Are You Ignoring These Signs of Bad Luck in Your Home? Find out in This Quiz!

What is said to appear when you say “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror?

A friendly ghost

A witch

A vampire

A vengeful spirit

The legend of “Bloody Mary” involves chanting her name in front of a mirror, usually in a dimly lit room, and it is said that a vengeful spirit appears.

Which household item is rumored to be cursed if you sleep with it under your pillow?

A spoon

A pair of shoes

A toothbrush

A feather

It is a superstition that sleeping with shoes under your pillow brings bad luck and nightmares, rooted in various cultural beliefs about shoes and their connection to the soul.

Which item is said to cause death if lit thrice in one night?

A red candle

An oil lamp

A matchstick

A flashlight

There is an urban legend that says lighting a matchstick three times in a row at night summons death, possibly originating from the idea that the third light exposes one’s location to malevolent spirits.

What supposedly happens if you rock an empty rocking chair?

It brings good luck

It summons spirits

It causes rain

It brings wealth

An old superstition holds that rocking an empty rocking chair invites ghostly entities to sit in it, possibly due to the eerie motion of the chair rocking by itself.

Which item is often considered a harbinger of death if given as a gift?

A handkerchief

A watch

A pair of scissors

A mirror

Giving a handkerchief is often thought to symbolize tears and sadness to come, and in some cultures, it’s considered an omen of impending death or mourning.

What supposedly happens if you break a mirror?

Seven years bad luck

Infinite happiness

Loss of a friend

Financial prosperity

The belief that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck originates from the ancient idea that mirrors not only reflect one’s appearance but also one’s soul.

What is considered unlucky to open indoors?

A book

An umbrella

A box

A jar

Opening an umbrella indoors is considered bad luck, possibly stemming from the ancient superstition that it offends or provokes spirits dwelling in the home.

Which item is rumored to ward off evil spirits?

A blue bead

A red thread

A silver coin

A garlic bulb

Garlic has long been believed to ward off evil spirits and vampires, a tradition rooted in ancient medicinal and spiritual practices.

Which item is believed to attract love when placed in the bedroom?

A rose quartz crystal

A wooden spoon

A silk pillowcase

A digital clock

Rose quartz is often considered a stone of love and is believed to attract love and romantic attention when placed in the bedroom.

What is said to bring prosperity when kept in the wallet?

A picture of a saint

A dollar coin

A cinnamon stick

A feather

Cinnamon sticks are believed to attract financial prosperity and success, and some people carry them in their wallets for this reason.

What is said to occur if you hang horseshoes upside down?

Good fortune

Spirits leave

Bad luck

Love fades

Hanging a horseshoe upside down in folklore is believed to cause all the good luck to ‘fall out,’ thus bringing bad luck instead of its intended protection.

What happens if you step on a crack in the sidewalk?

Earthquake happens

Break your mother’s back

Lose your way home

Become unlucky

The saying ‘Step on a crack, break your mother’s back’ is a classic children’s superstition and rhyme, cautioning against stepping on cracks in pavement.

Why should mirrors be covered in a storm?

Reflect lightning

Prevent shattering

Trap evil spirits

Attract spirits

There’s a superstition that mirrors can reflect lightning or amplify storm spirits, leading to the old practice of covering them during storms to prevent supernatural occurrences.

What happens if you leave a white candle burning overnight?

Attract moths

Summon ancestral spirits

House becomes cursed

Fire hazard

An old superstition claims that leaving a white candle burning overnight can bring a curse upon the house, associated with invoking unwanted spirits.

What does a broom falling mean?

Unannounced visitor

Rain coming

Financial loss

Bad luck

According to folklore, if a broom falls in your home, it suggests that an unannounced visitor will soon arrive.

Why should you avoid giving clocks as gifts?

Bad luck

Time runs out

Symbolizes death

Signals end

In some cultures, particularly in East Asia, giving a clock as a gift is avoided because it symbolizes death or the running out of time, considered a major faux pas.

What should you not do with old photographs?

Burn them

Tear them

Display in public

Give away

Burning old photographs is considered bad luck in some cultures, as it’s thought to negatively affect the souls of the people depicted in the photos.

What is considered unlucky to keep broken?





Keeping a broken chair is considered unlucky; it’s thought to lead to misfortune or discomfort, symbolizing instability and disrepair in life.

What does spilling salt supposedly cause?

Lost friendships

Bad luck

Spoiled food

Rainy weather

Spilling salt is thought to bring bad luck, a belief that dates back to ancient times when salt was a valuable commodity.

Why is a black cat crossing your path considered unlucky?

Signals theft

Brings misfortune

Night spirits

Witches nearby

The superstition of a black cat crossing one’s path is associated with bad luck, especially in North American cultures, stemming from associations with witchcraft and evil omens.

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