Can You Survive in Open Water? Test Your Survival Skills and Get 100% On This Quiz

Determine your chances of survival if you become lost on open water. Take the quiz to find out whether you're a true survivor!

You can find your way using the Sun if you get lost at sea. Of the following statements about its direction true?

It rises in the north and sets in the south

It rises in the east and sets in the west

It rises in the south and sets in the north

It rises in the west and sets in the east

It rises in the east and sets in the west
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, according to a proverb, however, this is a little oversimplified. Only twice a year, on the spring and fall equinoxes, does it rise directly to the east. You know the general direction, though.

In the event that you find yourself lost in the Southern Hemisphere, from which constellation can you draw a line to locate the South Pole?


Ursa Major

Southern Cross


Southern Cross
Find the halfway between Hadar and Rigil Kent by extending a line from the Southern Cross’ long axis to about five times its length (the bright stars to the left of the Cross). The South Pole will be where the perpendicular line that is drawn from the Southern Cross to the midway intersects.

Which region of a fish’s body contain water when you need to hydrate yourself?




All of the Above

All of the Above
Finding liquid-rich foods can assist prevent dehydration because water is so necessary for survival. The flesh, eyes, and vertebrae of fish all contain liquid. By cutting the fish open and fracturing the vertebrae, you can even suck out the liquids.

You can come face to face with a shark out on the open sea. What actions should you take if a shark comes after you?


Raise your arms so you’ll look bigger

Play dead

Punch it in the nose

Punch it in the nose
Even though sharks don’t typically prey on humans, you might encounter one in the water. The best course of action, if you can’t escape and don’t have a weapon, is to attempt to strike it directly in the nose because it’s so sensitive. You could even target the eyes or gills.

Where should you start your search for the leak’s source if you discover that your boat has sprung a leak?

Drain plug




Drain plug
If the source of the leak is not immediately apparent, you should examine your drain plug before searching for fractures in the boat.

What is the most important time period in a search-and-rescue operation, despite the fact that rescue crews might search for longer?

1 month

2 Days

3 Days

1 Year

2 Days
The 48-hour (2 days) period is a critical time point for rescue. After two days of searching, the likelihood that rescue crews will find you decreases, and your ship is likely to sink as well.

Which of the following should you OMIT from your life raft when your ship is sinking?




First Aid Kit

Modern life rafts are frequently equipped with a variety of useful items, but if you have to prepare one on your own, think about include a flashlight, batteries, two-way radio, mirror, flares, sunscreen, matches, and a First Aid Kit. As much food and drink as it can hold should also be loaded upon it.

What should you use to drain the water if your life raft starts to fill up with it?

Bottle of Water

Plastic bag



Despite its sturdy walls, your life raft might become wet. A bailer can be used to get rid of it. In essence, it is a bucket.

When at sea, psychological distress is unavoidable. What steps did Tom Hanks take to address this?

Built a shelter

Talked to Wilson

Read a book

Gone fishing

Talked to Wilson
Psychological damage can result from emotional distress and loneliness. You might even be on the verge of being saved, only to watch your sole source of hope disappear before your eyes. You must then devise strategies to stop your mind from racing or to keep yourself company. Hanks used Wilson, his volleyball, to help him find his way when he was lost at sea.

It could seem as though the sun is boring into your head when you’re trapped at sea. Which of the following DOES NOT characterize a heatstroke symptom?

Excessive yawning

Shallow breathing

Elevated body temperature

Rapid heartbeat

Excessive yawning
In addition to the high temperature, heatstroke manifests in a number of symptoms. You can be experiencing heatstroke if you have a rapid heartbeat, short breathing, nausea, a headache, or you feel disoriented.

Frostbite can occur if you are stranded in a very cold environment. Which of these IS NOT a sign of it?

a stinging sensation on the skin


the skin has a bluish tint.

Waxy-looking skin

A prickling sensation in the skin, followed by numbness, are the first symptoms of frostbite. Depending on the degree of the frostbite, the skin may change color and take on a hard or waxy appearance. Additionally, stiffness in your muscles and joints might cause awkward motions.

Any method OTHER THAN which of the following can be used to filter water that you find on land?

Set it in the sun

Use a water filtration system

Boil it

Use an iodine pill

Set it in the sun
Water that is discovered on land can be cleaned by boiling it, taking iodine pills, or using water filtration equipment. Nothing happens if you place it in the sun.

Why, if worst comes to worst, should you only consume recycled water (urine)?

Urine is toxic

The salt in urine dehydrates you further

The ammonia in urine will make you nauseated

Urine contains parasites and bacteria

The salt in urine dehydrates you further
Even though you frequently see people in survival situations drinking their own urine on survivalist shows, you should only do this as a last resort. Urine salts might cause you to become more dehydrated and thirsty.

What island fruit contains the most water, even if several fruits are a decent source?

Old, brown coconut

Young, green coconut



Young, green coconut
On a barren island, coconuts are an excellent source of water and are also a good source of potassium and vitamin C. When they’re young and green, they’re at their best.

All of the above benefits can be obtained by using fire if you become lost, BUT which one?

Natural insect repellant

Flame to cook over

Smoke for rescue signal


You probably aren’t adrift at sea if you’re fortunate enough to have graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate handy. For people in desperate situations, fire provides a flame to cook over, a natural bug repellant, heat to dry garments, security, and a way to transmit a smoke signal.

What is the first step in starting a fire using the hand-drill method, one of the more basic fire-starting methods?

Gather tinder

Make a notch in your fireboard

Drill your hand

Place bark

Gather tinder
By creating a tinder nest out of leaves, bark, and grass, you can start a fire with sticks using the hand-drill technique. A fireboard is then cut with an angular notch, bark is placed below the incision, and the shaft is spun into the groove. An ember should start to form as a result of the friction.

What kind of fire should you have created in advance in case of a flyover?

Rain fire

Signal fire

Cooking fire

Oil Fire

Signal fire
You should construct a signal fire in addition to your practical fire in case you detect a ship off in the distance or an airplane overhead. To produce more smoke, the fire should be huge and fueled by numerous new palm fronds and brush.

Some fish are poisonous. Which of the following fish characteristics is NOT a sign of toxicity in a fish?



They inflate themselves


Fish with spikes or fish that inflate out shouldn’t be eaten. Avoid jellyfish and fish with beaks resembling those of parrots. Spots work great alone or in combination with these additional features.

What kind of motions should you make if you try spearfishing?

Slowly and deliberately

Quickly and clumsily

Loudly and angrily

Hastily and harshly

Slowly and deliberately
Spearfishing calls for meticulous, slow motion. Fish will flee if you move clumsily or too quickly.

What other seafood can you consume that is readily available if you are having problems catching fish or other marine creatures in the water?

Conchs and sea snails




Conchs and sea snails
You may make a dinner out of sea snails and conchs if your amateurish spearfishing effort chased off all the fish. Snails cling to rocks along the shore, whereas conchs live among seagrass. The white meat can be cooked or eaten raw.

You can also use the stars to find your direction. What constellation can be reached by drawing a straight line from Polaris (the North Star) in the sky?


Little Dipper

Big Dipper

Milky Way

Big Dipper
Finding Polaris will help you determine your direction of travel because it is close to the north celestial pole. The bright star in the Little Dipper can be reached by drawing a line five times away from the end of the Big Dipper’s bowl (Ursa Minor).

What can you use as fish bait if you don’t have any gear on hand?

Your tooth

The guts of other fish



The guts of other fish
You can use a fish’s guts as bait after you’ve caught it and eaten the most of it.

If you end up in the water, you might not be by yourself. Which of the following strategies will NOT help you avoid sharks?

Swim with the fishes

Wear glittering metal

Wear dull colors

Swim at night

Wear dull colors
Avoid swimming at night, when shark activity is at its peak. Additionally, avoid swimming with groups of fish, wearing glittery clothing, or making a lot of splashes.

A fire has started on the ship. You are fortunate to have a fire extinguisher. How do you employ the P.A.S.S. technique?

Project, assess, spray, stop

Pull, aim, squeeze, sweep

Push, aim, squeeze, sweep

Punch, attack, slap, slam

Pull, aim, squeeze, sweep
Fire is still a big risk even when you’re in the middle of a lot of water. Pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep over the fire to extinguish it using the PASS method.

Where should you go during the rescue period to enhance your chances of being saved?

Inside a cave

Near a distinctive landmark

Near the crash site

1km away from the crash site

Near the crash site
You should remain at the crash scene, which is where rescuers will start their search. Stay close to this area to increase your chances of being rescued, and if at all feasible, try to use a flare gun to alert rescue planes.

Which of the following colors would be most appropriate to wear while awaiting rescue?

Dark Blue




Brighter is always better. Red would be the best color to wear in an emergency out of these four options since rescuers will be more likely to notice it.

Life rafts have advanced significantly since their early days. All of the following are possible, but which feature?

Emergency items

Bailing buckets



Bailing buckets, emergency supplies, paddles, insulated flooring, covers, fishing kits, reflective tape, and other features are typical components of contemporary life rafts. The more features, the better, keeping in mind that you may spend some time here.

Which of the following will NOT help you if you’re seeking refuge at sea?

Staying covered when possible

Keeping the floor dry

Staying busy

Avoiding overheating

Staying busy
Even if you need occasionally stay occupied, going into overdrive won’t help, especially if you find yourself with a lot of free time. Instead, maintain your composure, keep yourself warm and dry, cover up, prevent being too hot or too cold, work to keep the floor dry, and drain any water from your raft. You should occasionally move to stay warm, but aside from that, try not to exert too much energy.

Another risk of getting lost at sea is heatstroke. What internal body temperature does heatstroke indicate?

104 F

98.6 F

102 F

101 F

104 F
Keep in mind that a human’s normal body temperature is 98.6 F. You are probably experiencing heatstroke if your core body temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit or greater.

If you have heatstroke, there are ways to cool yourself. Except for which, all of the following should be done?

Use a damp cloth on your skin

Sit in the shade

Go for a swim

Regulate your body temperature

Go for a swim
Look for shade to prevent heatstroke. Perhaps try using a fan or a damp cloth to blot your skin. Drink some cool, clean water as well. However, swimming is not a good option because heatstroke leaves you weary and weakened.

Frostbite can be treated in a number of ways. Which is NOT one of them?

Apply aloe vera

Put the affected region under hot water.

Get to a warm place

slowly rewarm the skin

Put the affected region under hot water.
When frostbite symptoms appear, the first thing to do is to move to a warm location. The injured region could then be covered with a warm, damp towel or immersed in warm water (not hot!). As the skin thaws, you will experience excruciating stinging. Aloe vera can also be used to the troubled regions.

NEVER drink seawater because what may the salt in it cause?

High Blood Pressure

Heat stroke

Kidney failure


Kidney failure
An excess of sodium lowers kidney function. The high salt content of seawater can lead to renal failure.

What technique do you use to utilize water by using the sun’s heat and evaporation?

Solar still


Puddle technique

Solar Water

Solar still
A solar still will give you fresh, clean water by using the Sun’s heat to evaporate water from various materials, such as plants. You’ll need a hole, some pebbles, plastic sheeting, a mechanism to gather water, and of course some vegetation to make one.

On an isolated island, be cautious of snakes! Which of these characteristics DOES NOT let you know whether a snake might be poisonous?

They are unusually long

Bright colors

Triangular head

Slit-like vertical eyes

They are unusually long
Length is not a good indicator. If you haven’t already run away, instead consider the snake’s colors, eyes, and head form to determine whether it might be poisonous.

In the event that you become stranded somewhere, there are numerous ways to start a fire. Which of these is NOT a method?

Match and wet bark

Magnifying glass

Flint and steel

Wood and Friction

Match and wet bark
Even while matches are an excellent fire-starting instrument, you probably shouldn’t use them with wet bark. A magnifying lens, friction, or flint and steel are further options.

What can you use to easily start a fire?

Large logs

Hair from palm tree trunks


A piece of cloth

Hair from palm tree trunks
You need tinder that burns quickly to catch fire. Tinder needs to be dry and tiny. Palm tree “hair” works well as kindling.

What should you use to transmit a smoke signal in conjunction with a smokey fire?

A wet rock

A wet blanket

A magnifying glass

A handgun

A wet blanket
To create a  smoke signal, a fire and a wet blanket are used. In a wide open space, build the fire high up. Once it is going, cover it with the wet blanket until the smoke breaks, at which point you should remove the blanket to let the smoke continue. Repeat this several times; the puffs will carry your message. A warning signal is typically understood to be three puffs.

What kind of fishing could you be able to accomplish using a bamboo stick that has been sharpened?




Trap fishing

If you don’t have a fishing kit, you can still get by with spearfishing. Find a long stick that is between 8 and 10 feet long, cut two intersecting crosscuts of 6 inches at one end, insert vine into the prongs, and sharpen them.

Which of these is the best approach to construct a primitive oven for cooking fish?

Burying hot rocks in the sand

Carving one out of clay

Ordering one from Amazon

Setting the fish over the fire

Burying hot rocks in the sand
By burying heated rocks in the sand, you can construct your own oven. Wrap your fish in green leaves and set them on top of the rocks after heating them in a fire for a few hours, burying them in a foot-deep hole (without getting burned!). You can cook fish at home in an hour if you cover everything with sand.

Seabirds can also be caught and eaten for food. What is the initial stage in getting them ready to eat?

Remove feathers and skin them

Eat them raw

Take out their eyes

Cut off their heads

Remove feathers and skin them
To acquire some poultry if you’re sick of fish, catch a seabird. Before cooking them, you’ll need to feather and skin them. If you like, you may even eat them raw.

Oh No! You Won’t be able to survive on open water.

You have a pretty good chance of surviving on open sea but is also likely to fail.

Congratulations! You are a true open sea survivor.

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