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Do You Know Your Tools Around The House? Show Us Your DIY Potential By Passing This Quiz!

Do you think you can fix anything around the house without the need for professional help? Do you have everything a DIY could ever think of? Then you'll have no problem acing our DIY tools quiz.

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What is a wire nut’s most important function?

Secure a wire to a device

Protect your fingertips while performing electrical work

Strengthen the connection between conductors

Temporarily secure exposed wires

Strengthen the connection between conductors
You may secure a connection between two conductors using its insulative plastic shell and cone form, which you twist onto the exposed wires. You can ensure conductors never detach with the use of a correctly fitted wire nut.

What instrument should be used to ensure that shelves are hung level?

Plumb Level

Bubble Level


Balloon Level

Bubble Level
Available in a variety of sizes, this tool may be used to establish plumb or level for any job. You have a level shelf if the air bubble floats precisely in the liquid in the center.

What does this toolkit shown in the image below do?

Cuts wallpaper

Drill screws into concrete

Tightens nails

Drills nails

Drill screws into concrete
The drill part drills a pilot hole, while the driver segment places and tightens the screw. Condrive’s “Con” stands for concrete.

You have a dangling shower head but don’t want to pull the tile out to fix it. What should you do to get it to stop swaying?

Zip ties

Duct tape


Hot glue

While you are welcome to attempt any of the other ways, they will not work as well as zip ties and duct tape, not to mention look horrible. Use expanding foam for a flawless finish and a durable shower head. The pipe is encased in expanding foam and secured within the wall.

What kind of screwdriver is required for this screw?





A Phillips screw has a cross pattern, but a flathead screw is, as the name suggests, flat. The head of a hex screw is hexagonal, while the head of a torx screw is star-shaped with six rounded lobes.

There will be instances when a high extended reach is required for a home repair operation. Which tool will best assist you in completing the task?

Telescoping Hanger Retriever

Step Ladder

EZ Reacher

Extension Ladder

Extension Ladder
Reachers and retrievers won’t help you do a hands-on repair, and while step ladders are useful for reaching up into hard-to-reach cupboards, they won’t assist you make a roofing or gutter repair, for example. An extension ladder is required for larger jobs.

What is this tool?

A level

A tapered bit

A chalk line

A plumb bob

A plumb bob
A plumb bob is a weighted device with a string attached to it that may be used to establish a vertical line.

What action do you perform with this pictured tool?





The gap between the electrodes is measured with a spark plug gap gauge. This guarantees accurate firing.

What is the best method for removing a hex screw?


Hex key wrench

A witch’s curse

Power drill

Hex key wrench
Using a hex key wrench to remove a hex screw is the simplest method. These handy tools were created expressly to make unscrewing these tight bolts easier.

What would you do with an awl?

Starting off nail or screw holes

Fixing a clogged toilet

Prying up floorboards

Screwing in tiny screws

Starting off nail or screw holes
An awl is a little pointed instrument that may be used to start nail or screw holes. In stud work, an awl can also be used to find studs or blocks.

What is the purpose of an EZ-Out?

Keeping power tools free from sawdust

Removing stripped screws

Removing stuck drill bits

Removing old paint and stain

Removing stripped screws
A screw extractor is an EZ-Out tool. This tool can grab a stripped Phillips head screw with the X looking more like a circle and extract it.

What is the purpose of a miter saw?

Making rounded cuts

Making angled cuts

Making dadoes

Making jagged cuts

Making angled cuts
Angled cuts may be made with a miter saw. It lets you to precisely control the angle for difficult joints, such as cutting crown molding to fit around corners.

What do you use to keep a pipe in place when you need it to be firm?

Pipe wrench

Vice grip

Miter clamp


Pipe wrench
A pipe wrench is required when nothing else seems to work in holding a piece of plumbing or piping firmly in place. Although the teeth of a pipe wrench are not particularly versatile, they are ideal for biting into the smooth, round surfaces of pipeline materials.

Which tool should you use to cut a hole in the wall for a door or skylight?

Drywall saw


Reciprocating saw


Reciprocating saw
A sledgehammer would work for demo, but it would be a messy demo. A reciprocating saw functions as a precise and vigorous carving tool, making it ideal for a clean demolition.

What are these pictured tools?


Allen Keys

Ratchet Wrenches


Allen Keys
Bolts and screws having hexagonal sockets in their heads are driven using these. The Allen Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut gave them their name.

What does a Phillips head screwdriver’s tip look like?

A hexagon

A “+” sign

A square

A straight line

A “+” sign
A Phillips head screwdriver resembles an X and is self-centering, meaning it won’t fall out of the screw when you apply pressure. It is named for Henry F. Phillips, its creator.

Do you have tree limbs dangling from your roof? What kind of saw should be used to safely cut them down?

Bow saw

Jig saw


Chain saw

Bow saw
Despite its sharpness, the narrow saw’s robust yet lightweight steel chassis makes it excellent for cutting through wood when standing precariously on a ladder.

This illustrated essential accessory is required for using a power drill. What exactly is it?

Solar charger

Sets of Drill Bits


Power Cord

Sets of Drill Bits
Without all of the appropriate bits to match your variety of screws, your drill would be useless. Most kits include Phillips, flat heads, star bits, hex bits, extensions, and a range of other tools in various sizes.

This is a multi-purpose power tool that no homeowner should be without. What tool s it?


Cordless drill

Nail gun

Oscillating tool

Cordless drill
While almost any power drill will come in handy at some point throughout your homeownership, the power drill is one item you’ll find yourself using again. Instead of using a screwdriver, you can easily drive a screw with cordless drill into almost any surface.

If you’re going to glue two pieces of plastic together, what might you use to hold them together?



Biscuit joiner

Hex tool

Clamp blocks should always be used when using a C-clamp for this purpose to avoid harming the material.

What is the purpose of a socket wrench?

Tightening nuts

Installing electrical sockets

Securing pipes

Fastening drywall screws

Tightening nuts
To tighten a hexagonal nut, socket wrenches fit around it. They come in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

What is the purpose of a router?

To find studs in a wall

To create fancy edges and decorative flairs

To hammer nails into a surface

To find your direction

To create fancy edges and decorative flairs
A carpenter’s best friend is a router, which allows the operator to make beautiful flairs and dovetails in the edges of hard surfaces.

A tool that is powered by compressed air is known as:

A vaporous apparatus

An electric device

A pneumatic tool

A hydro tool

A pneumatic tool
Pneumatic tools are air-powered power tools that are powered by an air compressor or portable pressurized carbon dioxide cylinders.

Which tool should you use to get rid of a rusted-on bolt, pin, or rivet and achieve this task quickly and cleanly?

Cold Chisel




Cold Chisel
A cold chisel is required when working with cold, corroded metal. When you use a ball-peen hammer to hit a cold chisel exactly so, you can cut straight through cold metal like butter.

A hexagonal bolt is tightened with which of these tools?

A hammer

A chisel

A drill

A wrench

A wrench
To tighten a bolt, a wrench is wrapped around the hexagonal head. An accompanying washer can also be tightened using a wrench.

What is the purpose of a wooden mallet?

Anything a hammer is capable of.

Tapping a chisel for leverage

To practice hammer swings

Hammering nails

Tapping a chisel for leverage
Wooden mallets aren’t powerful enough to hammer nails for lengthy periods of time, but they’re perfect for striking chisels to build leverage, particularly in chop cuts.

What is the best all-around tool for scoring drywall?

Utility knife




Utility knife
Before breaking the scribed line, use utility knives to score the front face of the sheetrock. They’re then utilized to cut through the backing paper.

It is compact, quick, and accurate. It is roughly 30 feet in length. And, most of all, you’ll put it all to good use most of the time. What exactly is it?


Tape measure

Wood saw

Angle Grinder

Tape measure
As a homeowner, you’ll use this gadget to figure out anything from how much room you have for a new sofa to what length deck planks you’ll need to how much your child has grown in the previous year. Simply attach the gadget to your belt after you’re through taking measurements.

What tool would you use to check an electrical connection’s voltage and resistance?

Solenoid Voltage Tester


Continuity Electricity Tester

Electric Measure Tool

The name of this gadget comes from the fact that electrical resistance is measured in “ohms.” Modern ohmmeters can detect current electrical flow (amperage) and generate a signal when they come across a full circuit in addition to voltage and resistance.

Which tool is often used to replace the function of a hammer?


Cordless Drill

Power Drill

Nail gun

Nail gun
Pneumatic, battery, electric, and fuel-powered nail guns are also available. They use a trigger to shoot and may be programmed for a certain depth of penetration.

What are the uses of chisels in woodworking?

Tightening bolts

Remove layers of wood to shape it

Drive screws

Make holes

Remove layers of wood to shape it
To make mortises, hinge recesses, dadoes, and other channels in wood, a chisel is used to scrape away thin layers of wood.

What is this tool called?

Hex key wrench

Socket wrench

Pipe wrench

Moon wrench

Hex key wrench
A hex key wrench is a tool that is used to remove hex screws. Hex screws have a hexagonal head that the hex key wrench fits neatly into.A hex key wrench is a tool that is used to remove hex screws. Hex screws have a hexagonal head that the hex key wrench fits neatly into.

Have a blocked toilet that won’t clear with a plunger? Which toilet instrument would you use next?


Toilet auger

Impact Drill


Toilet auger
A toilet auger is strong, flexible, and intended to go through a toilet’s drain. A metal shaft is on one end, while a crank handle is on the other.

What does this tool do?

Cuts glass without shattering it

Stripping wire

Cut leaves and branches

Hold items in place

Which tool should you use if you accidentally drop a screw in a tight spot or need to work with utmost caution?

Needle-nose plier

Monkey wrench

Gutter tongs


Needle-nose plier
Needle-nose pliers are delicate, with a nose that isn’t quite as thin as a needle, but is still rather narrow. Use this durable yet delicate tool to fish tools out of tight spaces and execute complex operations like making a hook at the end of a wire and hooking that wire under the termination screw.

Which hammer has the most applications?

A ball peen hammer

A jack hammer

A dead blow hammer

A claw hammer

A claw hammer
Since of its balanced weight and bent claw, a claw hammer is the most flexible because it can remove nails from wood.

What may a pocket hole jig be used for?

Cling to or yank on something

Fix something to the wall

Make quick, strong joints in wood

Cut wood at sharp, exact angles

Make quick, strong joints in wood
This tool aids in the creation of tiny, pocket-sized holes in wood surfaces. You may then push a screw into the hole to form a tight, robust bond between the two pieces of wood. This tool may be used to make cabinets, bookshelves, chairs, and other furniture.

You don’t want a drawer stuffed with tools? What gadget can assist you get rid of half of your toolbox’s contents?

Power Drill

Pocket Knife

Multibit Screwdriver

Nail Gun

Multibit Screwdriver
A multibit screwdriver eliminates the need for the many sorts of screwdrivers that a homeowner will encounter, such as Phillips, flathead, torx, hex, pozidriv, and others. In a small package, this multi tool comes with replaceable tips.

What is the name of this old tool?

A wood sander.

A back saw.

A wood shaper

A wooden plane.

A wooden plane.
A rough piece of wood is flattened, reduced in thickness, and given a smooth surface with wooden planes. The tool converts the treated surface into a smooth plane, a level, even surface, as the name indicates.

What is another name for a “vise grip”?


Locking plier

Needle-nose plier


Locking plier
The locking plier, developed in 1924, works like a regular pair of pliers while simultaneously acting as a welding clamp and wrench. With such a firm grip, this powerful tool can remove even the most difficult staples and nails.

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