How Long Can You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

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The last year and a half have been difficult, but we’re here to remind you that not every apocalypse involves months of Netflix and takeout in your pajamas. It is always possible that things could be worse. Much worse. Worse, hordes of flesh-eating corpses. Would you be able to survive if the dead rose up and took over the world? The only way to find out is for you to take this quiz!

Who are the best people to team up with during a zombie apocalypse?

Strong, smart, and courageous people to help you get things done

Slow but cheerful people to keep your spirits up and act as human shields

Friendly and silly people to keep you amused

Cranky and whiny people to keep it real

Strong, smart, and courageous people to help you get things done
The best companions are sharp and ready for anything, willing to move quickly and think quickly in order to solve problems and deal with all situations in the best way possible. One bright spot is that someone who moves slowly may be overtaken by zombies first, giving you valuable time to flee.

What are the best supplies to have on hand during a zombie apocalypse?

Tons of energy drinks

Bottled water and canned food

Lots of chocolate

Fresh milk and vegetables

Bottled water and canned food
You need water because you can only survive for three days without it. Even if they are canned, your body will require nutrients from vegetables and fruits for long-term survival and energy.

What should you do if someone in your group wants to split up and go off on their own?

Decide you want to venture out alone as well.

Shoot the dissenter.

Keep as many people as you can together and carry on with your survival plan.

Tell the entire group to disperse.

Keep as many people as you can together and carry on with your survival plan.
In a zombie apocalypse, the more like-minded survivors there are, the more likely everyone will survive, though a determined individual can go it alone and survive if there is no other option.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is a mental challenge as well. What is the best way to get through tense, fear-filled days and nights?

Play card games with friends.

Fall in love with another survivor.

Drink lots of alcohol.

Focus on something you want to live for.

Focus on something you want to live for.
You need something to focus on that makes life worthwhile. This could mean finding other survivors, figuring out how to heal the cause of zombification, or finding a safe place to live. Whatever the case may be, you require a vision of hope to keep going.

What should you do first when you arrive at a stronghold to establish a base?

Go back out to search for even more ammunition and supplies.

Look for a television and relax.

Fortify and block all possible entrances, such as doors and windows, then move to the highest floor.

Stand outside and shoot zombies.

Fortify and block all possible entrances, such as doors and windows, then move to the highest floor.
This is not the time to relax your guard. Make certain that zombies can’t get in. Because zombies are not good climbers, move to the highest point possible.

Zombies have infiltrated your stronghold. You are fighting valiantly, but the majority of the group is gone. What should you do?

Become resigned that you have lost to the zombies and turn yourself over to them.

Keep fighting to the death.

Run into the zombie swarm with a grenade, killing yourself so the other survivors can escape.

Escape with the remaining survivors and run for higher ground.

Escape with the remaining survivors and run for higher ground.
If your base has been overrun by zombies, your best option for survival is to flee the building. When it comes to fast zombies, you can’t outrun them. If they are distracted by looking for you in the building, you will have a few moments to flee.

What level of fitness is required to flee hordes of walking corpses?

Exercising several times per week, preferably with cardio and strength training

Occasionally running from the police

Working out really hard every May before beach season starts

Couch potato

Exercising several times per week, preferably with cardio and strength training
You might need to outrun zombies. The first rule of survival in the event of a zombie outbreak is to avoid them. If you are out of shape, start getting regular cardio workouts and strength training.

Is it necessary to have survival skills in order to stay alive and escape the zombies?

Yes. It’s a zombie apocalypse, not a zombie Target run.

Do zombie video games count?

Kind of. Probably. Maybe?

No. This isn’t an episode of “Survivor.”

Yes. It’s a zombie apocalypse, not a zombie Target run.
Knowing survival skills and being willing to get your hands dirty will save your life and the lives of others during a zombie outbreak.

Is firearms training useful in the event of an apocalypse?

Not if you have a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Yes. You may have to fend off zombies and human attackers.

Yes. Most disagreements over resources will be solved by dueling.

Firearm? What is a firearm?

Yes. You may have to fend off zombies and human attackers.
Another rule to surviving a zombie apocalypse is being able to effectively eliminate them with weapons. Guns and rifles are extremely useful, and if you are skilled enough to behead them with a sword in one stroke, you will have a better chance of survival.

In the face of a zombocalypse, should you trust the government and military forces to protect you?

This is survival of the fittest, so kill everyone who comes within 10 feet.

Yes. The government will save us all.

Trust yourself and other like-minded survivors first.

Let the military forces have their way because they have lots of deadly weapons.

Trust yourself and other like-minded survivors first.
You have no idea what secret plans the government may have implemented. Civilians were possibly deemed unnecessary. Remember the soldiers in the film “28 Days Later?”

What is the Rule of Three for Survival?

Sugar keeps you going, so eat candy three times per day.

Make sure you always have chocolate, energy drinks, and a way to start a fire.

Sugar keeps you going, so eat candy three times per day.

You cannot survive longer than three weeks with no food, three days with no water, or three hours with no shelter.

You cannot survive longer than three weeks with no food, three days with no water, or three hours with no shelter.
The Rule of Three assists you in prioritizing your needs in order to increase your chances of survival. Many people believe that help is just “over there” in the event of a natural disaster. They are frequently incorrect, so you must rely on yourself first for survival.

What should you do if you hear reports of walking corpses devouring people in your neighborhood?

Ignore the reports. How silly! Remember Orson Welles and “War of the Worlds?”

Barricade your location.

Spring into instant preparation mode by gathering weapons, finding friends, and setting up defenses.

Lay hold of a firearm and prepare to start shooting.

Spring into instant preparation mode by gathering weapons, finding friends, and setting up defenses.
Early preparation is critical for survival in the event of a widespread, life-threatening disaster. As soon as you know zombies are coming, it’s important to get your family and friends together, build barricades around your immediate area, and get a stash of weapons ready to use.

Because of extensive brain damage, many of a zombie’s senses are impaired. How can the fact that zombies don’t have a sense of smell help you get away from them?

A dislike of rock music

Poor eyesight

Susceptibility to temperature extremes

Tendency to get sunburn

Poor eyesight
Scientists say that zombies can only see straight ahead and can only focus on one thing at a time.

Which of the following individuals would be most useful to your zombie-fighting survival team?

A nurse

A teacher

A dancer

An architect

A nurse
The more first aid training you have, the better for you and those around you. When zombies attack, injuries can be disastrous. Cuts can attract them to you, whereas sprains make it more difficult to fight and avoid them.

What should you do if you come across a group of people fighting off zombies while traveling?

You kill the zombies but leave the people behind.

You stop, kill the zombies, and bring the people with you.

You ignore them and drive on.

You kill both the people and the zombies.

You stop, kill the zombies, and bring the people with you.
In a crisis, mental toughness is required, but it must be balanced with common sense and humanity. You must be able to kill the zombies, but you must also consider that by working together, you and the others have a better chance of survival. One would hope that you, too, want to see the others live.

Which of the following is the best weapon to use if you need to fight off a swarm of zombies?

A switchblade

A baseball bat or lead pipe

Brass knuckles

A machete

A machete
A machete is the best weapon for close combat. Another effective method of killing a reanimated corpse is to remove a zombie’s head.

You’re surrounded by zombies and lack a weapon. What should you do?

Hit them with your bare hands.

Begin reasoning with them.

Act like a zombie by staggering, moaning, and drooling.

Try to run.

Act like a zombie by staggering, moaning, and drooling.
Because zombies cannot recognize faces or emotions, imitating zombie behavior is a good way to buy yourself some time to flee.

What are the four states in which humans can exist during a zombocalypse?

Alone, with a few friends, part of a large group, leader of a group

Human, infected, zombie, or slain zombie

Sober, slightly tipsy, roaring drunk, unconscious

Unaware, uneasy, terrified, frozen with fear

Human, infected, zombie, or slain zombie
Scientists came up with these four possible states during a zombie apocalypse. They then made models to study possible outbreak scenarios.

What are the two types of zombies you must look out for?

Slow and fast

Zombie and half-zombie

Violent and nonaggressive

Hungry and satiated

Slow and fast
Scientists have classified zombies into two types: CDHD-1, which is slow and uncoordinated, and CDHD-2, which is fast. You will usually only have to deal with one type at a time.

How can you best protect your windows and doors from hordes of zombies once you’ve set up your stronghold?

Hope for the best. Zombies are not smart, after all.

Pile up lumber, heavy furniture, and large objects.

Make sure everything is tightly locked.

Push weak group members against doors and windows.

Pile up lumber, heavy furniture, and large objects.
Boards and heavy objects serve as effective barricades against zombies.

You failed obviously! 😞

By then, you’ve almost certainly been eaten by zombies.

Oh no, you almost had it!

Try your luck next time, we will see if you survive.

Excellent work. You are a survivor! 😉

You will undoubtedly survive a zombie apocalypse.

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