Can You Guess Which Country Uses Hammocks Instead of Beds? Find Out Inside!

What do Japanese families often do before bed?

Watch a family show

Read together

Take a hot bath

Drink tea

In Japan, it’s common for families to take a hot bath before bed, which is believed to promote better sleep by relaxing the body.

In which country is it traditional to sleep in a hammock?





In Brazil, especially in the northern regions, it’s common for people to sleep in hammocks instead of traditional beds.


Cheese and bread



In Turkey, cherries are a popular bedtime snack, often believed to aid in sleep due to their melatonin content.

Which bedtime tradition is practiced in Norway during winter?

Sun lamps before bed

Skiing at night

Drinking hot cocoa

Ice bathing

Norwegians use sun lamps before bed in the winter months to combat the long hours of darkness and to regulate their sleep cycles.

How do people in Spain often manage their sleep schedule?

Early to bed

Siesta after lunch

Late night walks

Nocturnal work hours

The siesta, a short nap after lunch, is a common practice in Spain, influencing later bedtimes and segmented sleep patterns.

What is a common bedtime tradition in the UK?

A warm bath

Drinking sherry


Drinking milk

In the United Kingdom, drinking a warm glass of milk before bed is a time-honored tradition thought to help with falling asleep.

Which practice is common in Australia for bedtime during summer?

Cold showers

Beach walks at sunset

Using ceiling fans

Camping outdoors

Australians frequently use ceiling fans during the hot summer months to cool down at night and promote comfortable sleep.

In India, what is a common practice before bedtime?



Drinking chai

Reciting poetry

Meditation is a widespread practice in India before bedtime, helping to calm the mind and prepare the body for sleep.

Which country has a tradition of “hygge” as a bedtime ritual?





Hygge, a Danish concept involving coziness and comfort, is often practiced as part of the bedtime routine to create a peaceful, relaxing environment.

In the USA, what is a typical children’s bedtime routine?

Reading bedtime stories

Watching a movie

Playing video games

Outdoor play

Reading bedtime stories is a classic American children’s bedtime routine, believed to foster imagination and settle children before sleep.

What do children in Mexico often drink before bed?

Milk with honey

Hot chocolate

Lemon tea


In Mexico, it is a common tradition for children to drink hot chocolate before bed, which is believed to provide comfort and warmth.

What is a common evening ritual in South Africa?

Listening to radio

Evening prayer

Sunset hike


Storytelling is a cherished evening tradition in many South African cultures, used to pass down heritage and lull children to sleep.

Which item is often used for sleep in Mongolia?

Thick blankets



Sleeping bags

In Mongolia, thick blankets are commonly used for sleeping to stay warm during the cold nights, especially in rural areas.

How do people in Sweden often celebrate bedtime in summer?

Midnight sun watching


Late-night swimming


Swedes often enjoy watching the midnight sun, which is visible during summer nights in the northern parts of the country, as part of their bedtime ritual.

What nightly routine is common in New Zealand?

Sheep counting

Evening walks

Star gazing

Reading poetry

In New Zealand, where the skies can be exceptionally clear, star gazing is a popular nightly routine, providing a peaceful transition to sleep.

What is often used to promote sleep in the Netherlands?

Windmill sounds

White noise

Calming music

Bicycle rides

In the Netherlands, playing calming music at bedtime is a frequent practice to help soothe the mind and promote relaxation.

What bedtime tradition is common in Egypt?

Nile boat rides

Scented candles

Listening to the Quran

Cool showers

Listening to the Quran before bed is a common practice in many Egyptian households, providing spiritual comfort and relaxation at night.

What type of bedding is traditional in Thailand?

Silk sheets

Bamboo mats

Feather pillows

Cotton blankets

Bamboo mats are traditionally used for sleeping in Thailand, especially appreciated for their coolness in the tropical climate.

What pre-sleep activity is favored in Italy?

Opera listening

Evening strolls

Wine tasting

Reading novels

Evening strolls are a favored pre-sleep activity in Italy, often seen as a way to unwind and digest after dinner.

What is a unique bedtime snack in France?



Herbal tea


In France, having a small piece of cheese before bed is not uncommon and is thought to aid in a more restful sleep.

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