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How Well Do You Know Electricity?

Consider yourself to be a bright spark. Test your knowledge about electricity.

Which of these tools an electrician does not use?

Needle-nosed pliers

Wire Stripper


Drum auger

Drum auger
A drum auger is a plumber’s tool. Electricians do not need to use these.

What is the term for the flow of electricity?





The flow of electricity is called a current. It is the result of electrons flowing from one atom to the next.

What is a voltage surge?

An unexpected rise in voltage

Higher pricing for electricity during peak periods

The initial spark when a circuit is completed.

A special outlet strip for computers

An unexpected rise in voltage
An unexpected rise in voltage can damage the electrical equipment of an installation. A surge protector is often used to protect sensitive electronics from damage.

Dealing with electricity by yourself when you don’t know anything about it can be dangerous. Who should you hire for electrical jobs at home?

Any subcontractor




Lack of knowledge about electricity can be dangerous and potentially deadly. While there are basic electric jobs that can be done by an average person, having a pro to check your work is never a bad idea.

What material is commonly used to create electrical wires?





Copper is used for electrical wires as it is not that expensive and it conducts electricity well.

What source does solar power use to produce electricity?

The Ocean

The Wind

The Sun

The Moon

The Sun
Solar power works by absorbing light through its solar cells, generating a current of energy and converting it to usable energy.

What is the other name for an electrical pole?

Energy tower

Power stick

Electricity Tree

Utility Pole

Utility Pole
A utility pole is the most accurate term for an electrical pole. Various types of wires are connected by then, not just power lines.

What is the name of the tool that electricians use to measure the thickness of wires?

Wire corder

Wire gauge

Wire karats

Wire substance

Wire gauge
A wire gauge measures the wire diameter. This also determines the amount of electric current the wire can safely carry.

What is normally found inside a service panel?

Circuit diagrams

Circuit breakers

Electric meters

Mario Kart circuit maps

Circuit breakers
The service panel contains circuit breakers. This is commonly called the “breaker box”.

Inspectors say this when your electrical work does not meet governmental standards. What is it?

Not up to code

Lacking some amps

According to Hoyle

Not up to snuff

Not up to code
Each jurisdiction has its own codes for what kind of electrical work is up to their standards at home. When it is subpar, it means that it is not up to code.

What is the name of this large, grey cylinder usually seen on top of most electrical poles?





These pole-mounted transformers convert higher voltage electricity carried by primary wires and lower the voltage to be safe for home use.

When does an open circuit happen in a wiring system?

When a new fuse is installed

It never happens

When a conductor becomes broken or separated

When the system works as intended

When a conductor becomes broken or separated
When there is an open circuit within the wiring, it means that the conductor has become broken or separated. The electrician must balance the load in order to fix it.

“Mole” is a term that often refers to crews that work on a growing trend in power distribution. What is this trend?

Underground power lines

Animal-proof wires

Deeper holes for electrical poles

Mole-skin insulation

Underground power lines
“Moles” are linemen who work on placing electrical wires in underground tunnels.

What type of plier do you need to use to cut electrical cable or steel wire?

Locking pliers

Side cutting pliers

Fencing plier

Tongue and groove plier

Side cutting pliers
Side cutting pliers are also known as wire snips, wire cutters, lineman pliers, diagonal pliers, and electrician pliers. These pliers are intended for the cutting of wire and are generally not used to grab or turn anything.

What electrical component do most linemen work on?

Solar panels

Electric meters

Electric lines

Traffic lights

Electrical lines
The most common thing linemen do is work on the electrical lines. When you see someone on top of an electrical pole, these are the linemen.

What hardware is used to allow electrical equipment to connect to the electrical grid?


Relay switch



The electrical outlet connects the electric equipment to the alternating current mains electricity power supply.

What is the “main box”?

The female component of a receptacle box

A box with adequate grounding

The main toolkit for electricians

A primary electrical panel outside the building

A primary electrical panel outside the building
The main box is the primary electrical panel located outside your home. It is housed in a waterproof casing to protect it from water and other harsh elements.

What unit are electrical currents measured?





Amperes or amps are the standard units for electrical currents.

This tool is an instrument used for measuring the voltage of either direct or alternating electric current. What is it?





A voltmeter provides a way to safely measure the difference in electrical potential between two points in an electric circuit.

What natural process is inherently linked to electricity?





Electricity and magnetism often go hand in hand. They are often linked in a process known as “electromagnetism”.

Oh no. Do not deal with electricity because you might get electrocuted.

Well done. Thumbs up!

Excellent! You Are an Expert in Electricity.

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