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Who is considered a pioneer of CGI in movies?

Alfred Hitchcock

Steven Spielberg

John Whitney

George Lucas

John Whitney is one of the pioneers in utilizing computer graphics for filmmaking, notably experimenting with motion and visual effects in the 1960s.

What was one of the first uses of CGI in film?

Star background

Computer-animated hand

3D dinosaur

Virtual reality scene

One of the first uses of CGI in film was a computer-animated hand created for the movie *Futureworld* (1976).

In which decade did CGI become more common in movies?





The 1980s saw a significant increase in the use of CGI in movies, highlighted by films like *Tron* (1982).

What technology is essential for creating CGI?

Digital cameras

Quantum computers

Graphics processing units

Radio telescopes

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are crucial in rendering the complex computations needed for creating high-quality CGI.

What does ‘rendering’ mean in the context of CGI?

Writing a script

Drawing by hand

Generating visual imagery from models

Directing a scene

In CGI, rendering refers to the process of generating photorealistic or non-photorealistic imagery from 3D models.

Which film is known for pioneering fully CGI characters?

Jurassic Park

The Abyss

Terminator 2

Toy Story

*Toy Story* (1995) is renowned for being the first feature film to use entirely computer-generated imagery for its characters.

What is motion capture technology used for in CGI?

Creating textures

Designing sets

Animating characters

Writing scripts

Motion capture technology is used to animate characters in a more lifelike manner by recording movements from human actors.

What aspect does CGI not directly improve in films?

Visual effects


Set design

Costume creation

CGI does not directly improve screenwriting as it is primarily a tool for visual enhancement, not narrative development.

Which of these is a common software used in CGI creation?

Adobe Photoshop



Microsoft Excel

Blender is a popular open-source software used extensively in the creation of CGI for its comprehensive modeling and rendering capabilities.

How has CGI impacted the cost of filmmaking?

Reduced costs universally

Increased costs universally

Variable impact on costs

No impact on costs

The impact of CGI on filmmaking costs is variable; it can reduce costs by replacing physical sets or props but can also increase costs due to the high level of detail and labor involved in CGI production.

What is ray tracing in CGI?

Real-time interaction

Particle physics

Light simulation

Audio effects

Ray tracing is a rendering technique that simulates the way light interacts with objects to produce realistic lighting effects.

Which movie first used extensive CGI for water effects?


The Abyss

Pirates of the Caribbean


*The Abyss* (1989) pioneered the use of CGI to create realistic water effects, particularly the pseudopod sequence.

What type of CGI involves creating outdoor scenes?

Vector graphics

Texture mapping

Digital landscaping

3D modeling

Digital landscaping is a type of CGI used to create virtual outdoor environments that appear realistic or fantastical.

Which CGI technique allows for detailed surfaces?

Bump mapping

Linear editing

Motion blur


Bump mapping is a technique in CGI that enhances the realism of textures by simulating bumps and wrinkles on surfaces.

Which year did the first CGI company start?





The first company dedicated to CGI, Information International Inc., started in 1972, pioneering early computer graphics for commercial use.

Who developed the RenderMan software?





Pixar developed RenderMan, which is a proprietary photorealistic 3D rendering software used extensively in movies.

What is a common use of CGI in documentaries?

Recreating historical events

Editing sound

Writing scripts

Promoting films

CGI is commonly used in documentaries to recreate historical events or extinct creatures to provide visual context to the narration.

What does ‘compositing’ refer to in CGI?

Combining visuals

Writing code

Editing text

Mixing soundtracks

In CGI, compositing is the process of combining visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.

Which tool is essential for CGI animation?

Text editor

3D scanner

Animation software

Web browser

Animation software is essential for CGI as it allows animators to create and manipulate objects in a three-dimensional space.

What effect has CGI had on movie set design?

Reduced reliance

Increased costs

No impact

Enhanced sound

CGI has reduced the reliance on physical sets, as digital environments can be created and modified in post-production, often leading to cost savings on physical constructions.

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