Are You Capable of Surviving on a Deserted Island? To Find Out, Take This Test!

Can you survive on a deserted island?

What is the first thing you need to do when building a shelter?

Make sure the area is safe

Gather all your food in one place

Build a fire first

Collect leaves

Make sure the area is safe
You do not want to build a shelter in an area that could have wild animals lurking around the vicinity.

Where is mosquitoes’ common breeding ground?

By standing water

On sand

By the ocean

Within the canopies

By standing water
Standing water is where mosquitoes normally congregate. You should not set up camp near standing water.

What can you do to avoid confrontations with dangerous animals?

Watch where you step

Stay out of the deep end of water

Stay out of caves

All of these

All of these
Avoidance is the best defense. It is best to keep your distance from dangerous animals.

Should you drink water from a river or stream?

No, animals urinate in there

Yes, it’s safe

No, it could contain parasites

No, it is likely salt water

No, it could contain parasites
Although rivers and streams do not contain salt water, it is highly likely that there will be parasites and various diseases. You need to boil water before you can drink it.

How do you know if you encounter a black widow spider?

They only have six eyes

They have tufts of hair on the abdomen

They are dark spiders and the females have red or orange marks on the abdomen.

They have large red fangs

They are dark spiders and the females have red or orange marks on the abdomen.
Black widow spiders are the most venomous spiders. Their venom is 15 times stronger than rattlesnake venom.

How can you tell if you are having a dangerous reaction to a fire ant sting?

You get itchy for a while

The site turns purple

Your entire limb swells

The ants follow you around

Your entire limb swells
Having an itchy lump that lasts for an hour is normal. But when your entire arm or leg swells up, you need prompt medical attention.

Can you drink saltwater?

No. it will not taste good

No. Your body will lose more water trying to digest it.

Yes, it will thoroughly hydrate you

Yes. Whales are mammals and drink it

No. Your body will lose more water trying to digest it.
Drinking salt water will actually make you even more dehydrated.

You see a rhino, but it hasn’t seen you yet. What should you do in this situation?

Run away

Remain claim and do not make a sound

Walk away

Fight it

Remain claim and do not make a sound
They may charge if they hear you make a sound, so try to remain calm until the rhino has gone away.

How can you stay positive when you do not get rescued quickly?

Remind yourself what is at stake

Practice relaxation techniques

All of these

Anticipate fears

All of these
It may take a while before someone rescues you. Stay relaxed and remember that these things are beyond your control

What can you use on the island to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and avoid getting sunburnt?

Animal blood


Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has essential nutrients that work similarly to sunscreen.

How can you stop wild animals from entering your shelter?

Make traps

Create multiple fires

Set twigs around the perimeter

All of these

All of these
Setting traps can help alert you when someone is in the vicinity and fires help ward off wild animals.

After building your temporary shelter, what is the next thing you need to do to survive?


Collect water

Hunt for food

Hike around the island

Collect water
You can survive for weeks without food, but will only last several days without water. The first thing you have to do is procure potable water.

What material can help in lighting a fire?




Water bottles

You can find lenses from a camera, binoculars, or glasses.

When positioning the remaining branches around the tripod in a circle for your teepee, what do you want to make sure you do during this step?

Pile as many branches as physically possible

Stay quiet as you build

Leave an entrance

Place food inside the structure

Leave an entrance
You want to make sure there is a way for you to enter and exit. Make sure you can fit in and out comfortably.

How long can you survive without water?

Three weeks

One month

Less than a day

Less than a week

Less than a week
You can only last less than a week without water. Procuring drinking water should be your first priority if you end up stranded on an island.

How do you get away from a wild boar?

Climb up a tree

Get in the water

Get inside your shelter

Run away

Climb up a tree
Climbing up a tree is the best way to get away from a boar. You can also get away from many animals using this method.

Is extinguishing your fire at night necessary?

It depends how far away from the forest you are

It does not matter



With limited resources, it may not be easy to start another one. Moreover, boats can see you it passes by at night.

Which of these is NOT a step in creating a teepee shelter?

Find leaves to use as cover

Make sure you build the tepee on a hill

Make a tripod with three branches first

Collect 10 to 20 large branches

Make sure you build the tepee on a hill
When making a teepee, collecting large branches is essential to keep it secure. Surrounding it with leaves and brush help protect you from the elements. Building it on a hill is not necessary.

Which of these does not prevent you from catching hypothermia?

Drink warm water

Get out of the rain or cold

Remove wet clothing and get into dry clothes

Run around in the cold

What is the best course of action if you need to wrestle a crocodile?

Punch it in the stomach

Grab and hold of its legs

Stay behind it at all times.

Keep its mouth shut

Keep its mouth shut
The muscles of crocodiles at the jaw are incredibly weak. Clamp its mouth shut to protect yourself.

Oops Sorry! You need to review your survival skills.

Good Job. You can survive out there!

Awesome. You are a Survivor!

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