Could You Survive in the Cosmetics Industry? Take This Makeup Artist Quiz to Find Out!

Are you prepared for the ultimate test of your beauty abilities? With the help of these glamorous trivia questions, let’s find out if you have what it takes to be a makeup artist!

In this image, the cosmetic tool is used to _____.

Curl Lashes

Plump Lips

Blush Cheeks

Pluck Hairs

Curl Lashes
You guessed it—the hand-operated device in the image is an eyelash curler used to curl those lovely lashes! Typically, only the upper lashes are curled with an eyelash curler.

What cosmetics should you apply to your lips to give them a soft pop of color and glassy shine?


Lip Gloss


Lip Liner

Lip Gloss
Your lips will look shiny and tinted after applying lip gloss, whereas lip liner is used to draw a border around the lips, and lipstick delivers a powerful punch of color.

What typical beauty essential is used to darken, lengthen, curl, color, and thicken eyelashes?





A ubiquitous makeup item for enhancing eyelashes is mascara. Although this product can be in liquid, powder, or cream form, its most common ingredients are oils, waxes, preservatives, and pigments.

The practice of defining, enhancing, and sculpting the features of the face or other body parts through cosmetics is referred to as _______.





Contouring is a technique used by makeup artists to give the face more definition and structure. This technique uses light and dark shading, also known as highlighting and shadowing, to create a dramatic illusion.

Which supermodel is known for having long eyelashes and has a memorable nickname?

Kate Moss

Coco Rocha



Supermodel Twiggy, also known as Dame Lesley Lawson DBE, rose to fame due to her long lashes, large eyes, and lean frame. In addition, the Daily Express dubbed her “The Face of 1966” due to her androgynous appearance.

Where would you usually use the cosmetic item illustrated in this picture?





The image above illustrates an eye shadow palette with a stunning array of colors. Eye shadow is commonly applied to make the eyelids and under the eyes stand out or appear more attractive.

By drawing a line directly above the top lashes and extending it past the outer corner of the eyes, what specific makeup “look” is produced?

Sharp Eye

Cat Eye

Panda Eye

Smokey Eye

Cat Eye
The traditional “cat eye” look is a famous appearance that works well for producing dramatic illusions. This fashion calls for skill and attention to detail, which explains why makeup artists love it!

Makeup primer, whether for your eyes, lips, or face, should always be applied ______.

After moisturizer and before makeup

Before moisturizer and after makeup

Before you hop in the shower

After moisturizer and makeup

After moisturizer and before makeup
Makeup primer is the ideal foundation or other face product base. It creates a barrier between the skin and the makeup, allowing it to go on smoother and last longer.

What hazardous component was frequently present in some cosmetic products during the Victorian era and the years following the Civil War?





Unfortunately, arsenic-laced lotions gained popularity during the Victorian and post-Civil War eras because they were marketed to provide women with a clear, pale complexion. Despite this horrifying discovery, other lethal ingredients, such as lead, mercury, and radiation, were later substituted.

Which of the following is NOT a central component of most lipsticks?





Although clay was used to color lips thousands of years ago, it is not one of the main ingredients in modern lipsticks. Although some creative businesses use clay to create sustainable products, oils, waxes, emollients, and pigments are typically the main components.

Which shade of concealer is applied to cover up redness?





Green concealer is effective at reducing redness, irritation, and inflammation. Due to its placement directly opposite red on the color wheel, green can balance out red.

Who is Kim Kardashian’s trusted makeup artist and longtime friend?

Mario Dedivanovic

Jeffree Star

Gucci Westman

Joyce Bonelli

Mario Dedivanovic
Mario Dedivanovic, a native of New York, has been Kim Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist for more than ten years. Together, they have revolutionized the definition of beauty and the makeup industry.

What does the “CC” in CC cream represent in terms of the majority of cosmetic brands?

Color Care

Crease Concealer

Cream Contour

Color Control

Color Control
CC Cream, which stands for “Color Control” or “Color Correcting” Cream, was introduced after the release of BB Cream (also known as Blemish Balm Cream). This product is designed to lessen skin redness and encourage an even skin tone.

The wildly well-known company MAC Cosmetics was established in Toronto, Canada. What exactly does MAC stand for?

Makeup And Cosmetics

Make A Character

Makeup Art Cosmetics

Master Art Creations

Makeup Art Cosmetics
M.A.C. Cosmetics, also known as “M.A.C.,” was established in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in Toronto, Canada. This wildly successful business now has its headquarters in New York City and is connected to Estée Lauder.

Which brush kind works best for applying body shimmer or loose powder?

Stippling Brush

Kabuki Brush

Contour Brush

Fan Brush

Kabuki Brush
A fan brush works best for blending dark lines and applying highlighter, while a contour brush is best for achieving definition and giving the appearance of being “airbrushed.” The kabuki brush is ideal for applying loose powders because it is typically more prominent and has tightly packed fibers.

What is the typical shelf life of the majority of cosmetics?

1 – 3 Years

5 – 10 Years

3 – 5 Years

6 Months – 1 Year

1 – 3 Years
Typically, cosmetic products are created and tested for a shelf life of between one and three years. It depends on the product’s composition, storage conditions, packaging, preservation, and several other factors.

Historically, both men and women have used makeup to improve their appearances. Which hues were NOT frequently used to adorn ancient Egyptians’ eyes?





Dark eyeshadow and eyeliner, like that in shades of blue, black, red, and green, were particularly popular among the Egyptians. They primarily used kohl, copper, and lead ore to create powders.

What year was L’Oréal Paris founded? It is the biggest cosmetics company in the world.





In 1909, French chemist Eugène Paul Louis Schueller invented the Oréale hair dye, which led to the founding of L’Oréal Paris. This brand has grown over time to include a variety of cosmetic goods, such as hair dye, skincare, makeup, and perfume.

Lip Plumping

Face Enameling

Heavy Contouring

Smoky Eyes

Face Enameling
Makeup was not as widely used in the early 1900s as today. Many women wore nothing, but some painted their faces to look paler because doing so was considered a sign of wealth.

Which creative and daring British makeup artist has received accolades from Vogue magazine and other publications as the world’s most well-known makeup artist?

Pat McGrath

Kevyn Aucoin

Lisa Eldridge

Charlotte Tilbury

Pat McGrath
Numerous publications, including Vogue Magazine, have referred to Pat McGrath as an essential makeup artist worldwide. Additionally, she was included in Time Magazine’s 2019 list of the “100 Most Influential People.”

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