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Which artificial sweetener should phenylketonuria sufferers avoid? (PKU is a congenital disorder in which the amino acid phenylalanine accumulates in the body.)



Cane sugar


Artificial sweeteners and added sugars must be avoided at all costs. Aspartame digestion releases phenylalanine in the stomach, an amino acid that must be carefully monitored if you have PKU.

Binge-and-purge disorder is referred to as __.

purgia nervosa

night eating disorder

bulimia nervosa


bulimia nervosa
Binge-and-purge is a term used to describe the clinical disease bulimia nervosa. However, increased exercise, laxative usage, or some other method of attempting to rid the body of the calories ingested may follow a binge.

What does a hysterectomy mean?

Removal of the liver

Removal of the uterus

Removal of the penis

Removal of the ovaries

Removal of the uterus
If a woman is facing difficulties such as cervical/uteine cancer or uncontrollable vaginal bleeding, the uterus may be removed.

The birth canal is also referred to as the .





The vaginal area is where the uterine lining is lost during menstruation, where intercourse can lead to penetration, and where a baby descends during childbirth

The amount of __ determines breast size.

fat that is present

muscles in the breast

sexual partners a woman has had

Milk produced

fat that is present
The amount of fat in the breast is proportional to its size, which is unrelated to milk production capability.

Even though it provides (almost) 0 calories to the diet, which of the following is essential?





Fiber, although being a carbohydrate and water-soluble, provides energy to the cells of your colon indirectly. When calculating calorie intake, fiber is ignored.

Milk is secreted by females through the __.





The nipple is surrounded by a pigmented patch of tissue called the areola. The areola includes nerves that help the nipple release milk.

Deliberate self-starvation is a characteristic of which of the following eating disorders?

night eating syndrome

anorexia nervosa

bulimia nerviosa

binge eating disorder

anorexia nervosa
Anorexia nervosa is a psychological condition in which a person refuses to eat because they perceive themselves to be overweight/obese even when they are dangerously underweight. Unfortunately, there are websites that encourage anorexic behavior.

Why is it that the average adult male’s basal metabolic rate is greater than the average adult female’s?

Males have a larger body muscle proportion than females, whereas females have a higher body water percentage.

Males have a larger body water percentage than females, but females have a higher body muscle %.

Males have a lower body fat percentage than females, while females have a larger body water percentage.

Females have a larger amount of body fat than males, whereas males have a higher percentage of body muscle.

Males have a larger body muscle proportion than females, whereas females have a higher body water percentage.
A healthy male will have a larger proportion of muscle and water in his body weight than a healthy female, whereas a female will have a higher percentage of fat in her body weight. This is because a female’s ability to reproduce successfully depends on her body fat.

Barrett’s esophagus is a disorder that raises the chance of __

stomach cancer

lung cancer

esophageal cancer

heart attack

esophageal cancer
While Barrett’s esophagus raises the risk of esophageal cancer, the malignancy’s risk is still minimal.

Why does the FDA advise women of childbearing age to avoid eating certain fish like swordfish and shark?

These fish are rich in mercury.

These fish smell and could make the women sick.

These fish don’t taste good during pregnancy.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in these fish prolong bleeding time during delivery.

These fish are rich in mercury.
Mercury is particularly harmful to the neurological system as it develops.

The vegetable category is supposed to offer __ in the diet, according to the MyPlate standards.





Vegetables, in addition to whole grains, are a good source of dietary fiber.

Fats supply __ calories per gram.





A gram of fat has around 9 calories, while a gram of carbohydrate or protein contains approximately 4 calories. In other words, for the same number of calories, you could consume twice as much carbs or proteins as fat.

A population-level statement may be made that a __ diet is the best for maintaining health.





Everyone is different, but a Mediterranean-style diet appears to be the one that improves health in the broadest variety of people, according to the scientific literature. Fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, and whole grains are plentiful in a Mediterranean diet.

Which of the following is not a part of MyPlate (the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy) but is part of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid?


Red meat



The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid recognizes that moderate consumption of red wine has health advantages for many people. This does not apply to everyone, so if you drink or are considering starting, consult your doctor first.

Which of the following diets is the most effective for losing weight?

Pure vegan

All meat

The one that works for you


The one that works for you
Because each person is unique, what works for one person may not work for another. What works for you at one moment in your life could not work for you later on. As a result, the greatest weight reduction plan for you is the one that works for you; just make sure it doesn’t cause you any health concerns.

Protein should make up _% of an adult’s overall calorie consumption, according to current recommendations.

10% – 35%


no more than 1%

45% – 65%

10% – 35%
There is evidence, however, that a larger protein contribution is not harmful and may even be advantageous.

Males are more likely to retain body fat in (on) their _.

abdominal body cavity




abdominal body cavity
Testosterone promotes body fat storage in the abdominal cavity.

Foods high in phytates include _.

unleavened whole grain


white bread


unleavened whole grain
Foods high in oxalates and phytates, which are present in unleavened whole grains, bind to minerals and prevent them from being absorbed.

The __ is the source of estorgen.




thymus gland

Estrogen is a sex hormone produced by females. The ovaries create the majority of estrogen.

The purpose of Pap smears is to detect what?

breast cancer

ovarian cancers

cervical cancer

vaginal cancer

cervical cancer
Pap smears are a crucial test for early detection of cervical cancer.

Adults should get _% of their total calories from fats, according to current recommendations.


20% -35%


0% to 1%

20% -35%
The kind of fat, however, is important. Unsaturated fats should be consumed in large amounts.

The __ is the organ that produces testosterone.




adam’s apple

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced by males. The testes create the majority of testosterone.

The __ is covered by the mons pubis.



pubic symphysis


pubic symphysis
The mons pubis is a fatty tissue area that is covered in pubic hair.

The meaning of ingestion is __

the process of removing indigestible particles from the body through the anus

the act of taking food or liquid into the digestive system

every sort of food molecule’s enzymatic degradation

Series of waves of contraction and relaxation of the muscular layer of the GI tract that propels food through the GI tract

the act of taking food or liquid into the digestive system
The prefix “in-” means “into”. Ingestion is the act or process of taking something in.

Fiber-rich diets tend to be low in _ and . Diets with fiber content tend to be high in and _.

fat; sugar; phytochemicals; minerals

sugar; minerals; vitamins; fat

vitamins; minerals; kcal; fat

phytochemicals; minerals; fat; vitamins

fat; sugar; phytochemicals; minerals
The processing of a food reduces its nutrient content.

It is suggested that you get your first colonoscopy at age __ years if you have no known risk factors.





Starting about the age of 50, the risk of colorectal cancer rises dramatically. If a colonoscopy does not reveal any issues, another one will not be required for another ten years unless symptoms indicate the need for one.

Dietary calcium absorption is boosted by _.

vitamin D

Vitamin A

Vitamin B

Vitamin C

vitamin D
Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which is essential for good health.

The fruit group is supposed to offer __ in the diet, according to the MyPlate guidelines.

Vitamin C

Vitamin B12



Vitamin C
You already know that orange is a fruit and that oranges are high in vitamin C.

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid emphasizes getting the majority of your dietary fat from __.

Cheese & eggs

Red meat & poultry

Fish & olive oil

Butter & red wine

Fish & olive oil
The Mediterranean Diet recommends eating far less meat, particularly red meat, than the average American diet.

The vast bulk of absorption takes place in the _.

small intestine




small intestine
The small intestine is responsible for 90 percent to 95 percent of all digestion and absorption.

Many elements of health, including the risk of obesity, are influenced by the microbiome (microbes) that live in your gut. Which of the following diets leads to an increase in obesity risk in your microbiome community?

a lacto-bacillo vegetarian diet

a diet that emphasizes red meat

a vegan diet

a Paleo diet

a diet that emphasizes red meat
Diet affects the microbiome communities. A diet rich in red meat promotes an unhealthy microbiota.

Which of the following parts of the body does not produce digestive enzymes?

Small intestine




The esophagus is a collapsible tube that carries food from the pharynx (the part of the GI tract following the mouth) to the stomach. There is no digestive function in this tube. The digesting enzymes in saliva, on the other hand, function in the esophagus.

In general, consuming _____will result in the largest increase in blood triglyceride levels, gram for gram.

monosaturated fats


simple sugars


simple sugars
Sugars raise triglyceride levels more than fats, which may surprise you. This is one of the reasons why consuming a lot of added sugar raises your cardiovascular risk.

Body mass index (BMI) does not take into account __ as a health indicator.

waist circumference, location of body fat, blood pressure, percent body fat, blood lipid profile, insulin sensitivity

Blood sugar

children and teens separately from adults


waist circumference, location of body fat, blood pressure, percent body fat, blood lipid profile, insulin sensitivity
BMI is a poor indicator of health/obesity since it ignores these factors.

A tooth’s pulp cavity (inside) contains _ .


blood vessels and nerves



blood vessels and nerves
This is why getting a cavity filled hurts since the nerves pierce the substantial structure of the tooth.

A vasectomy is the cutting of the _.

Seminal vesicle

vas deferens

Vaselactomy glands


vas deferens
One of the spermatic channels, the vas deferens, delivers sperm to the male urethra, where they can escape the male body.

Is there a distinction between hunger and appetite?

Appetite is the desire to eat, whereas hunger is the necessity to eat.

There is no difference in hunger and appetite.

Hunger signals that you are about to get famished, and appetite is your body’s way of making sure you eat before you go hungry.

Appetite is the need to eat, whereas hunger is the want to eat.

Appetite is the desire to eat, whereas hunger is the necessity to eat.
Unfortunately, many of us give appetite equal weight to hunger.

Meats should be __ in order to avoid disease.

cooked until they are, at least, completely charred.

eaten raw.

cooked at least until they are pink on the inside.

cooked until they are well done.

cooked until they are well done.
To ensure that any disease-causing germs have been destroyed, well-done meat is cooked all the way through. However, rather than relying on looks, cook the red meat to an internal temperature of 140°F to 165°F (depending on the type of red meat).

increased risk of obesity

strengthened immune system

decreased risk of heart attack

increased life span

increased risk of obesity
Obesity is caused or caused by a lack of sleep. Long lengths of sleep have also been linked to an increased risk of obesity.

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