Explore Traditional Arctic Games: Can You Score High on This Quiz?

What is the traditional Inuit game of ‘Knuckle Hop’ also known as?

Arm Pull

Seal Hop

Finger Pull

Leg Wrestling

The ‘Knuckle Hop’ is also known as the ‘Seal Hop.’ It is a strength and endurance game where participants mimic the movement of a seal, using their knuckles and toes while keeping their body off the ground.

Which game involves kicking a ball suspended in the air?

High Kick

Blanket Toss

One Foot High Kick

Two Foot High Kick

The ‘One Foot High Kick’ is a game where a ball is suspended in the air, and players must kick it with one foot and then land on the same foot.

What is the objective in the game of ‘Ayuq’?

Pull the opponent across a line

Throw a spear the farthest

Maintain balance on a floating log

Toss objects into a distant container

‘Ayuq’ is a traditional wrestling game where two opponents try to pull each other across a line, similar to tug-of-war but on a one-on-one basis.

Which game tests the ability to endure pain?

Ear Pull

Nose Pull

Finger Pull

Head Pull

The ‘Ear Pull’ is a game where two competitors loop a string around their ears and pull back until one gives up. It tests pain endurance and resistance.

In the ‘Blanket Toss,’ what traditionally acts as the trampoline?

Woven ropes

Seal skins

Elastic bands

Bear hides

The ‘Blanket Toss’ uses walrus or seal skins that are held and stretched by multiple people, acting as a trampoline to toss a person high into the air.

What skill does the ‘Two Foot High Kick’ primarily test?





The ‘Two Foot High Kick’ primarily tests agility. The player must kick a suspended ball with both feet simultaneously and land on both feet.

Which game is played with a dart and a rope?

Dart Throw

Rope Swing

Ring Toss

Rope and Pin

‘Rope and Pin’ is a traditional game where a dart attached to a rope is swung to land in or strike a target, testing precision and control.

Which game mimics hunting and involves a spear?

Spear Toss

Harpoon Throw

Ice Fishing

Target Spear

The ‘Harpoon Throw’ mimics traditional hunting methods, where players throw a spear (simulating a harpoon) at a target to simulate hunting accuracy and skill.

What does the game ‘Iqiruktuk’ involve?

Jumping over objects

Throwing small stones

Memorizing sequences

Running on ice

‘Iqiruktuk’ is a game that involves memorizing sequences of actions or positions, enhancing memory skills, often reflective of traditional planning needed in traditional lifestyles.

Which traditional game is similar to wrestling?


Arm Pull

Leg Wrestling

Finger Wrestling

‘Leg Wrestling’ is a game where two competitors lie down and try to flip each other using their legs. It is similar to the common concept of wrestling but focuses on leg strength and technique.

What does the Inuit game ‘Nalukataq’ celebrate?

Whaling success

First snow

Midnight sun

Ice melting

‘Nalukataq’ is a festival and game that celebrates successful whaling, involving the blanket toss as part of the festivities to share joy and distribute the harvest.

What traditional Arctic game involves a large swing?

Giant Swing

Pole Climb

Ice Slide

Skin Swing

The ‘Skin Swing’ is a game where participants swing in a large loop made from walrus or seal skins, testing balance and coordination.

What is used as a target in the ‘Atlatl Dart’ game?

Moving targets

Ice blocks

Animal figures

Wooden stakes

In the ‘Atlatl Dart’ game, participants throw darts using a throwing board at targets, often shaped like animals to mimic hunting scenarios.

Which game improves hand-eye coordination using a small ball?





‘Aqiluqqaq’ is a traditional game where players toss a small ball up and catch it in a handheld basket, enhancing hand-eye coordination.

What traditional game is a form of Arctic tag?

Tuktu Tag

Kunuk Tag

Nanuq Tag

Qimmiq Tag

‘Nanuq Tag’ is an Arctic version of tag where ‘Nanuq’ (the polar bear) chases other players, testing agility and speed.

Which game tests a player’s ability to jump long distances?

Long Jump

Seal Bound

Ice Leap

Arctic Hop

Long Jump is practiced in traditional Arctic communities, where players compete to see who can jump the farthest on flat ground or ice.

What does the ‘Uqausik’ game involve?

Singing competition


Naming objects

Rhyming words

‘Uqausik’ is a traditional game involving storytelling, where participants tell a story to pass knowledge, entertain, or challenge others in narrative skills.

Which Arctic game is played with bones as game pieces?

Bone Guess


Bone Toss

Ivory Play

‘Nunaqpa’ is a game where participants use animal bones as game pieces in a strategic game similar to checkers, focusing on predicting the opponent’s moves.

What is a traditional form of competitive arm wrestling in the Arctic?

Knuckle Wrestle

Wrist Twist

Elbow Bend

Arm Push

‘Knuckle Wrestle’ involves competitors interlocking their fingers and trying to force the other’s hand down, testing strength and technique.

Which game tests the ability to balance while moving?

Ice Balancing

Skin Shuffle

Seal Slide

Snow Stomp

‘Ice Balancing’ is a game where individuals must maintain balance while walking or running on slippery ice, emphasizing agility and balance skills.

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