How Much Do You Know About Halloween?

Halloween is a fun occasion for dressing up and having fun. Put your brain to the test with a fun quiz game all about this exciting fall event!

What materials were the first Jack-o-Lanterns made of?





In Ireland, turnips that had been hollowed out were used to create the first Jack-o-Lanterns. Poor old Jack, who wasn’t allowed in Heaven but was also prohibited from entering Hell for tricking the devil, was guided by the “lantern,” created by inserting a piece of coal into the hollow. Legend has it that the devil gave Jack this rudimentary lamp so he could wander the earth forever in limbo. The modern Jack-o-Lantern was created when the Irish brought this custom to America and decided that pumpkins were simpler to carve than turnips.

What Christian holiday comes right after Halloween?

All Saints’ Day

Festival of Fools



All Saints’ Day
In honor of all the saints, known and unknown, All Saints’ Day, also known as All Hallows, Day of All the Saints, Solemnity of All Saints, or Feast of All Saints, is a holiday observed on November 1 by the Latin Church of the Roman Catholic Church and some other Western Christian traditions. It is marked on the first Sunday following Pentecost by Eastern Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

What ancient festival is generally thought to have been the ancestor of Halloween?





Even though there are a lot of competing theories about Halloween’s beginnings and development, it is generally acknowledged that the holiday has roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, also known as the Celtic New Year. On the eve of Samhain, the spirits of everyone who had passed away during the year would return in search of living bodies to possess for the upcoming year. Numerous accounts of people being burned at the stake because they were thought to be kept by one of the returning spirits. The Celts would dress in ghastly costumes and hold loud celebrations to frighten away the restless dead.

Which Halloween creature is said to have a unibrow, tattoos, and a long middle finger?





A werewolf is supposed to have a unibrow, tattoos, hairy palms, and an extended middle finger. Other characteristics include extraordinary strength, unreasonable fear of water, and glowing red eyes.

What colors are connected to Halloween?

Green and orange

Black and orange

Red and green

Red and black

Black and orange
Halloween is typically associated with the colors black and orange. An autumnal and harvest symbol is orange. Black serves as a reminder that Halloween was a holiday that delineated the line between life and death because it symbolizes death and darkness.

What century saw the introduction of trick-or-treating?

17th Century

15th Century

16th Century

20th Century

16th Century
In North America, trick-or-treating dates back to the 1920s, but in Europe, the custom of going door to door to collect food on Halloween dates at least as far back as the 16th century. There are numerous accounts of people visiting homes in costumes during Halloween in Britain and Ireland, reciting verses in exchange for food, and occasionally threatening lousy luck if they weren’t welcomed.

Which of the following is NOT a term used for a scarecrow?


Doddle Sack



Doddle Sack
Scarecrows go by many names, such as Hodmedod, Murmet, Hay-man, Gallybagger, Tattie Bogal, Mommet, Mawkin, and Bwbach. A bagpipe is referred to as a doodle sack in old English.

What should you sprinkle on your door on Halloween if you want to keep ghosts away from your house?





According to legend, salt can be placed around a room’s perimeter to keep ghosts and demons out.

Which classic horror movie is based on a real-life event?

The Amityville Horror


The Blair Witch Project


The Amityville Horror
The Amityville Horror is allegedly based on the experiences of the Lutz family, who purchased a new residence at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, which had previously been the scene of mass murder.

What American city was the first to organize a formal Halloween celebration?

Salem, Massachusetts

Anoka, Minnesota

Maysville, Kentucky

Leavenworth, Washington

Anoka, Minnesota
It’s thought that Anoka, Minnesota was the first American city to host a Halloween celebration to keep its kids away from trick-or-treating. Anokans decided something needed to be done when they awoke to find their cows wandering down Main Street, their windows soaping, and their outhouses tipping over. Untold numbers of bags of popcorn, candy, peanuts, and other treats were distributed to the kids who participated in the Halloween parade in 1920 after it had concluded. The number of people lining the streets to watch this yearly event was estimated to be 20,000 by the 1930s.

Which product was banned in Hollywood on Halloween?

Razor blades

Ski Masks

Silly string

Toilet paper

Silly string
Fans of silly string should avoid visiting Hollywood on Halloween. Only on October 31 is the toy prohibited by an ordinance introduced in 2004 in response to complaints from Hollywood Boulevard property owners. Expect to pay a $1,000 fine if you’re found with sticky hands.

What movie persuaded viewers to throw away their Ouija boards?


White Noise

The Exorcist

Paranormal Activity

The Exorcist
Nearly every American household had an Ouija board during World War I. Sales of Ouija boards even outsold those of Monopoly in 1922. However, the Ouija craze was put an end to by The Exorcist. Many people destroyed their Ouija boards in fear after seeing the movie.

What ghost is said to have visited the White House during British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s visit?

Andrew Jackson

George Washington

Willie Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
Churchill, a guest at the White House, related a well-known ghost story. After taking a long bath while wearing only a cigar, he entered the adjacent bedroom and discovered Abraham Lincoln sitting by the fireplace. Churchill reported that Lincoln gave him a soft smile and vanished after he said, “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.”

Children, who participate in the well-known Halloween Candy Buyback program sell their unfinished candy to nearby dentists, who then distribute it to whom?


Military troops

Starving countries

Nursing homes

Military troops
The Candy Buyback program is a great way to support the military and encourage kids to eat less candy on Halloween.

If you see a blue pumpkin while trick-or-treating, what does that mean?

Papa Smurf lives there

Support for veterans

Allergy-free treats

No trick-or-treating

Allergy-free treats
A blue pumpkin indicates that the resident is giving out treats that don’t cause allergies. Of course, it could also mean the house uses the pumpkin from the previous year.

On The Addams Family, what was the name of Gomez and Morticia’s daughter?





The youngest Addams child, Wednesday, was an odd but endearing young girl who enjoyed activities like beheading dolls and raising spiders (called “Marie Antoinette,” “Mary Queen of Scots,” and “Little Red Riding Hood”).

What costume for Halloween does E.T. wear?





Elliott and Michael dress as E.T. for Halloween. In the form of a ghost, they can smuggle him out of the house.

If you are extremely afraid of Halloween, what phobia do you have?





Samhainophobia is a term for a strange and enduring aversion to Halloween. The fear of cats, witches, ghosts, spiders, the dark, and cemeteries are some other phobias that may flare up during this time of year (coimetrophobia).

How many witches were executed by being burned at the stake in the Salem Witch Trials?





None of the “witches” executed during the Salem Witch Trials were set afire. With the exception of Giles Cory, all the execution victims were hanged. Sarah Osborne, Roger Toothaker, Lyndia Dustin, and Ann Foster were among several other inmates who passed away.

On Halloween night, who died?

Harry Houdini

Mary Shelley

H.P. Lovecraft

Bram Stoker

Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini was one of the most well-known and mysterious magicians ever. He strangely passed away on Halloween night in 1926.

What is said to be seen on Halloween if you walk backward while wearing inside-out clothing?

The future

Your death

A ghost

A witch

A witch
Old Halloween lore claims that if you wear your clothes backward and walk at midnight, you will see a witch.

Whose acting career began with the first Halloween film?

Heather Locklear

Jamie Lee Curtis

Morgan Fairchild

Demi Moore

Jamie Lee Curtis
In the 1978 slasher film Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis made her acting debut.

The second-most lucrative holiday of the year is Halloween. What comes first?

Valentine’s Day




Christmas is the winner, mainly because it involves exchanging gifts.

Which country is acknowledged for starting Halloween?





Halloween’s roots can be found in the historic Samhain festival of the Celts (pronounced sow-in). On November 1, the Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in a region that is now primarily Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France, celebrated the beginning of their new year.

What nocturnal bird is most closely associated with Halloween?





The mythology that surrounds the owl led to its association with Halloween. It was once thought that witches would disguise themselves as owls to stalk the night unnoticed. In addition, it was believed that someone would soon pass away when an owl hooted.

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