Could You Survive An Attack from One of These Dangerous Animals?

You will be put to the test in this quiz on your understanding of harmful creatures to determine just how much you actually understand about being safe in nature.

When a hawk strikes, what should you do?

Don’t move.

Run away.

Turn away from it.

If possible, face them

If possible, face them.
If you have your back on them, hawks are more likely to attack you. You are probably close to its nest, so you should attempt to face it if you can, and make an effort to leave the area.

What characteristics do all poisonous snakes have in common?

They are all dark in color.

They are sidewinders.

They have rattles.

They have diamond-shaped heads.

They have diamond-shaped heads.
Getting bitten by any snake is something you should avoid. But if a specific snake has a diamond-shaped head, you can quickly determine if it is poisonous.

How can you know when a snake is going to bite?

Not a single muscle will be moved.

It will first back up.

Its neck will flatten and it will rear up.

It will hiss louder.

Its neck will flatten and it will rear up.
If you avoid it, most snakes will disappear. But if you see the snake raising up and flattening its neck, you need to be much more careful.

What should you do if a lion starts to come your way?

Run away

Raise your arms above your head while screaming.

Turn away from it.

Walk away slowly.

Raise your arms above your head while screaming.
Sadly, lions usually target larger prey than you. The best course of action is to scream while raising your arms in a frightening manner. You may also try throwing anything at the lion if you have anything with you.

Why is it a bad idea to frighten an elephant?

They remember things well.

Their feelings will be hurt.

They will eat humans when provoked.

They’ll start attacking each other.

They remember things well.
Elephants are known to have an exceptional memory. They will remember you if you try to ride one or disturb them.

Why should you be on caution if you come across a wild boar?

All of your belongings will be destroyed as they go on the rampage.

They’ll turn around and come at you from behind.

They’ll keep charging until one of you passes away.

They will continuously scream.

They’ll turn around and come at you from behind.
You should remain on watch even when a boar moves away. It has been observed that pigs would circle an opponent before charging and making a rear assault.

How can you escape from a wild boar?

Climb up a tree.

Run away.

Get inside your shelter

Get in the water

Climb up a tree.
Climbing a tree is the greatest option if you want to escape a boar. This is an excellent method to get away from many creatures, therefore it’s a good idea to choose a tree ahead of time that you might perhaps climb if necessary.

Which of these traits indicates a fish is dangerous or harmful to eat?

Their mouths look like parrots.

Typically, they have boxy forms.

They are reef-dwellers.

All of these.

All of these.
It’s dangerous to eat a lot of fish species. Keep an eye out for cowfish, oilfish, and pufferfish.

Why shouldn’t you eat barracuda?

They taste bitter.

They have too many bones.

They contain ciguatera.

They are endangered.

They contain ciguatera
Ciguatera is typically found in barracuda. This might make you really sick and hurt.

How many shark species pose a threat to people?



About a dozen

All of them

About a dozen
Over 300 shark species have been identified. The hazard to humans comes from only a small number of them—about a dozen.

How can a shark attack be prevented?

Keep away from areas where there are many fish.

If you are bleeding, avoid the water.

Avoid murky water

All of these

All of these
To catch fish to eat, you might have to enter the water. However, you should avoid the water if it is cloudy, there are plenty of fish around, or there is blood nearby.

When is the ideal time to go into the sea and fish?

Afternoon with the sun out




Afternoon with the sun out
When the sky is clear, fishing is best. Sharks have good vision even during these times of the day, thus they are more likely to hunt at night.

Where should you strike a shark if it attacks you?




All of these

All of these
The shark has sensitive areas here and there. Any weapon you can find can be used to assault the eyes, gills, and snout.

What should you do if you spot a rhino but it hasn’t yet seen you?

Fight it

Walk away

Keep calm and keep quiet.

Run away

Keep calm and keep quiet.
Rhinos, if threatened, will charge. Try to maintain your composure till it has passed as they may charge if they hear you make a sound because they do not know who or what you are.

How can you tell whether a frog is poisonous?

It croaks strangely.

It has bright coloring.

You will be attacked by it.

It doesn’t hop.

It has bright coloring.
There is a very noticeable warning that tells you to avoid frogs. Bright colors indicate that something is dangerous, even when touched.

Hippos are fiercely possessive animals. What should you never do if you see one of the following?

Place yourself between it and its calf.

Surprise it

Block its path

All of these

All of these
Hippos are among the most hazardous creatures you may encounter, despite their adorable appearance. Keep your distance since they move faster than you anticipate.

Which action is better to try to avoid a confrontation in the case that you come across a huge animal, such as a lynx or mountain lion?

Turn away from it and flee

Make yourself appear larger than you are and scream at it.

Stay totally still.

Look it in the eyes with a straight gaze.

Make yourself appear larger than you are and scream at it.
Big cats enjoy surprising simple prey and killing it. You could scare the cat away by making yourself appear larger than you actually are.

When are scorpions most active during the day?

Early morning



24 hours

You shouldn’t run into scorpions in your regular activities because they are nocturnal and only active at night.

What makes buffalo so dangerous?

They cause no harm at all.

Their teeth are pointed and sharp.

They move in herds.

They’re poisonous.

They move in herds.
Although buffalo are herbivores, you still need to be cautious around them. They move in herds and may sprint up to 35 mph, which increases the risk of being crushed.

Which strategy should you use if you ever need to battle a crocodile?

Keep its mouth shut.

Always stay behind it.

Take hold of its legs.

Punch it in the stomach.

Keep its mouth shut.
The muscles in a crocodile’s jaws are incredibly weak. To protect yourself, you should clamp its mouth shut.

Sorry. You Failed.

Well Done. You Can Survive The Wild.

Great Job! You Can Survive The Wild.

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