Are Your Cooking Skills Up to Par? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Are you destined to be a top chef or one of the worst chefs in the world? Take this quiz to find out your culinary IQ and if your cooking skills are above average.

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Which of the oils listed below is not a food preservative?

Vegetable oil

Canola oil

Olive oil

Mineral oil

Mineral oil
Canola, olive, and vegetable oils are made from real food and are delicious and nutritious. Mineral oil is generated from petroleum, is inedible, and is utilized for medical and cosmetic purposes, as healthy as the name might sound.

When it comes to cooking, what’s the difference between broiling and grilling?

Broiling cooks foods drier

Heat comes from above in broiling and below in grilling

There is no difference

Grilled foods can contain carcinogens

Heat comes from above in broiling and below in grilling
Inside an electric or gas oven, a broiler emanates regulated and intense heat, allowing dishes below to cook fast and develop a golden, crusty top. Grilling is similarly extremely hot, but the heat comes from underneath — from briquettes, a gas flame, or a wood fire — and the temperature is more difficult to regulate.

Fermentation can be harmful to food at times, yet it can also serve as a preservative. Which of these items is not intentionally fermented?

Cacao beans

Gummy Bears



Gummy Bears
These foods (along with hundreds of others) are fermented to increase acid levels, lower pH, and prevent bacterial development. This allows the meals to be broken down further and utilized to lower the pH of other foods, as well as extend their shelf life. Gummy bears quickly go stale.

Which of the following words suggests that some or all of your sushi will be battered and deep fried?





Tempura is a traditional Japanese meal made out of battered and deep-fried fish or vegetables. This savory crunch gives sushi rolls a delectable texture.

Pasteurized milk is heated and immediately cooled in order to kill certain bacteria. What is the name of the method for separating fat particles in milk?





Milk fat molecules are broken down during homogenization to prevent separation. While most milk in the United States is homogenized, nothing is added or taken away from the milk throughout the process.

Many different cuisines have been discovered in graves all across the world. Which of these may still be eaten?

2,000-year-old beef jerky found in China

5,000-year-old honey found in Egypt

3,000-year-old butter found in Finland

2,400-year-old bone soup found in Russia

5,000-year-old honey found in Egypt
All of these delicacies have been discovered in graves all across the world. With a little digging, all of them were identified, and a lot was discovered about the people’s past. In terms of edibility, however, the honey was the only one that retained its nutritious characteristics while remaining unspoiled.

While some items cannot be substituted, others provide a few useful alternatives. Which of these is an excellent butter alternative in baking?

Green Beans




Applesauce is a baking essential since it may replace butter, eggs, and vegetable oil. You could try green beans if you’re feeling brave, but we don’t encourage it!

What is the name of the procedure for reducing or eliminating germs and molds?





Ionizing radiation is used to decrease and eliminate hazardous germs such as mold and bacteria from food. This energy transfer reduces the likelihood of ruined food, which can lead to food poisoning and other ailments.

What is poaching?

Gently simmering in liquid at low temperatures on the stovetop

Stealing someones food

Cooking in a water bath in the oven

Boiling to reduce broth

Gently simmering in liquid at low temperatures on the stovetop
Poaching refers to slowly cooking meals in a pan of liquid that has been brought to a simmer on the stovetop.

What is the name of the process of freezing food, then removing the water content and sealing it with nitrogen?





Because the water has been drained and evaporated, freeze-dried foods are light. They keep nearly all of their original nutrients and color, and they may be stored for up to 25 years.

Which of the following is a primary food processing example?

Making Hotdogs

Microwaving Foods

Smoking Fish

Baking Cake

Smoking Fish
Raw agricultural materials are transformed into food for human consumption through primary food processing. Drying, smoking, grinding, and slaughtering are some of the traditional food processing procedures used in this process.

Which of these cookies are always baked twice?

Butter Cupcake




Biscotti are Italian almond cookies from Prato that literally translate to “twice baked.” These crispy treats are fantastic for dipping!

Food processing may be traced all the way back to prehistoric times. Which of the following procedures was NOT one of the first ways of crude processing?


Salt Preservation


Sun Drying

While salt preservation, fermentation, and sun drying were among the early ways of crude processing, the conditions were not suitable to frying food.

In a non-confectionary sense, what does caramelization mean?

To heat slowly, allowing the natural sugars to sweeten and brown

To stir melted caramel into something

To color a food brown by any method

To stew vegetables until they are the color of caramel

To heat slowly, allowing the natural sugars to sweeten and brown
Caramelization occurs when a dish is cooked slowly in a pan, enabling naturally occurring sugars to transform into a sweet, caramel-colored material. The sugars in the fluids and the onions themselves progressively brown, turning the onions into a caramelly, delicious substance.

What are ratatouille’s primary ingredients?

Eggs, beef, and cream

Zucchini, tomatoes, and eggplant

Pumpkin, almonds, and chicken steak

Pasta, andouille sausage, and garlic

Zucchini, tomatoes, and eggplant
Ratatouille is a French stew that may be prepared in a pot or piled in a casserole dish and baked for a more elegant look. Zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and summer squash are the major components. Potatoes are occasionally added to make the meal more filling. This vibrant salad is seasoned with salt, pepper, and plenty of herbs. It is a vegan meal, which may explain its increasing popularity.

Which of these procedures is considered a contemporary approach, despite the fact that conventional food processing practices have been employed for centuries?


Heat Treatment



Heat treatment, fermentation, pickling, smoking, drying, and curing are some of the classic food processing procedures. Pasteurization, ultra-heat treatment, high-pressure processing, and redesigned packaging are all examples of current methods.

What type of oven uses a fan to circulate hot air during baking to speed up the process?





A fan circulates the heat more intensively in a convection oven, which cooks everything you bake around 25% quicker than a standard radiant heat oven. It also caramelizes surfaces more effectively, resulting in greater browning and crispier meals. As a result, you might not want to utilize the convection option all of the time.

Redwood, cedar, and maple

Hickory, apple, and oak

Cyprus, mango tree, and narra

Pine, driftwood, and oakwood

Hickory, apple, and oak
While a variety of woods may be utilized successfully, each has its own taste profile that is better suited to a certain sort of meat. The king of woods, hickory, has a bacon-like taste and goes well with pig. Oak is just as popular with beef and red meat cooks. Apple pairs nicely with pork and poultry, adding a fruity note to the dish.

What does it mean when you deglaze a pan?

Removing the shiny surface so foods won’t stick

Adding a bit of liquid to the bottom of a hot pan to release the stuck-on brown bits

Keeping a couple of inches of water in the bottom so it doesn’t dry out

Seasoning a cast iron pan

Adding a bit of liquid to the bottom of a hot pan to release the stuck-on brown bits
When you pan fry or roast things, especially meats, the bottom of the pan can become coated with brown particles and even a black film of dried fluids. Remove the meat from the pan and deglaze it with a touch of acidic liquid, such as wine or apple cider (although broth or even water would suffice). The liquid will release the brown pieces (called fond) and caramelization, resulting in a concentrated sauce that may be drizzled over the meat or veggies.

Which variety of chocolate will last the longest?

Dark Chocolate

Filled Chocolate

White Chocolate

Fruity Chocolate

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate’s shelf life is determined by its packaging, storage location, and, of course, the type of chocolate used. Dark chocolate lasts longer than milk or white chocolate due to the lack of dairy, and can last up to two years!

Home canning has been practiced for centuries. To prevent fermentation during storage, fruits and vegetables preserved in jars with lids must have the proper proportion of what?


Acid and pH levels



Acid and pH levels
To destroy the bacteria that present on all meals, foods must have a pH lower than 4.6. It can proliferate inexorably in the wet environment of a canning jar. In most situations, either lemon juice or vinegar may be added, but if the flavor is destroyed by those additions, another option is to can in a pressure cooker to kill the germs more thoroughly.

Anyone who says cheese and sweets don’t mix has obviously never tasted tiramisu! Which type of cheese is used in this layered dessert?





Tiramisu is a decadent coffee-flavored dessert made with chocolate-dipped lady fingers, beaten eggs, sugar, and cocoa-flavored mascarpone cheese. We couldn’t fathom this iconic dessert without the decadent cheese, even if the traditional recipe has been cleverly tweaked.

What unusual food is frequently pickled or jellied for storage?





We don’t even want to consider using bananas for any approach. The white component of the watermelon rind pickles well and may be utilized for both savory and sweet pickles. The melon’s inside forms a very refreshing, sweet jam.

Do you want to know what sort of fish is in your sushi? It’s probably __ if it has a buttery texture, a sweet flavor, and a dark muscular line down the edge.



Blue Marlin


Sushi-grade yellowtail is a popular sushi fish with a rich taste and buttery texture because of its high fat content. A black muscular line runs down the edge, making it easy to spot.

What does it mean to stew?

Mixing several foods together when raw and cooking them all together until done

Cooking something slowly at a low temperature, submerged in liquid to tenderize it

Putting meat with vegetables in a Dutch oven and cooking over a flame

Cooking in a pot with soy sauce

Cooking something slowly at a low temperature, submerged in liquid to tenderize it
Stewing is the practice of tenderizing tough chunks of meat by slowly boiling them in liquid on the stovetop until the connective tissue breaks down and they fall apart. To enhance flavor, add diced veggies like carrots, onions, or celery first, then add extra pieces of vegetables like potatoes, onions, or carrots in the last half-hour or so of simmering. It’s served with the cooking liquid in a bowl. A single item, such as tomatoes or dried fruits, can also be stewed.

What are the three components in a California roll, besides rice and seaweed?

Cucumber, lobster, and Avocado

Cucumber, Crab, and Avocado

Carrot, tuna, and Avocado

Mango, salmon, and Anchovy

Cucumber, Crab, and Avocado
The California roll is one of the most popular sushi rolls, and for good reason! They’re a delectable combination of avocado, cucumber, and crab or imitation crab that’s been rolled inside-out.

The loss of nutritional density is one of the disadvantages of food processing. Which vital ingredient is damaged when food is heated and stored incorrectly?

Vitamin A

Vitamin K

Vitamin C


Vitamin C
While some nutrients, such as iron, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B12, are heat tolerant, heat destroys water-soluble nutrients like Vitamin C, which is also susceptible to air and light, making it difficult to preserve throughout food preparation.

Which of the following is NOT a primary reason for industrial food processing?

Eliminate disease-causing microorganisms

Make food products appealing to consumers

Boost confidence levels of consumers.

Extend the shelf life of products

Boost confidence levels of consumers.
Raw ingredients are turned into food in commercial food processing with the major goals of increasing shelf life, reducing hazardous pollutants, and making the meal attractive to customers.

What kind of fish do you use when creating a Philadelphia roll?





The typical Philadelphia roll consists of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber, however some places have their own take on this delectable sushi.

What is the best way to store wheat?


Whole grains



Wheat that has been cracked or milled will keep longer in the freezer than it will at room temperature, although wheat contains natural oils that can quickly become rancid after grinding or milling into flour. Cracked wheat has a little longer shelf life, but for the greatest shelf life, store the whole grain (wheat berries) in a five-gallon bucket with some oxygen absorbers and lock it tightly. Keep in a cool, dark location.

In a Spider roll, which is not a common ingredient?

Tempura Soft-Shell Crab

Tempura Shrimp

Spicy Mayo


Tempura Soft-Shell Crab
The spider roll is a popular sushi dish named for the way it appears with all the legs sticking out. Tempura fried soft-shell crab, spicy mayo, avocado, and cucumber are common ingredients in this wrap.

Which of these foods has been traditionally preserved with alcohol?

Mung beans, biltong, and kimchi

Capers, mushrooms, and gherkins

Cherries, vanilla, and peaches

Chicken, peppers, and eggs

Cherries, vanilla, and peaches
Fruits are preserved in alcohol in a variety of ways, including boozy cherries and brandied peaches. By putting vanilla beans in a jar of rum, you may make a flavor that lasts for years. Meats and vegetables aren’t well-suited to the effects of alcohol, but fruit’s sugars make it a perfect match.

To keep butter fresh for longer, what preservative is used?

Lemon juice




Butter is prepared by continuously churning heavy cream until all of the buttermilk (milk proteins) has been expelled and just the fat remains. Because it is pale, color is occasionally added, and it is very flavorless until salt is incorporated in, which also serves as a preservative.

In the food sector, which of these is NOT an essential unit operation?

Materials Handling




The several common procedures and ideas involved in the food business are outlined in unit operations in food processing. Fermentation, cleaning, coating, drying, pumping, and packing are examples of unit activities.

What ingredient do you use when making sushi using “Tako”?





Kite and Octopus are the two Japanese meanings for the word “Tako.” Tako is the chewy-textured octopus available to any and all adventurous eaters when it comes to sushi making!

Food processing does not involve which of the following industries?


Industrial Rendering


Waste Management

Waste Management
Cannery, fish processing, food packaging factory, industrial rendering, meat packing plant, slaughterhouse, and the sugar industry are all examples of food processing procedures.

What does it mean when you pickle food?

To can it in water with dill pickles

To preserve it in a bacteria-resistant acid

To cut it in long, thin, spikey shapes

To soak it in wine

To preserve it in a bacteria-resistant acid
Items can be pickled — that is, kept in vinegar — for taste and preservation. Brining (soaking in vinegar to kill germs) and fermentation (the proliferation of beneficial bacteria), as in wine and kimchi, have the potential to keep food fresh indefinitely. A two-thousand-year-old kimchi that is still edible has been unearthed.

What causes a soufflé to rise so tall?


Egg whites



Egg whites
A soufflé is made from a lighter foundation, such as pastry crème, fruit puree, or béchamel, by folding in many beaten and stiffened egg whites. The heat expands the trapped air inside while also tightening the proteins in the egg white, causing it to rise several inches upward. Before folding in the egg whites, you can add fruit, cheese, or even chocolate for a delicate and delectable delicacy.

What is the sous vide cooking method?

A broiling process developed by a sous chef

A method of heating vegetables while still keeping them raw

Submerging vacuum-sealed food under hot water

Preparing food in vacuum-sealed jars, similar to American canning

Submerging vacuum-sealed food under hot water
Sous vide is a cooking technique that involves vacuum-sealing items in heat-safe bags and immersing them in water. The meal is then slowly and uniformly elevated to a precise temperature using a sous vide device, which is put in the container. This method is popular for premium steak cuts that are cooked, then rested before being seared in a hot iron skillet.

A tiny quantity of pickled ginger is provided with most sushi plates. What is this tasty root’s traditional use?

To cleanse the palate

To minimize the fishy flavors

To make the plate look nicer

To ease digestion

To cleanse the palate
While some people like to top their rolls with pickled ginger, and others just like the way it looks on the dish, this fiery root is typically used as a palate cleanser. It is claimed to assist discern between the unique flavors of each fish in Japanese culture.

Nope. Sorry, you can’t cook. Try learning other skills?

Average. At least the food is edibile, right?

Top Chef! Way to go. You better open a restaurant!

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