Can You Brave The Elements and Survive? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Do you have what it takes to survive if you got lost or stranded. Take this survival quiz and put your survival skills to the test.

Which way of wild food preparation will preserve the most nutrients?




All of the above

All of the above
Because boiling keeps all of the nutrients in the pot, the nutritional value is maximized. Cooking over an open fire tastes great, but also chars the food, causing it to dry up and lose certain nutrients.

Even if you are not wounded, you may be experiencing shock as a result of your situation. What is the simplest way to detect shock?

Infrequent urination.

Sweating profusely.

Confused and having lack of focus.


Confused and having lack of focus.
Shock is a potentially fatal condition caused by a lack of blood flow throughout the body. Changes in mental status are shock symptoms, but if you are not hurt, it is psychological shock, or more precisely, an acute stress response that is not life threatening. You’ll be alright if you take deep breaths and relax.

Even on an island, water rationing is essential. How much water do you need to drink each day?

64 oz.

It depends on your physical exertion.

Half of a gallon.

1 gallon.

It depends on your physical exertion.
The amount of water required each day is determined by a variety of factors, including the individual’s physical makeup and level of effort. A person who does not engage in any physical exercise can get by on 16 ounces of water per day.

You have no idea where you are or how to contact anyone. What is the best way to call for help?

Shout “HELP” and hope that somebody can hear you.

Build up a signal fire and keep it lit next to your “HELP”.

All hope is lost. You’re on your own

Write out the word: “HELP” with rocks on the sand and wave your arms.

Build up a signal fire and keep it lit next to your “HELP”.
The word “help” inscribed on the sand will only be visible to aircraft. Creating a black smoke fire will draw the attention of both boats and planes, increasing your chances of being rescued.

What is the best protection from the desert sun?

Rub sunburns with aloe vera

Covering your head with clothing

Soak yourself with water every 15 minutes

Applying sunscreen every hour

Covering your head with clothing
We tend to want to take our clothing off in hot weather, but this is a bad idea! The skin is then exposed to UV rays, putting it at risk of burning and heat stroke.

What parts of the fish should you stay away from?

The eyes.

Stomach and intestines.

The head.

The tail

Stomach and intestines.
Any animal’s digestive organs, such as the stomach and intestines, should be avoided since they contain bacteria that might make you sick if eaten uncooked.

Which snake listed below isn’t venomous?

Milk snake


Coral snake


Milk snake
The Milk snake, also known as the Kingsnake, is not dangerous to humans and is cherished as a pet due to its lovely coloring. The Copperhead and Cottonmouth are pit vipers that have hemotoxic venom that is dangerous to humans. The coral snake has the most lethal neurotoxin venom, although it is not aggressive, and bites are extremely rare.

Why is it a bad idea to sleep on the ground?

You can be an easy prey to predators

You could lose body heat

There are insects there

The ground is too hard or uncomfortable to sleep on

You could lose body heat
Because the ground is a strong conductor, it absorbs our body heat. By all means necessary, create an insulation barrier between yourself and the earth. An makeshift bed made from spruce or pine boughs works well.

Which shoes should you wear in the desert?





Because the desert is a place of extremes, you must protect yourself from the elements. It is critical to protect yourself from the scorching sun and sandstorms. You should also be prepared for hot or cold weather. The best shoes for this case are the boots.

What is the most dangerous risk of a desert flood?

Getting the food contaminated

Getting crushed


Having cramps

Getting crushed
After desert floods ravaged Egypt’s southern area, four people were confirmed dead and over 500 people were injured in the Aswan province. The rain crushed and flattened the houses, destroying roughly 60 of them.

What do you need to avoid during desert floods?


Watering holes

Elevated areas


If you’re in a canyon, get out as soon as possible, even if it means going back the way you came.

Panic can lead to stress, and panic can lead to death. What should your mental focus be?

Keep track fo the days you are stranded

Keep focused on your next important task.

Think positive

Worry about all the things you need to worry about.

Keep focused on your next important task.
In a survival crisis, panic is the number one psychological enemy. Keep yourself active and improve your situation to retain a healthy mental attitude. Set little objectives for yourself and enjoy the benefits of attaining them.

What’s the best technique to stay warm in the wild?

Stay Dry



All these

All these
Because a wood fire burns at roughly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, it is the best way to remain warm. If you keep your shelter small, waterproof, well insulated, and walled off from the outside air, it can be quite successful. When you get wet, your core temperature lowers more faster than when you are dry. This is due to cold air conduction through your skin’s wetness.

If you happen to come across or catch food, you should:

Bake it in the desert sun to kill bacteria

Eat as much as you can

Safely throw away the food

Eat it in small amounts until you find a large source of water

Eat it in small amounts until you find a large source of water
Many people do not consider dehydration to be a serious problem unless they are trapped without access to water. The body requires water to break down and absorb vitamins and nutrients.

You escaped the shark and returned to fishing. You successfully catch a large, spikey fish. What are your plans for it?

Release the fish. Fish with spines are likely toxic.

Cook the fish thoroughly, and reap the benefits.

Keep it as a pet.

Slice and eat raw

Release the fish. Fish with spines are likely toxic.
There are more venomous fish on the planet than snakes. The venom is usually released through spines or barbs, and it can cause pain, paralysis, and even death.

Among the diseases spread by contaminated desert water are:

Liver disease




Dysentery is a type of severe diarrhea that includes blood in the stool. It’s caused by bacteria and requires antibiotic treatment.

It must be a ship if you see lights out at sea in the early hours of the morning! What should you do?

Fire off a parachute signal flare from your life raft survival kit.

Shout or whistle loudly so they can hear you.

Swim out to the boat as it does not look to be that far away.

Start looking for dry material to get three signal fires going. This is an international distress signal.

Fire off a parachute signal flare from your life raft survival kit.
The worldwide distress signal is red parachute flares. They can fly up to 1,000 feet in the air before gently descending to the earth and burning for around 40 seconds. This is the most effective because it can be shot in seconds, you can point it in any direction you want, and it can be seen from up to 36 miles away!

What would you do first if you were forced to spend the night outside?

Do nothing

Find or build shelter

Find and eat food

Start a fire

Find or build shelter
Shelter, water, fire, and food are our urgent survival concerns. The surroundings and common sense dictate the order. Consider what is likely to kill you first, and start there, constantly keeping in mind the next priority, i.e. A fire will be your top priority in sub-zero conditions, especially if snow is uncertain. A shelter will keep you safe from the weather, but it will be limited in terms of warmth.

To start a fire, you’ll need dry wood. Which of the following is NOT a good location to look?

Branches high up in a tree

Branches covered in moss

Wood under a shade

Branches exposed to the sun.

Branches covered in moss
Moisture will almost likely be present in moss-covered wood. Always crack your wood to test it. A sharp snapping sound should be heard, and it should break cleanly and effortlessly.

The sun is setting and the sand flies are eating you alive. What do you do to keep them away?

Get a fire going.

Play dead, bugs are attracted to movement.

Jump into the ocean every 15 minutes, this will also soothe the bites.

Rub coconut water on your skin.

Get a fire going.
The majority of insects will be kept at bay by a fire. It’s the smoke, not the flames or the heat, that worries them. Occasionally toss some green plants over the fire or burn wood with a little moisture.

A black bear is approaching. What should you do?

Tell the bear to go away

Stop, drop and roll

Play dead

Try to look bigger

Try to look bigger
Playing dead or exhibiting weakness will almost certainly encourage them to approach you. They don’t consider people to be food and will only attack if they feel threatened. Stand tall, speak up, and back away slowly.

What is a Bug-Out Bag?

A bag to carry your trash.

A bag to carry your bug sprays

A bag of calming items

A bag of survival gear

A bag of survival gear
A bug out bag is a comprehensive portable survival kit that contains everything a person needs to survive for at least 72 hours. After evacuating from a natural disaster or other terrible event, this kit might be highly valuable.

Cactus consumption in excessive doses can cause:


High blood pressure

Heat stroke

Heart Failure

Some cactus species’ flesh can induce nausea, diarrhea, or temporary paralysis.

What’s the ideal spot for your shelter?

Near water source

Where you can easily be seen by a boat or plane

A & B.

Amongst the animals

A & B.
Hiking great distances to a water source wastes valuable hydration and energy. When creating a shelter, make yourself visible from both the air and the water; this functions as a passive signaling mechanism that saves energy.

What is the most effective approach to ensure the safety of your drinking water?

Add green grass and leaves as plant material can kill microorganisms.

Filter it using your t-shirt, sock or handkerchief

Leave it out in the sun.

Boil it

Boil it
Any microorganisms present in the water will be killed by heating it to a “rolling boil” for at least one minute, making it safe to drink. For every 1000 feet above sea level, add one minute.

You’re solo sailing across the Atlantic when your yacht collides with a submerged object. You’re accumulating water and sinking quickly. What are your first steps?

Jump off the boat and swim to the shore

Get the life raft and survival kit ready for deployment.

Fire off a signal flare.

None of the above

Get the life raft and survival kit ready for deployment.
It’s not a good idea to leave it until the last minute to figure out how to launch your life raft and locate your survival equipment to accompany you in the raft. Prepare it for departure, then respond to any distress calls from other vessels within range.

When does the sun rise and when does it set?

West to east

North to south

East to west

South to north

East to west
Because the earth rotates or spins on its axis from west to east, we watch the sun rise in the east and subsequently set in the west.

Coconuts can be extremely beneficial to your health. However, it is not a good idea to consume too much. Why?

Consuming high amounts of coconut water can cause diarrhea.

Coconut water can make you feel bloated.

You’ll die of potassium poisoning.

All of the Above

Consuming high amounts of coconut water can cause diarrhea.
Coconut water can cause diarrhea if consumed in large quantities. You can overdose on potassium, the key mineral that keeps your heart and muscles working properly, resulting in hyperkalemia. This will impair your heart’s capacity to adequately pump blood, resulting in dizziness, loss of consciousness, and perhaps a heart attack.

You’ve made the decision to take a chance at sea. What shape should your raft be?





A rectangle shape is preferable to the others as it is easy and quick to build, easier to manoeuver, and stable.

The wind is pushing you straight to a small tropical island you’ve spotted. What is your initial move after touching down?

Examine the area for any indications of people, ideally from a high vantage point.

Now that you’re on land, water must be close. On the life raft, consume all of the provisions before searching for another water source.

Construct a shelter.

Examine the area for any indications of people, ideally from a high vantage point.
The priority is always to be rescued. If there are people on this island, you should get to them as soon as possible before thinking about shelter, fire, water, or food.

Heat cramps, a common problem among desert travelers, are caused by a lack of:





Heat cramps are painful muscle spasms caused by dehydration and loss of salt and other nutrients as a result of excessive sweating. Heat cramps affect the abdomen, back, arms, and legs the most.

You’re hydrated and nourished now, but it’s becoming dark fast. Your primary concern is for safety. Which option do you think is the best?

Use the life raft as improvised shelter

Cut the fronds from a coconut palm and use them to construct an A-frame hut.

Sleep under a coconut tree, where the large leaves give ample cover and no calories are wasted.

Look for a cave to rest on.

Use the life raft as improvised shelter
A liferaft turned upside down makes an excellent makeshift shelter because it requires no building or energy and is completely waterproof in the event of rain. It will also serve as a rainwater collection system.

In the rain, where can you get dry tinder?

Inner bark on cedar trees

Under the rocks covered in lichen

Under any dry moss

It’s impossible to find dry tinder in the rain

Inner bark on cedar trees
Cedar wood has been sought after for its rot resistant properties. The natural oil contained in the wood and inner bark(or cambium layer) prevents moisture saturation therefore making it a great material for wet weather fire starting.

You’re thirsty and it’s hot. You haven’t yet found water yet. What would happen if you tried to drink seawater?

Your heart rate and blood pressure will increase.

Dehydration will increase your thirst.

You’ll get nauseous and delirious.

All of the above.

All of the above.
To flush away the high salt and mineral content in sea water, your body will urinate more frequently. This can quickly dehydrate you since you will lose more water than you absorbed. The body’s compensating strategies for dehydration are elevated blood pressure and heart rate.

Which of the choices below is the most dangerous?

Everything Environmental




Everything Environmental
According to statistics, the environment is to blame for the majority of outdoor injuries and deaths in the United States, including drowning, fractures/sprains, and hypothermia. Animal, insect, and plant deaths are extremely uncommon.

What should you do if you encounter a coyote in the desert?

Back away slowly

Throw rocks at it

Make loud noises to scare it away

All of the above

All of the above
You should be cautious if you see a coyote during the day since it may have become accustomed to humans (and may be more likely to attack). If a coyote approaches you, you should yell, wave your arms, and/or throw something at it.

On a tropical island, what is the most critical survival equipment you can have?





On a tropical island, a knife is the weapon of choice. Your chances of survival increase dramatically if you have basic survival skills and a knife. The functions of a modern steel knife are difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate with primitive instruments in the wild.

What should you do if you find water in the desert?

Before you drink it, be sure it’s not contaminated.

Wash your skin with it to soothe burns

Drink it quickly

Fish for food in it

Before you drink it, be sure it’s not contaminated.
Contaminated water has been related to diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio.

You’re more likely to become dehydrated if you:

Avoid cactus


Drink too much water

Drink too much water

Panic episodes are a common side effect of dehydration-induced anxiety. Physical factors for panic episodes are common, and one of them is dehydration.

In addition to skin damage, exposure to the desert sun raises your chances of:


Sea Sickness



When you use or lose more fluid than you take in, your body becomes dehydrated because it lacks adequate water and other fluids to carry out its usual tasks.

Sorry. You won’t be able to survive and brave the elements.

Great job! Care to try again?

Congratulations! You are a true survivor.

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