Can You Guess These Guinness Book of World Records for Food and Drink?

World records are a test of the best and brightest in humankind. This quiz will test your knowledge of world records relating to food and drinks.

What is the record most Big Macs ever consumed in one lifetime?





In 2016 at the McDonald’s in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Donald Gorske set the benchmark. He consumes 14 Big Macs per week and has only missed eating the sandwich eight times in the past 40 years.

The longest tiramisu ever made was how long?

1.86 miles

875 feet

78 inches

14 feet

875 feet
Six different vendors combined their supplies to make the longest tiramisu ever. The coffee-infused dessert was finished and divided into portions to serve 10,000 people.

The size of the largest M&M mosaic in the world is how big?

10 square feet

373.12 square feet

533.78 square feet

1 acre

533.78 square feet
Of 291,490 M&Ms, M&M Mars made a mosaic measuring 49.59 square meters to promote the brand. The design was simple—just the candy’s logo—and not particularly intricate.

What size was the largest bubblegum bubble ever recorded?

3 feet

2 feet

13 inches

20 inches

20 inches
Since 2004, when Chad Fell blew a bubblegum bubble that was 50.8 centimeters (20 inches) in diameter, he has held the record for a giant bubblegum bubble. He only used three pieces of gum without using his hands.

How many layers made up the sandwich that holds the world record?





The DiLusso Deli Company sought to create the sandwich with the most layers, and they succeeded with a whopping 60 layers. The milestone was achieved in New York’s Madison Square Park in 2016 and has stood since then.

How many pancakes were made to break the previous record for the largest pancake serving?





In an attempt to cook the most pancakes at once, the Russian flour company JSC MAKFA succeeded with 12,716. The effort to break the record was made during the Russian pancake festival, held the week before Lent.

How much would the most expensive hot dog in the world cost?





Seattle’s Tokyo Dog holds the record for the most expensive hot dog in the world, with a $169 price tag. Wagyu beef, caviar, and foie gras are some rich toppings placed inside the brioche bun.

The most balanced scoops on a single ice cream cone in the history of the world are how many?





With 123 scoops, Ashrita Furman has the most ice cream placed on a single cone. In January 2017, he established the record in Jamaica, New York.

How long is the longest noodle ever recorded?

5,194.8 feet

10,119.16 feet

9,327.11 feet

26 meters

10,119.16 feet
The longest single noodle in the world is 3,084.32 meters long, or just under two miles. Xiangnian Food Co. established the record in October 2017. Ltd., the Chinese.

What is the record for a single person visiting the most pubs?





With 46,495, Bruce Masters of the United Kingdom holds the record for the most pubs visited. He has been working on it since 1960, so it has taken him some time to arrive at this total.

What was the size of the largest pizza ever baked?

13,580.28 square feet

5,300.13 square feet

11,560.30 square feet

880.28 square feet

13,580.28 square feet
Dovilio Nardi and his crew created the world’s largest pizza at a Rome convention center. The gluten-free pie, Ottavia, with a surface area of 13,580.28 square feet, was developed to promote understanding of the Celiac disease.

What is the world record for carving the most pumpkins in one hour?





When Trevor Hunt carved 109 gourds in an hour in October 2014, he broke the previous record. His achievement was well-documented because he did it on the Meredith Viera Show.

According to the world record, how quickly can a full Advent calendar’s worth of chocolates be consumed?

1 minute 27.84 seconds

10 minutes 17 seconds

2 minutes 3 seconds

1 minute 17.62 seconds

1 minute 27.84 seconds
Guinness sometimes sponsors record-breaking events, and some people have the company come to them to break records. During one of these competitions, Kevin Strahle consumed all of the chocolate in a calendar’s worth of servings in 1 minute, 27.84 seconds at the Guinness World Records offices.

In two minutes, how much grape juice does stomping produce?

12 gallons

5 gallons

1 gallon

4 liters

5 gallons
Even though grape stomping may not be the most effective way to extract juice, it is still possible to produce a sizable amount. Martina Servaty of Germany set the record in September 2008 by pressing 20.3 liters, or slightly more than 5 gallons, of juice.

The most expensive cheesecake in the world costs how much?





There are some expensive foods in New York, but few are as costly as the record-breaking cheesecake made by Raffaele Ronca at Ristorante Rafele. This pricey confection costs $4,592.42 and contains ingredients like white truffle and edible gold.

What was the weight of the world’s heaviest avocado?

16 kilograms

18 pounds

12.5 pounds

5.5 pounds

5.5 pounds
You can thank avocados for providing the green, creamy base for the remaining flavors in guacamole, which you can enjoy while watching your preferred sporting event. Even the most devoted guacamole fan could find enough avocado in the world’s largest avocado, which weighed 5.5 pounds.





Harry Sperl is proof that you have a sizable collection of memorabilia if your nickname is Hamburger Harry. In 2014, Sperl’s 3,724-piece collection of burger-related memorabilia set a world record.

How much did the largest pierogi in the world weigh?

223 pounds

123 pounds

50 pounds

12 pounds

123 pounds
Pierogi may be the ultimate comfort food since they are made of pasta filled with mashed potatoes. The chefs at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Rivers Casino produced the world’s heaviest pierogi, weighing 123 pounds.

What is the record for the most hamburgers consumed in three minutes?





Takeru Kobayashi is known for consuming ridiculous quantities of food, and in 2014 he broke the record for the most hamburgers consumed in three minutes on the Italian program “Lo Show dei Record.” He finished 12 4-ounce patties with buns and one condiment at a rate of four per minute before the timer went off.

The current world record for M&Ms consumed with chopsticks while blindfolded is how many?





It might be one of those records that sounds like it was made up so that someone could hold the world record. Ashrita Furman set a record in 2011 by eating 20 M&Ms with chopsticks and a blindfold in one minute.

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