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Discover the Strangest Office Gadgets Ever Made, Are You Using Any?

What is a “USB-powered coffee warmer”?

A device to cool your coffee

A laptop attachment

A device to keep your coffee hot

A coffee-flavored USB drive

A USB-powered coffee warmer is a device that you connect to your USB port to keep your coffee or any other beverage warm, utilizing the power from the USB connection.

Which invention helps organize cables on a desk?

Cable clips

Paper clips

Binder clips

Rubber bands

Cable clips are designed to hold and organize cables, preventing them from tangling and keeping the workspace neat.

What is the purpose of a “Post-it Watch”?

To tell time

Wearable sticky notes

A water-resistant watch

To track your fitness

The “Post-it Watch” is essentially a wristband made of sticky note material, allowing you to write reminders and wear them.

Which item is designed to look like a crime scene tape but for office use?

Decorative paper

Crime scene sticky tape

Yellow highlighter

Novelty erasers

Crime scene sticky tape is a novelty office supply designed to resemble police crime scene tape, often used for fun or to mark areas/items that need attention.

What does a “hand pen holder” resemble?

A cup

A desk organizer

A human hand

A digital pen

A hand pen holder is a desk accessory shaped like a human hand, used to hold pens and other writing instruments in its grip.

What is a “desktop punching bag” used for?

Playing music

Stress relief

Boxing practice

Holding paper

A desktop punching bag is a small, durable bag attached to a suction cup or similar base, intended to provide a stress-relieving outlet by punching it.

Which of these is a real but unusual office supply?

Invisible ink printer

Edible sticky notes

Solar-powered lamp

Bluetooth-enabled stapler

Edible sticky notes are a novel creation that you can write on and eat, designed for fun or to prevent waste.

What does a “mood pencil” do?

Lights up

Changes colors with temperature


Plays sounds

Mood pencils change colors depending on the temperature, typically reacting to the warmth of a person’s hand.

What is the function of a “foot hammock”?

Storage under a desk

Support feet comfortably

Measure foot size

Warm your feet

A foot hammock is an under-desk attachment that provides a rest for the feet, enhancing comfort and ergonomics while seated.

Which invention turns paper into pencils?

Paper compactor

Pencil creator machine

Paper to pencil converter


A paper to pencil converter is a device that recycles waste paper by compressing it and inserting a lead to form functional pencils.

What is a “staple-free stapler”?

Clips papers together

Uses miniature staples

Binds using glue

Normal stapler

A staple-free stapler is an innovative device that clips up to a few sheets of paper together without using any metal staples, instead pressing and cutting the paper in a way that holds it together.

What is a “document holder” used for?

Displaying photos

Holding sheets for easy viewing

Storing unused paper

Decorative purpose

A document holder is designed to hold documents at an ergonomic angle, making it easier to view and refer to papers while typing or reading at a desk.

What function does a “pen scanner” serve?

Counts your pens

Scans text and images

Holds multiple pens


A pen scanner is a device that looks like a pen but can scan text and images directly into digital form as you glide it over them.

What type of office supply is a “miniature vault”?

For paper clips

For securing valuables

For decorative plants

For pen storage

A miniature vault is a small, secure container designed to store and protect valuables such as money or sensitive documents within an office environment.

What can a “privacy monitor” do?

Increase screen size

Make screen visible only to direct viewer

Play videos in privacy

Act as a mirror

A privacy monitor has a privacy filter that narrows the viewing angle so that the screen content is only visible to someone directly in front of it, protecting sensitive information from side views.

Which office item is shaped like a “lava lamp”?

A desk lamp

A lava-themed printer

A novelty pencil sharpener

A quirky stapler

A desk lamp shaped like a lava lamp offers both illumination and a fun, retro aesthetic that can add personality to an office setting.

What is the use of a “balance board”?

Decorative skateboard


Improves posture and balance at standing desks

Holds documents

A balance board is used at standing desks to engage muscles, improve posture, and increase balance, promoting physical health in the office environment.

What is a “rolling stamp”?

For posting letters

Marks dates

Obfuscates private information

A type of wheelbarrow

A rolling stamp is specifically designed to obscure sensitive information on documents, such as personal addresses or account numbers, by rolling over them with a pattern that makes the text unreadable.

What is the main feature of an “adjustable desk”?




Folds into a chair

An adjustable desk features a mechanism that allows its height to be changed, accommodating both sitting and standing work positions, which can aid in reducing back pain and increasing productivity.

What does a “digital highlighter” do?

Glow in the dark

Transfers printed text to digital devices

Makes permanent markings

Increases text size

A digital highlighter is a device that scans printed text and transfers it directly to a connected digital device, simplifying note-taking and document handling processes.

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