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Elon Musk’s Unconventional Launch Tactics Revealed: Are You In The Know?

What unusual material was initially considered for Apple’s first iPhone?





Titanium was considered for the iPhone’s body due to its strength and lightweight properties, but Apple ultimately settled on aluminum and glass for a more premium feel.

Which tech company used a custom comic book for their product launch?





Google used a custom comic book to introduce the open-source browser project, Chrome, which was designed to explain the browser’s capabilities and innovations in a fun, accessible way.

What was unique about Tesla’s first Roadster reveal?

It was in space

Live streamed on YouTube

Unveiled on a TV show

Driven by a celebrity

Tesla’s first Roadster was uniquely revealed on the TV show “The Price is Right,” making it a high-profile introduction to a mainstream audience.

Which product had a malfunction at its debut presentation?

Google Glass

iPhone 4

Windows 98

Kindle Fire

During a live demo at its launch, Windows 98 experienced a public system crash showcasing the infamous “Blue Screen of Death,” which became a memorable moment in tech launch history.

How did Amazon create buzz for its first Kindle?

Oprah endorsed it

Exclusive online release

Giveaways on social media

Super Bowl ad

Oprah Winfrey endorsed the first Kindle on her show, calling it her “favorite new gadget,” which significantly boosted its popularity and sales.

Which product launch involved a hidden message in a press invitation?

iPhone 5

PlayStation 3

Tesla Model S

Microsoft Surface

Apple’s press invitation for the iPhone 5 launch event featured the shadow of the number “5,” which subtly hinted at the announcement of the iPhone 5.

How did Sony market the release of its first VAIO laptops?

Airport showcases

In-cinema ads

Times Square billboards

Fashion shows

Sony chose to market its first VAIO laptops by integrating them into fashion shows, highlighting the laptops’ sleek, stylish designs as a fashion statement.

What innovative method did Google use to test the Google Glass prototype?

Public giveaways

Crowdsourced feedback

Skydiving demonstration

Virtual reality setups

Google demonstrated the capabilities of Google Glass by organizing a live skydiving demonstration, where skydivers wore the glasses and livestreamed their jump, showcasing the device’s potential in real-time video recording.

What unusual launch tactic did Snapchat use for Spectacles?

Flash mobs

Vending machines

Pop-up stores

Interactive games

Snapchat introduced Spectacles through pop-up vending machines called Snapbots, which randomly appeared in various locations, creating a sense of scarcity and excitement around the product.

What memorable feature marked the unveiling of Amazon Echo?

A celebrity-hosted event

Interactive installations

An unannounced online listing

A live concert integration

Amazon unexpectedly listed the Echo on its website without prior announcements, which intrigued customers and created a buzz based purely on the novelty and surprise of the product’s sudden availability.

What was the original name proposed for Twitter?


Status Update



Twitter was originally going to be called “Twttr,” a name inspired by Flickr and the five-character length of American SMS short codes.

Which company launched a product with an ARG?





Nokia used an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) to promote the N-Gage device, blending digital puzzles and real-world tasks to engage potential users in a novel way.

Where was the first iPhone prototype assembled?

Steve Jobs’ garage

Apple lab

Contractor’s facility

Local cafe

The first iPhone prototype was assembled in a secure Apple lab, under strict privacy measures to avoid leaks of the innovative technology.

What color was Google’s first server’s storage?





Google’s first server storage was built using inexpensive and makeshift blue LEGO bricks, which helped manage the multiple hard drives they utilized.

How did the Dyson vacuum get funded?

Bank loans

Family funds

Venture capitalists

Stock options

The Dyson vacuum was initially funded by the inventor’s personal savings and further by loans and savings from his family, reflecting his commitment to creating a no-loss suction vacuum.

What unique location did Elon Musk use for a Tesla event?

Car factory

SpaceX facility


Art gallery

Elon Musk famously hosted a Tesla event at the Tesla factory, where they revealed new models and features directly where they were manufactured, emphasizing the integration of innovation and production.

What was peculiar about the first Amazon server?

Used microwaves for parts

Ran on solar power

Was in a bathroom

Housed in a closet

Amazon’s first servers were so overheated that they were initially kept in a converted bathroom to utilize the ventilation facilities available there.

What did the Sony Walkman replace initially?

Portable radios

CD players

Record players

8-track tapes

The Sony Walkman was introduced as a replacement for portable radios, offering personal listening without the need for radio signals and large devices.

How was the BlackBerry name chosen?

Random generator

Focus groups

Berry farms

Color preference

The name BlackBerry was chosen by marketing company Lexicon Branding; the keys on the device resembled the drupelets of a blackberry fruit, which inspired the unique and memorable name.

What inspired the initial concept of the Kindle?

Online fan fiction

Library archives

Paper books

Personal diaries

The Kindle was inspired by the vision of it being an electronic book, replacing the traditional paper books and making a whole library portable and accessible.

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