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Gaining 100% On This Question Will Show That You Aren’t All About Just Eating Foods

We all require food. So, knowing exactly what to eat for a healthy body is always a good idea. Proper nutrition is essential for a child's healthy growth and development as well as for maintaining our health as we age. See how much you understand about nutrition by taking this quiz!

Which statement best describes eating a diet high in whole grains?

increased risk of iron deficiency

increased risk of tooth decay

increased risk of type 2 diabetes

reduced risk of obesity

reduced risk of obesity
Foods made from whole grains are high in phytochemicals, some vitamins, and minerals. Many of these healthy compounds are absent from refined grains.

 Ideally, the food or liquids you ingest will pass from your mouth to your pharynx and then to your:





Food and liquids enter the esophagus through the epiglottis rather than the trachea. Food and liquid go from the esophagus to the stomach.

The production of nitrosamines in the stomach is decreased by vitamin C. Describe nitrosamines.

Carcinogens (a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue)

Inhibitors of calcium absorption

Blood cells

Fruits and vegetables

Carcinogens (a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue)
In the intestines, preservatives like nitrates, which are present in processed meats, cause the production of nitrosamines.

The advantages of moderate alcohol usage in those 35 years and older include:

decreased risk of ischemic strokes (clot)

increased risk of breast cancer

decreased risk of hemmorhagic (bleeding) stroke

decreased risk of liver failure

decreased risk of ischemic strokes (clot)
Blood coagulation is prevented by alcoholic drinks. Does this imply that if you drink alcohol and suffer from a slight wound, you will bleed to death? No.

Sulfur-containing organic molecules, or organosulfur compounds, have antioxidant, anticancer, and antibacterial properties. Which of the following groups of chemicals has the most organosulfur compounds?





Onions, scallions, and less pungent vegetables like kale and cabbage are also foods high in organosulfur compounds.

Which of the following foods should you eat to get your omega-3s?





Salmon is a mercury-free, omega-3-rich food.

According to the MyPlate guidelines, the dairy group is designed to provide _____ in the diet.


Vitamin C


Vitamin B12

As an illustration, vitamin D is added to milk to help the calcium in it be absorbed.

GERD is the result of _____.

relaxation of the sphincter

the reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus

an esophagus infection

tension of the pyloric sphincter

the reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus
Gastroesophageal reflux disease is known as GERD

When consumed from foods, beta-carotene is a(n) _____

free radical



dangerous to the human body

Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A and an antioxidant. However, watch out with supplements since beta-carotene acts as a prooxidant at large dosages.

Death from starvation is often the result of _____

reproductive failure

brain failure

heart failure

lung failure

heart failure
The body will digest protein for energy when it is famished. The heart eventually loses its ability to adequately pump blood when the heart muscle is eventually broken down.

What is one of the primary functions of the colon?

the secretion of amino acids

The absorption of carbohydrates

The absorption of water

The secretion of fats

The absorption of water
While the small intestine absorbs the bulk of water, the colon also absorbs water, which serves to harden feces and facilitate discharge.

The vast majority of absorption occurs in the _____




small intestine

small intestine
The small intestine is where 90% to 95% of all digestion and absorption takes place.

a vegan diet

a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet

a diet that emphasizes red meat

a Mediterranean diet

a diet that emphasizes red meat
With nutrition, microbiome communities can change. An unhealthy microbiota is favored by a diet that prioritizes red meat.

As a general statement, sleeping less than 6 hours a night is associated with a(n) _____.

increased life span

strengthened immune system

increased risk of obesity

decreased risk of type 2 diabetes

increased risk of obesity
Is obesity a result of inadequate sleep, or is it a cause of inadequate sleep? Long stretches of sleep are linked to a higher risk of becoming obese.

Of the following, which one is high in vitamin E?





However, exercise caution because nuts contain a lot of energy; you don’t want to consume too many calories.

Absorption of dietary calcium is aided by _____


vitamin D


vitamin E

vitamin D
The promotion of calcium and phosphorus absorption is one of vitamin D’s functions in maintaining health.

Which of the following statements is true regarding weight loss?

The risk of dying increases

Type 2 diabetes risk increases

Chronic inflammation risk decreases

Type 4 diabetes risk increases

Chronic inflammation risk decreases
The release of molecules that cause inflammation and obesity are related. The confidentiality of these chemicals declines with weight reduction

Describe peristalsis.

The mixing and breaking apart of a mass of food as occurs in the small intestine

The series of muscular contractions that begins in the esophagus and moves the contents of the digestive tract towards the rectum

The detoxification of drugs as occurs in the liver

The mechanical breakdown of food as occurs in the mouth

The series of muscular contractions that begins in the esophagus and moves the contents of the digestive tract towards the rectum
Defecation is the final stage of peristalsis, which begins in the esophagus

Bile plays a role in the digestive systems processing of _____





By emulsifying fats, bile. Emulsification is the breaking up of large fat globules into smaller fat globules without digestion. The surface area available for the fats is increased by having more, smaller fat globules, which facilitates digestion. Additionally, bile is needed for the absorption of fat.

Current recommendations are for protein to make up _____ of an adult’s total energy intake

10% – 35%

65% -85%

45% – 65%

no more than 7%

10% – 35%
There is proof, nevertheless, that consuming more protein may not be detrimental and may even be advantageous.

Sorry. You know nothing about food.

Well done. You are on your way to 100%. Do you want to try again?

Congratulations! You know your food well.

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