should have a set of various dimensions, but if you only have time for one, choose the 3/4-inch model. Also, look for a higher-quality option rather than purchasing the cheapest one. You’ll use it SO frequently.

What is the name of the tool in the image that assists in making sure everything is aligned correctly?

Laser pointer




Every homeowner should have a level in addition to every woodworker. It is used to make sure that lines are straight and not asymmetrical. Making ensuring that pictures are hung accurately and that a piece of wood will be cut straight are two of its more well-known applications.

What may cause wood to expand?





Moisture is bad for wood and can affect a piece’s structural integrity. Due to the fact that it may make wood feel moist for extended periods of time, humidity is particularly harmful. Additionally, moisture causes wood to expand, which may be quite problematic for any job.

Roughness can be present in wood, especially after cutting. One of them should be used to smooth it out so that it doesn’t splinter more.

Bench plane




A sander is necessary to make sure that your wood is free of any sharp edges that may splinter someone. A straightforward hand sander is an option, although electric sanders will speed up the process. (Get it?)

Sorry, you failed. You are not a woodworker.

Great job! You know a few things about woodworking.

Excellent! You are a woodworking genius.

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