Even a True Simpsons Fan Can’t Get Over 70% on This Quiz. Dare to Take The Challenge?

How well do you know The Simpsons? Here are some fun trivia questions that only true Simpsons fans will be able to answer.

In the episode “Guess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner,” what is the name of the newspaper for which Homer becomes a caustic food critic?

Springfield Shopper

Springfield Gazette

Springfield Daily News

The Springfield Times

Springfield Shopper
After the Springfield Shopper organizes a trip to the zoo, Homer chaperones the excursion, in classic Homer form, he falls sideways into this job. When Homer follows the scent of cake to the newspaper’s food critic’s retirement party, he devours the food, garnering the editor’s attention.

In the episode “The Dad Who Knew Too Little,” Homer offers Dexter Colt his email address. What is the email address for this?

Matt Selman, the episode’s writer, claims that he registered Homer’s email address before the show aired, believing it would be entertaining to react to letters sent to him. His inbox immediately hit its limit of 999 emails after it aired. The majority of the messages, according to Selman, were straightforward, such as “Who is this?” or “Are you Matt Groening?”

Kang and Kodos, two aliens that initially debuted in the first “Treehouse of Horror” episode in 1990, are recurrent characters in the series. What planet do they belong to?

Rigel VII

Pantomina 23

Filbur IX

Kazak III

Rigel VII
Kang and Kodos, who resemble enormous octopuses, speak a language known as “Rigellian,” which sounds a lot like English but with louder voices. They are primarily hostile to humans and seek to destroy us. They’ve appeared in every “Treehouse of Horror” episode since their debut appearance.

Matt Groening, the show’s creator, explains how he came up with the name Homer for the main character.

He’s a baseball fan

From a fellow writer

It’s a play on his being a “homebody”

From his dad

From his dad
Yes, Matt Groening’s father’s name was Homer, and he worked in the entertainment industry as well. He was a Canadian-American film director and cartoonist who worked in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s on a range of low-budget films and cartoons. Of course, his career was nothing compared to that of his son, Matt.

What physical feature separates Milhouse from Bart, Lisa, and Homer among Springfield residents?

He’s doesn’t have pupils in his eyes

He has six fingers

He has eyebrows

He wears shoes

He has eyebrows
The majority of Springfield citizens are seen without brows. Milhouse, like his father, Kirk, has two bushy blue brows. Gerald Samson, often known as “Baby Gerald” or “The Monobrow,” is one of Springfield’s most renowned browed citizens. In various episodes, he is Maggie’s arch-enemy.

In the episode “Bart’s Comet,” when a large weather balloon makes him appear like he’s leaning over with a gigantic butt poking out of his trousers, who is the target of one of Bart’s pranks?

Chief Wiggum

Seymour Skinner

Moe Szyslak


Seymour Skinner
The school owned the weather balloon, which Bart dubbed “Buttzilla.” It was released during Science Week. Bart sabotages the launch by pulling a rope that causes folds to appear, giving the impression that Principal Skinner is bending down with a gigantic butt hanging out of his pants. “Hi! I’m Big Butt Skinner,” he says on his placard.

Bart regrets selling what to Milhouse for only $5 in a 1995 episode of The Simpsons from the seventh season?

His soul

The family dog

His shorts

His skateboard

His soul
Bart regrets selling his soul to Milhouse as strange things happen to him, such as automatic doors not opening for him and losing his ability to laugh at Itchy and Scratchy. Desperate to get his soul back, he pays Milhouse $50, but he’s already traded it to Comic Book Guy. Bart eventually receives it back.

Bart is liberated and moved into a town flat in the episode “Barting Over.” Who is the athlete who lives above him?

Tom Brady

Tony Hawk

Benedict Cumberbatch

Johnny Depp

Tony Hawk
This episode is remarkable for being the series’ 300th episode. In this episode, Bart learns that Homer used him as a baby by placing him in a mouthwash ad and then stole the money. Bart becomes free and encounters Tony Hawk when he becomes agitated.

Bart gets a false driver’s license and accompanies his buddies to which city in the classic episode “Bart on the Road”?

New York City

Los Angeles


New Jersey

In this episode, Bart is lured to Knoxville by the World’s Fair, which he has no idea took place 14 years ago. When the automobile breaks down and the boys are stranded, Homer buys nuclear plant components from Tennessee, and the boys hide away in the delivery container.

Homer falls blind after staying up all night eating 64 what, prompting an increase in food-eating contests among viewers?

Slices of bacon

Slices of American cheese


Candy bars

Slices of American cheese
Although the sequence in which Homer consumes 64 slices of American cheese from the episode “Rosebud” has little to do with the broader narrative, The Simpsons animator David Silverman and creator Matt Groening have described it as “one of the funniest segments ever done.”

In a famous episode, Homer discovers a lobster at the grocery store and decides to bring it home to fatten it up for eating. What is the lobster’s name?





Of course, Homer becomes emotionally attached to the lobster and is unable to eat him, despite Marge’s wishes. Homer begins to think of his “little fellow” as a cute, harmless creature, whilst Marge sees him as a typical lobster. When Homer is only trying to keep him clean, he accidently cooks him in the bathtub.

Springfield Elementary School appears frequently on The Simpsons. Which of the characters does not work at this elementary school?

Elizabeth Hoover

Herbert Powell

Goundskeeper Willy

Edna Krabappel

Herbert Powell
Bart’s fourth-grade teacher at Springfield Elementary is Ms. Krabappel. She marries Ned Flanders, the widower of Maude Flanders, in season 23 and helps raise Rod and Todd Flanders. Lisa’s second-grade teacher is Mrs. Hoover, and the P.E. coach is Coach Krupt. teacher. Homer’s long-lost elder paternal half-brother is Herbert Powell.

What is the name of the lovely country singer who sings “Bagged Me a Homer” after Homer becomes her manager in episode 55 of the show?





Homer discovers the singer at a small pub in the episode titled “Colonel Homer” (the moniker he adopts after becoming Lurleen’s manager). Homer is tempted to cheat on Marge in this episode, as Lurleen is looking for more than his management skills. Homer, on the other hand, chooses to stick by Marge and rejects Lurleen’s attempts.

What does Homer mean when he says “Is there anything they can’t accomplish” at the end of the legendary “Marge vs. the Monorail” episode?


Beer cans



The enormous gigantic donut resting above the Lard Lad doughnut store eventually stops the train at the end of the episode, as the town’s new malfunctioning monorail is going out of control. “Donuts, is there anything they can’t do?” Homer asks as he stands in front of the massive sculpture.

What is the name of the bowling team in which Homer, Moe, Apu, and Otto are members, subsequently joined by Mr. Burns and others?

Gutter Ball Boys

Pin Pals

The Alley Bowlers

Team Homer

Pin Pals
The faces of Moe, Homer, Mr. Burns, and Apu are overlaid on the tops of four bowling pins in this iconic Pin Pals bowling tee. Mr. Burns was eventually replaced by Dan Gillick, while Dan and Apu were replaced by Barney Gumble, Lenny Leonard, and Carl Carlson, respectively.

In the episode “Bart’s Girlfriend,” what is the first name of Reverend Lovejoy’s rebellious daughter, who becomes Bart’s first girlfriend?





“Bart’s romance on Reverend Lovejoy’s daughter is short-lived as she takes the church charity money and he is blamed for the robbery,” according to the Simpsons Wiki entry.

Who makes a cameo appearance in the classic Simpsons episode “Marge vs. The Monorail” to celebrate the introduction of the town’s new mode of transportation?

Leonard Nimoy

Elon Musk

Albert Einstein

Bill Gates

Leonard Nimoy
This episode of the series was ranked the 4th best of all-time in a 2003 article in Entertainment Weekly. In the episode, the city of Springfield gets $3 million from Mr. Burns after he’s fined for illegal dumping of nuclear waste. The town decides to buy a monorail from a smooth talker named Lyle Lanley, played by Phil Hartman. Of course, the monorail is poorly made and ends up crashing.

Homer and Marge married when Marge became pregnant, according to a season 3 episode titled “I Married Marge.” What was the name of the chapel where they married?

The Hitching Post

Marital Madness

Shotgun Pete’s

Church Below The Mountains

Shotgun Pete’s
In the episode “I Married Marge,” it is revealed that Homer and Marge married at Shotgun Pete’s, a wedding chapel just over the state line. Shotgun Pete’s gift to the happy couple is $10 worth of casino chips, indicating that there is a casino nearby.

Homer’s mother, played by Glenn Close in certain episodes, visits on occasion and is revealed to be a political activist. What is her name?





Mona Penelope Simpson initially appeared in the 1991 episode “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” as Homer’s father Abe’s separated wife. Homer assumed his mother was dead, which was a lie his father told him, according to the episode “Mother Simpson.” In reality, she was on the run from the authorities after destroying Mr. Burns’ biological weapons lab in a political act of defiance.

To avoid the townspeople laughing at him, Homer changes his name to something he read on a household appliance in one episode. What name does he change to?

Max Power

Coach Potato

Spin Cycle

Rinse Thoroughly

Max Power
Homer discovers a guy on a TV show with his exact name – a suave, calm detective – in the episode “Homer to The Max.” When the character’s name is changed to a dumb redneck yokel by the producers, Homer is motivated to alter his name to avoid similarities. He also wants Marge to charge Chesty La Rue with her name.

In the episode “Brother’s Little Helper,” what is the name of the bogus medicine that Bart is given to help him with his schoolwork?





After flooding the school’s gym, Bart is diagnosed with ADHD and given the Ritalin-like medication. Initially given to him to help him concentrate on his schoolwork, it begins to make him crazy, leading to the suspicion that Major League Baseball is keeping an eye on the community. Cardinals icon Mark McGwire appears in the episode as himself.

When Bart appears on The Krusty the Clown Show in the episode “Bart Becomes Famous,” what is his catchphrase?

“I didn’t do it”

“Eat my shorts”

“Wasn’t me”

“Looking for this?”

“I didn’t do it”
In “Bart Becomes Famous,” which aired in the fifth season of the show, Bart gets a job as Krusty the Clown’s PA, where he substitutes Sideshow Mel in one of the skits and, true to style, smashes the stage props. “I didn’t do it,” he says immediately, and it becomes his catchphrase, making him famous.

Which of the following frequent Simpsons characters has the last name “Mann” and wears a light pink short-sleeved shirt and purple shorts?

Dr. Nick




Otto Mann, the bus driver, wears the same clothing in every episode and is well-known for his drug misuse issues, having once declared at an AA meeting, “My name is Otto, and I love to get blotto!”

Homer has a sibling, who is the result of his father’s affair, as revealed in the episode “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” What is the name of  Homer’s brother?

Herb Powell

Stan Simpsons

Drederick Tatum

Gil Sunderson

Herb Powell
Herb, unlike Homer, was a successful businessman who made his wealth with Powell Motors, a car firm. After meeting his long-lost half-brother Homer and launching a dreadful $82,000 automobile in his honor, he lost all of his money. The vehicle was dubbed the “blunder of the century.” Herb eventually recovered by creating a baby speak translator.

Bart has an evil twin brother who lives in the attic of the home, as revealed in one of the best “Treehouse of Horror” episodes. What is the name of his twin?





In “Treehouse of Horror VII,” Bart, Lisa, and Maggie discover Hugo living in the attic after hearing mysterious noises. Hugo informs them he’s been made a “Pigeon-Rat” in preparation for being reunited with Bart. As the tale develops, the family finds that Bart is the evil twin, and he is sent to the attic to be fed fish heads.

Shelbyville is Springfield’s rival town, constantly attempting to outdo the Simpsons’ hometown in every way. What is Shelbyville’s main bar’s name?

Joe’s Tavern

Poe’s Bar and Grill

Moes Bar

Shelbyville Tavern

Joe’s Tavern
Joe’s Tavern in Shelbyville is owned by the Shelbyville counterpart of Moe, and it’s only one of many similarities between the two cities. Shelbyville Manhattan created the town, which was probably originally called as Morganville, in 1796 on the premise that cousins should be permitted to marry.

What secret club did Homer join, almost wreck by accidently burning The Sacred Parchment, since his father Abe was a member?





Mr. Burns, Mayor Quimby, Kent Brockman, and other famous Springfield residents are among the Stonecutters’ secret organization’s members. “Reserved roads, better parking places, magnificent chairs, complimentary soft drinks, and rapid house repairs” are among the benefits of membership. The “actual emergency services number is 912,” they are also told. Homer, of course, does not belong until he does! Homer carries the mark of the foretold “Chosen One,” as Number One notes. He takes over as their new leader.

Over the course of the show’s many seasons, several guest stars and characters have appeared. What recurrent character did Phil Hartman play before he died?

Frank Grimes

Troy McClure

Otto Mann

Fat Tony

Troy McClure
Troy McClure is one of Phil Hartman’s most remembered characters, despite being animated. He made his debut appearance in the season 2 episode “Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment.” The character is portrayed as a corny actor who frequently appears in infomercials, educational videos, and low-budget films.

On the iconic t-shirt referred to in a 2019 Mental Floss article titled “The Great Bart Simpson T-Shirt School Ban of 1990,” what follows after “I’m Bart Simpson”?

Kiss my butt

Eat My Shorts

Who the hell are you?

Bigger than Homer

Who the hell are you?
“I’m Bart Simpson, Who The Hell Are You?” read the popular t-shirt that appeared soon after The Simpsons premiered, according to the article. “School district administrators in Florida, California, Michigan, Illinois, and Washington, D.C. were cracking down on the surge in Bart shirts, fearing his status as a miscreant would be the wrong kind of role model for kids to emulate.”

Homer’s middle initial is “J,” as in Homer J. Simpson, as we’ve heard many times. But what does “J” stand for?





It’s up to The Simpsons writers to make the J. stand for just Jay, or perhaps his parents, Mona and Abraham “Grampa” Simpson, are to blame. Homer has had over 188 different jobs in the first 400 episodes of the show, in case you’re feeling terrible about how many jobs you’ve had.

Supervillain Hank Scorpio hires Homer to work at what high-tech firm in the tranquil village of Cypress Creek during the episode “You Only Move Twice”?





While Hank Scorpio is a supervillain set on conquering the East Coast who finally destroys the Queensboro Bridge with a massive satellite laser weapon, he meets an ideal boss who provides Globex employees with a lovely existence in Cypress Creek. His staff receive free health and dental treatment, as well as “regularly-scheduled fun runs,” as he puts it.

In a famous episode of The Simpsons, Homer voices a new character in “The Itchy and Scratchy Show.” This is a “cartoon dog with an attitude.”





Poochie is voiced by Homer and presented to the audience with a thud in the episode fittingly titled “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show,” with extremely terrible taglines like “Catch ya on the other side, dudemeisters!” NOT! ” or “Recycle always… TO THE MAXIMUM! BUSTED! Poochie featured in a few more episodes, mostly being criticized for his lameness.

Homer forbids Bart from watching this film in a Season 4 episode because he fails to babysit Maggie?

The Krusty the Clown Movie

Family Guy Movie

Itchy & Scratchy Movie

Radioactive Man

Itchy & Scratchy Movie
In this episode, Bart is left to babysit Maggie, but he utterly neglects her due to his obsession with the Itchy and Scratchy television series. Maggie then drives Homer’s vehicle into Springfield Prison and crashes it. Homer is enraged, and he punishes Bart by forbidding him from ever viewing the Itchy and Scratchy Movie again. After 40 years, Bart finally sees the movie.

Homer begins a snow removal firm in the fourth season of the show, and has coats produced with the company’s name on them. What is the name of his business?

Mr. Plow


Plow King

Plow Maestro

Mr. Plow
Homer’s Mr. Plow business had its own catchy jingle with typically simplistic lyrics, reminiscent of the classic Roto-Rooter commercials: “Call Mr. Plow, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Plow!” You get extra points (at least in your own mind) if you also remember that the phone number for Mr. Plow was KL5-3226.

Homer transforms into a 3D CGI version of himself and finds up in the “actual world” in a weird scene from “Treehouse of Horror VI.” What strange store does he enter?

Comic book shop

Erotic cake store

Convenience Store


Erotic cake store
In this episode, after entering the real world, Homer is apprehensive and whimpers in dread before entering the sexy cake store. Although there is no true “Erotic Cakes” business in Los Angeles, the front of the store utilized is a real location on Ventura Boulevard named Rose Photography.

Seymour Skinner confesses he’s an impostor in the episode “The Principal and the Pauper,” and his real name is what?

Kearney Zzyzwicz

Vladimir Putin

Armin Tamzarian

Uten Katen

Armin Tamzarian
Principal Skinner discloses that his true name is Armin Tamzarian, that he grew up in Springfield and met the real Seymour Skinner in the Army, and that he believed Seymour perished in Vietnam in the episode. This episode sparked outrage among Seymour Skinner fans, who were angry that the authors sent his character down this path.

What color is Homer’s flowing muumuu after he permits his weight to balloon to 300 pounds so he may claim disability payments in “King-Size Homer”?

Black with orange flowers

Orange with green flowers

Blue with pink flowers

Blue with pink flowers

Blue with pink flowers
Homer wears a bright blue muumuu with pink flowers, which is funny. Homer also wears a white hat and a black cape, which adds to the absurdity of the ensemble. Lisa Simpson is scared that she may become an obese hillbilly married to Ralph Wiggum in this episode. She’s shown wearing the muumuu in that nightmarish scenario.

Who has given Bart’s voice since his debut appearance in the Tracey Ullman Show short “Good Night” in 1987?

Nancy Cartwright

Yeardley Smith

Dan Castellanata

Mila Kunis

Nancy Cartwright
Nancy Cartwright has performed Bart’s voice for almost 30 years and also does the voices of Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, and Todd Flanders. Her autobiography, My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy, was published in 2000, and she later transformed it as a one-woman show.

What is the character Dr. Nick known for saying when he enters a room? He is renowned for being a bad doctor, with the tagline “If I kill you, you don’t pay.”

“Hey guys!”

“Hi everybody!”


“Hello you sick people!”

“Hi everybody!”
Dr. Nick’s catchphrase, “Hi everybody!” is generally met with a response of “Hi, Dr. Nick!”.

The Simpsons’ wacky theme song is one of the most famous theme songs of all time. Who wrote this unforgettable melody?

Elton Jhon

Danny Elfman

Randy Orton

John Williams

Danny Elfman
Danny Elfman created “The Simpsons Theme” in 1989, which is referred to as “The Simpsons Main Title Theme” on album releases. The theme has won several awards, including the National Music Award in 2002 for “Favorite TV Theme” and the BMI TV Music Award in 1996, 1998, and 2003. In 1990, it garnered one Emmy nomination.

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