Can You Identify These Iconic Musicals From Just One Question?

Which musical features the song “Defying Gravity”?



Les Misérables


Defying Gravity is a signature song from the musical “Wicked,” famously performed by the character Elphaba.

What is the setting for “West Side Story”?



New York City

Los Angeles

West Side Story is set in the bustling urban environment of New York City, focusing on the rivalry between two street gangs.

Who wrote the music for “Phantom of the Opera”?

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Stephen Sondheim

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Claude-Michel Schönberg

Andrew Lloyd Webber is the famed composer of “Phantom of the Opera,” one of the most successful musicals in history.

The Sound of Music” is set in which country?





The Sound of Music is set in Austria, depicting the life of the von Trapp family during the late 1930s.

Which musical is known for the song “Memory”?





Memory is a well-known song from the musical “Cats,” sung primarily by the character Grizabella.

Les Misérables” originally premiered in which city?

New York




Les Misérables first premiered in Paris, France, before becoming a global phenomenon.

Which musical features a chopper as a prop on stage?

Miss Saigon

Mamma Mia!

Jersey Boys

The Lion King

Miss Saigon famously uses a helicopter on stage in a dramatic scene depicting the Fall of Saigon.

Fiddler on the Roof” revolves around what theme?

Dance competitions

Jewish traditions

High school romance

Pirate adventures

Fiddler on the Roof explores themes related to Jewish traditions and the challenges faced by a family in pre-revolutionary Russia.

What is the primary setting of “Chicago”?

A nightclub

A courthouse

A prison

A school

Although “Chicago” involves various settings, a significant portion of the story unfolds in a women’s prison.

Cabaret” takes place during which historical period?

1920s Berlin

1950s Paris

1930s Berlin

1940s London

Cabaret is set in Berlin during the early 1930s against the backdrop of the Weimar Republic’s decline and the rise of Nazism.

Who wrote the lyrics for “West Side Story”?

Stephen Sondheim

Leonard Bernstein

Tim Rice

Oscar Hammerstein II

Stephen Sondheim wrote the lyrics for “West Side Story,” contributing to its enduring success with his clever wordplay and emotional depth.

What year did “The Phantom of the Opera” debut?





The Phantom of the Opera premiered in 1986, quickly becoming a beloved fixture on Broadway and London’s West End.

Which of these songs is from “The Sound of Music”?

Climb Ev’ry Mountain

Pure Imagination


Moon River

Climb Ev’ry Mountain is a powerful anthem from “The Sound of Music,” performed by the character Mother Abbess as a motivational piece.

Where does “Rent” take place?

San Francisco

New York City



Rent is set in New York City’s East Village, illustrating the struggles and aspirations of its bohemian characters.

Which musical includes the song “The Circle of Life”?

The Lion King


Miss Saigon


The Circle of Life is the opening number in “The Lion King,” setting the tone for this epic musical with its powerful themes and imagery.

What is the central conflict in “My Fair Lady”?

Education reform

Social climbing

Love triangle

Race relations

My Fair Lady centers on social climbing and class distinctions, highlighted through the transformation of Eliza Doolittle.

Which musical features the setting of Argentina?




The King and I

Evita is set in Argentina and focuses on the life of Eva Perón, exploring her rise to power and her influence in Argentine politics.

Who composed the music for “Cats”?

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Stephen Schwartz

Stephen Sondheim

Richard Rodgers

Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the music for “Cats,” which includes the famous song “Memory” among its eclectic repertoire.

What is the iconic feature in “Les Misérables”?

A barricade

A boat

A castle

A school

The barricade is an iconic feature in “Les Misérables,” symbolizing the revolutionaries’ stand against oppression in 19th-century France.

Which musical is set in the 1960s Baltimore?





Hairspray is set in 1960s Baltimore, focusing on themes of integration and social change through the lens of a dance TV show competition.

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