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How Well Do You Understand Electricity?

Take this test to learn more about electricity with our trivia quiz!

Where are electric meters commonly located?

Outside where the main electrical line connects to the house

Inside where the main electrical line connects to the house

Inside, where your water heater is

On your breaker panel

Outside where the main electrical line connects to the house
An electric meter is located outside so that someone from the electric meter company can easily read it.

What is the usual color of a neutral wire?

White or Grey


Blue or Red

Black or Yellow

White or Grey
White or grey is often a neutral wire. Using the right color of wire is important so that electricians know what is going on in your electrical system.

What is the opposite term of conductive?





Insulating objects are the opposite of conductive objects. Insulating objects have the ability to shield a substance from electricity.

Which of the following skills are not used by electricians regularly?





Electricians often use geometry, physics, and trigonometry in their day-to-day tasks.

An electric current can be AC or DC. What does AC stand for?

Alternating Current

Absolute Current

Alternating Conduit

Anchor cord

Alternating Current
AC power is the standard type of wiring. AC, means the flow of current changes direction occasionally.

What is a circuit that is used by one appliance only? Nothing else is able to draw power from this circuit.

Dedicated circuit

Circuit breaker

Dictated circuit

Isolated circuit

Dedicated circuit
Large appliances need a dedicated circuit. When you trip the breaker, only the appliance connected to the dedicated circuit will be affected.

What is the function of an electrical tool called a fish tape?

Store wires neatly

Measure electrical current

Solder wires

Pull wires through thin areas

Pull wires through thin areas
A fish tape is used to pull wires into areas that your hand won’t fit.

What is this basic electrical component that is used to reduce current flow?





A resistor is a passive electrical component that is used to create resistance in the flow of electric current.

An electrician who works on high-voltage lines for public utilities is called?


Utility man


Telecom employee

A lineman works mostly on public utilities. They have the same basic knowledge as any other electrician.

What do you call an electrical current that often changes direction?

Moderated current

Alternating current

Variable current

Adjusting current

Alternating current
Alternating currents switch directions. This is in contrast to direct currents.

GFCI plugs are often used in locations that are often wet such as the bathroom. What does GCFI stand for?

Grounded for circuitry installation

Guarded from concentrated induction

Grounded flash conduction inhibator

Ground fault circuit interrupter

Ground fault circuit interrupter
GFCI has a safety feature that protects you from being electrocuted in wet locations such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are also used when a power socket is needed to be installed outside your home.

Which of these is not a unit that electricians use to measure electricity?





A kilocalorie is used to describe the energy of food. Ampere, volt, and ohms are all used by electricians to measure electricity.

What does it mean when the lineman uses the slang “bible”?

The safety harness

The electrician code book

The tool bag


The electrician code book
It is called the “bible” because the electrician’s code book is used extensively by electricians.

What is used to stabilize electrical poles besides their length?



Guy wires


Guy wires
Guy wires are wires that attach the electrical poles to the ground. It keeps the pole from falling over using tension.

What is the purpose of a “hot” wire?

It carries current back to the breaker


It is a spare wire that doesn’t work unless you trip the breaker

It carries electricity from the power source to the outlet.

It carries electricity from the power source to the outlet.
A “hot” wire carries current from the power source to the outlet. They are always carrying electricity which means they are dangerous to touch as there is a power source feeding them.

What should an electrician do to make sure a circuit is turned off before working on it?

Use a voltage tester

Cut the wires

Touch the wires

Turn off the switch

Use a voltage tester
An electrician should always use a voltage tester before he or she touches an electrical circuit to prevent electrocution.

What is the usual color for a “hot” wire?


Black or Red



Black or Red
Hotwire provides electricity to your fixture. The white wire is neutral and it is wired to the ground.

What is the use of a capacitor?

It reduces energy transfer

Store electrical energy

Redirect electrical flow

Increase wattage

Store electrical energy
A capacitor works similarly to a battery in the sense that it stores electrical energy in an electric field.

What is the purpose of a neutral wire?

It’s a spare wire that doesn’t work unless you trip the breaker


It is a grounded current-carrying conductor.

It runs electricity to the fixture.

It is a grounded current-carrying conductor.
The neutral wire completes the circuit. it carries electricity from the fixture back to the electrical panel.

What tool is used when you have an electrical issue but you don’t know where to look to resolve the issue?


Inductance tester


Plug-in circuit analyzers

A multimeter can help you diagnose specific electrical problems. Many homeowners use this tool to diagnose appliance wiring problems.

Sorry, you performed poorly on the quiz. Please do not do any electrical work.

Well done. You did well.

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