Gone Without a Trace: Take the Challenge to Unravel History’s Most Mysterious Disappearances

What year did Amelia Earhart disappear?





Amelia Earhart, the famous aviator, disappeared in 1937 during an attempt to circumnavigate the globe.

Who was the union leader that vanished in 1975?

John L. Lewis

Jimmy Hoffa

George Meany

Cesar Chavez

Jimmy Hoffa, a well-known union leader, mysteriously disappeared in 1975 and was never found.

What is the name of the ship that vanished in the Bermuda Triangle in 1918?

USS Cyclops

HMS Bounty

SS Edmund Fitzgerald

USS Constitution

The USS Cyclops disappeared without a trace in 1918, contributing to the legends of the Bermuda Triangle.

Where was the last known location of the airplane carrying Glenn Miller in 1944?

Over the English Channel

Over the Pacific Ocean

Near Bermuda

Over the Alps

Glenn Miller’s aircraft was last reported over the English Channel in 1944 before it vanished.

What colony disappeared in the 16th century, leaving behind the word “Croatoan”?




New Amsterdam

The Roanoke Colony, established in the 16th century, mysteriously disappeared, leaving only the cryptic word “Croatoan.”

Who was the Australian Prime Minister that disappeared while swimming in 1967?

Robert Menzies

Harold Holt

John Gorton

William McMahon

Harold Holt, the Prime Minister of Australia, disappeared while swimming in 1967 and was presumed drowned.

Which famous writer vanished in 1926 and was found 11 days later?

Virginia Woolf

Agatha Christie

Ernest Hemingway

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Agatha Christie disappeared in 1926, sparking a massive search. She was found 11 days later, but the reasons for her disappearance remain unclear.

What was the fate of the MV Joyita, lost in 1955?

Sank in the Atlantic

Found adrift, no crew

Captured by pirates

Destroyed by a storm

The MV Joyita was found adrift in the Pacific in 1955 with no crew aboard, under mysterious circumstances.

Who disappeared while investigating corruption in Mexico in 2005?

Enrique Camarena

Alfredo Jimenez

Philip True

Mario Menendez

Alfredo Jimenez, a journalist, vanished in 2005 after delving into corruption in Mexico. His fate remains unknown.

What happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste found in 1872?

Rescued at sea

All found alive on board

Vessel found, but crew missing

Ship struck by lightning

The Mary Celeste was discovered in 1872 adrift and intact, but mysteriously without her crew.

What lighthouse crew disappeared in 1900, baffling investigators?

Eddystone Lighthouse

Flannan Isles Lighthouse

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Boston Light

The Flannan Isles Lighthouse crew, consisting of three men, vanished without a trace in December 1900, leaving behind a mystery that has never been solved.

Which aircraft was lost in 1951 near Alaska?

Flight 19

Star Dust

Korean Air Lines Flight 007

C-124 Globemaster II

A C-124 Globemaster II aircraft disappeared in 1951 with 52 people aboard while flying from Alaska to Montana. Despite extensive searches, no trace was found.

What freighter vanished in the Great Lakes in 1965?

Edmund Fitzgerald

SS Cedarville

SS Daniel J. Morrell

SS Carl D. Bradley

The SS Daniel J. Morrell split in half during a storm on Lake Huron in 1965, leading to the disappearance and death of all but one of its 29 crew members.

Who vanished while crossing the Pacific in a balloon in 1978?

Steve Fossett

Amelia Earhart

Double Eagle V

Larry Newman

The Double Eagle V was attempting a trans-Pacific balloon flight in 1978 when it disappeared. It was later found, but the experience highlighted the perils of such ventures.

What explorer vanished while searching for the Northwest Passage?

John Cabot

Sir John Franklin

Henry Hudson

Roald Amundsen

Sir John Franklin disappeared in 1845 while leading an expedition to chart and navigate the Northwest Passage, leaving a mystery that prompted numerous rescue missions.

Which revolutionary artist went missing in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War?

Pablo Picasso

Federico García Lorca

Diego Rivera

Joan Miró

Federico García Lorca, a significant Spanish poet and playwright, was executed by Nationalist forces in 1937, but his body has never been recovered.

Which famous band leader vanished during a World War II tour in 1944?

Benny Goodman

Glenn Miller

Tommy Dorsey

Duke Ellington

Glenn Miller, an influential big band leader, disappeared over the English Channel in 1944 while flying to entertain U.S. troops in France.

What investigative journalist was abducted in 2007 and never found?

Anna Politkovskaya

Daniel Pearl

Jamal Khashoggi

Brad Will

Daniel Pearl was abducted and later murdered in Pakistan in 2002 while investigating terrorism. His tragic fate brought attention to the dangers faced by journalists.

Which heiress was kidnapped in 1974 and later joined her captors?

Patty Hearst

Anne Cox Chambers

Abigail Folger

Doris Duke

Patty Hearst, an American heiress, was kidnapped in 1974 by the Symbionese Liberation Army. She later claimed to have joined her captors under duress.

What ancient army was lost in the sands in 525 BC?

Roman Legion

Persian Immortals

Spartan Brigade

Cambyses’ Army

The army of the Persian King Cambyses II supposedly vanished in a sandstorm in 525 BC while attempting to conquer the Oracle of Amun in Egypt. The event remains enveloped in legend and mystery.

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