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Find out how many of these notable faces you can identify from various Time Magazine covers by taking this quiz. Do you have such a game?

Who was this contentious politician who appeared 43 times on the Time cover?

Richard Nixon

John Edwards

Anthony Weiner

G. Gordon Liddy

Richard Nixon
As the only president to have done so to date, Richard Milhous Nixon served as both the 36th vice president and the 37th president of the United States. His resignation came in response to the contentious activities at the Watergate Hotel. He also accomplished a lot of good during his career.

Who is this multi-talented, record-breaking performer who graced the cover of Time Magazine’s special anniversary issue in July 2009?

Cliff Burton

Michael Jackson

Ronnie Van Zant

Randy Rhoads

Michael Jackson
At the ripe old age of five, Michael Joseph Jackson began performing with the Jackson 5. He was referred to as a cutting-edge black crossover artist with his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon. Years after his passing in 2009, he is still one of the most contentious celebrities.

What was the name of the female singer, actress, and performer who appeared on the Time magazine cover for the March 17, 1975 issue?





As the female half of the duo Sonny and Cher, who sold 40 million copies of the song “I Got You Babe,” Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian) launched her career in 1965. In 1975, the couple got divorced. She continues to be a top-grossing performer in Las Vegas who consistently sells out venues.

What was the name of this genius with the crazy hair who appeared on at least five Time Magazine covers throughout his life?

Mark Twain

Giorgio Tsoukalos

Russel Brand

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
For his opinions on nuclear weapons, such as the atomic bomb, Albert Einstein was first featured on the Time magazine cover in 1946. As Time Magazine’s Person of the Century in December 1999. Physics, quantum theory, quantum mechanics, and the theory of relativity are just a few of Einstein’s contributions to science.

Who was the former actor whose image graced Time’s cover 39 times over the years?

Wendell Cory

Fred Thompson

Ronald Reagan

Fred Grandy

Ronald Reagan
Reagan’s career as a sports announcer began after he left his impoverished family in northern Illinois. He started acting in 1937 and served as the Screen Actors Guild’s President until 1962 when he decided to become actively involved in politics. In 1966, he was elected governor of California before winning the presidency. In 1980, the president. Reaganomics is still used to refer to his effective economic policies today.

Which well-known actor was highlighted on the Time magazine cover for his thorough research and truthful retelling of World War II history?

Robert Langdon

Tom Hanks

David Basner

Chuck Noland

Tom Hanks
The correctional rewriting of World War II history has captured Thomas Jeffrey Hanks’ attention. In the movie business, Hanks has worked as an actor, a director, and a producer. He is the fourth highest earning actor in North America and has a penchant for playing different roles in each film.

Can you identify the lovely actress who graced the cover of Time Magazine’s 2013 issue featuring the 100 Most Influential People?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lawrence
After the release of the film “Hunger Games,” Jennifer Lawrence gained notoriety; the film has gone on to have three successful sequels, and Jennifer’s star has continued to soar. The multi-talented actress, who got her start in school and church plays, has worked on more than 25 films, as well as some television programs and music videos.

Jordan Peele

Donald Glover

Chance the Rapper

John Legend

John Legend
John Legend is well-known for his Pop, Soul, and R&B music, much of which he writes, and was referred to by Harry Belefonte as a “wonderful artist and remarkable lyricist.” He has given other up-and-coming musicians a boost in the music industry. Additionally, he promotes social change and has coordinated Black Lives Matter events.

What blonde country singer was profiled in Time’s November 24, 2014, issue for her rapidly advancing career?

Carrie Underwood

Cindy Pickler

Taylor Swift

Miranda Lambert

Taylor Swift
The most successful female country singer/songwriter at the time, Taylor Swift, was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in a young, attractive photo. Her music plays on Beats Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, and her chart-topping songs. In addition to having her own cosmetics line, she had plans for a fully booked cross-country tour.

Whose brilliant roles in films and television were discussed in the Time article from October 28, 2013?

Sean Connery

Pierce Brosnan

Liam Neeson

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch
The brilliant characters that Benedict Cumberbatch has played include Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Who, and Star Trek’s Khan. He also spoke with Time about how he is evolving into the very thing he never desired to be: a celebrity with all that entails, including a complete lack of privacy.

Before his year-long mission to space, which astronaut was on the cover of Time Magazine?

Scott Kelly

Niel Armstrong

Buzz Aldren

John Glenn

Scott Kelly
Scott Joseph Kelly served as commander of the 11-month Expeditions 43, 44, and 45 mission to the International Space Station after having flown a mission on the Space Shuttle Discovery, served as mission commander of the Endeavor and participated in several other missions. Kelly currently holds the American record for an astronaut with total days spent in space.

Who is the well-known 53-year-old actor who has appeared on the covers of Time Magazine twice, once for being a nerd and once for being the “Star of the Decade”?

Nicholas Cage

Stephen Colbert

Vin Diesel

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.
The roles of Sherlock Holmes in the same-named film series and Tony Stark in the Iron Man series have made Robert Downey, Jr. perhaps his most well-known character. Due to his use of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in his younger years, he experienced some hardships, but he recovered after serving a three-year sentence.

Who is this young man with a fresh face who has been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for changing the world and is worth millions?

Mark Zuckerberg

Daniel Radcliffe

Andy Samberg

Jesse Eisenberg

Mark Zuckerberg
You might have heard of the little company called Facebook, co-founded by 34-year-old Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. His estimated net worth is 67.1 billion dollars, although he only receives a $1 annual salary. He was listed among the top 100 most powerful and wealthy people in the world by Time Magazine. Mark is a father of two and takes part in charitable activities.

Teresa May

Sarah Palin

Julia Gillard

Madeleine Albright

Sarah Palin
When Senator John McCain announced that Sarah Palin would serve as his running mate in his 2008 presidential campaign, her name suddenly became well-known. Millions of people instantly liked (or despised) Alaska’s ninth governor, who was attractive and feisty. She wrote a book with the same name and popularized the phrase “going rogue.”

Robin Williams

Red Skelton

Jerry Sienfeld

Jim Gaffigan

Jerry Sienfeld
Despite having mild autism, American actor and stand-up comedian Jerry Allen Seinfeld have achieved great success thanks to his relatable and observational humor. He departed “Seinfeld,” where he played the lead role, in 1998. He was profiled by Time so that people could comprehend why he would want to quit when he was doing so well and appeared to have it all.

Which female humanitarian was profiled in two issues of Time Magazine and a special memorial issue published after her passing?

Teresa / Order of Loreto

Olalla / Order of St. Micheal

Delores / Regina Laudis Abbey

Libby / Notre Dame

Teresa / Order of Loreto
Upon entering the cloistered Loreto order in India, Sister Teresa. When it came to helping the poor, she would flout the rules and leave the building. As a punishment, she was made to live and work among them. She founded the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, becoming Mother Teresa, after receiving interest from several young nuns. Her good deeds earned her the title of Saint Teresa of Calcutta, and after her death, she was canonized.

Which of these prominent men’s contributions to and achievements in the online world earned him a spot on the Time Magazine cover?

Josh Gates

Richard Gates

Bill Gates

David Gates

Bill Gates
At least a dozen times, Bill Gates has been featured on the cover of Time Magazine, with one issue even referring to him as “Master of the Universe” and naming him Person of the Year. Although Gates founded the Microsoft Corporation, his many contributions to cyber technology, humanitarianism, and philanthropy are well known.

Whose administration in New Jersey received positive press in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and whose face appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in 2013?

“Pete” Petersen

Rich Richardson

Matt D. Matthews

Chris Christie

Chris Christie
Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, did a lot of good by reducing spending, limiting the growth of property taxes, and serving as the commission’s chair on opioid and drug abuse. He received praise for providing prompt and efficient assistance to Hurricane Sandy victims in his state. His popularity decreased during the Fort Lee Lane closure scandal, and he failed to win the 2016 presidential election.

Whose single-named singer/songwriter was prominently displayed on the cover of Time Magazine’s December 2015/January 2016 issue due to her opinions on motherhood and social media?





The British singer-songwriter Adele Laurie Blue Adkins has won several Grammys, including Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist. The world’s best-selling album in 2011 was her album “21,” which sold over 31 million copies. Simon Konecki is the husband of this gifted and charitable woman, and they have a son together.

Who is this famous Utahn who has appeared on the cover of Time six times, twice a month during his 2012 presidential campaign?

Rodney Hood

Mitt Romney

Rodney Badger

Tagg Romney

Mitt Romney
Willard Mitt Romney served as Massachusetts’ 70th governor and the Republican Party’s choice for president in the general election of 2012. In 1962, he was Michigan’s governor. Mitt is an idealistic multi-millionaire who believed he could financially transform the nation, just as he did for the state of Massachusetts and the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics.

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