Lost at Sea: Will You Survive the Open Water?

Would you survive being lost at sea, from treading water to staying sane? Take this ocean or water survival quiz!

What other seafood can you eat that is readily available if you are having trouble catching fish or different marine life in the water?

Conchs and sea snails



Blue whales

Conchs and sea snails
If your clumsy spearfishing attempt scared all the fish away, you could make a meal of sea snails and conchs. Conchs live in seagrass, while snails cling to rocks near the water’s edge. White meat can be eaten either raw or cooked.

If you have a PFD, this may help you stay afloat. What exactly is a PFD?

Personal Flotation Device

Personal, Fatigue and Delay

Physical Facilities Department

Physical Fitness Diagnostic

Personal Flotation Device
A personal flotation device, also known as a life jacket, life belt, Mae West, life saver, cork jacket, buoyancy aid, or flotation suit, is a flotation device worn by a user to prevent drowning in water. They don’t need to swim or tread water to stay afloat, and they can even be unconscious. The device will keep the wearer afloat with their head and mouth above the water.

What is your best chance of being rescued if you are stranded at sea and spot a ship in the distance?

Paddling toward it

Signaling it

Waiting for it to spot you

Abandoning your raft and swimming toward it

Signaling it
According to experts (United States Coast Guard), the essential supplies required when a person is stranded mid-ocean, according to experts (United States Coast Guard), are articles to attract attention and aid survival until rescue arrives. There is almost no possibility of being discovered and eventually rescued without signaling devices. Furthermore, most savings occur within the first 36 hours, and a person can survive on very little food and water.

You could also share your pallet with a blue whale, which consumes 16 tons of what every day?


Sea urchin



Plankton is another excellent source of food (and vitamin C), and the best time to collect them is at night when they skim the water’s surface. Use a net to accomplish this.

Frostbite can occur if you are stranded somewhere extremely cold. Which of the following is NOT one of its symptoms?

A prickling feeling in the skin


Waxy-looking skin

A bluish tinge in the skin

Frostbite occurs when the skin and underlying tissues freeze as a result of being exposed to freezing temperatures. The most vulnerable areas are the fingertips, toes, earlobes, cheeks, chin, and nose tip. Patches of reddish skin and burning pain are early signs and symptoms of frostbite.

Which is the most durable material for building a raft to try floating to rescue again?



Coconut trees

Coconut hulls

You’ll need a lot of wood and vine for lashing to build your raft. Bamboo, like the spear, is the best material for your raft. Bamboo’s hollow culms, or stems, are filled with air, making it extremely buoyant.

In an emergency, what term should you radio to request assistance?

Whoooooaaaa, I am scared, guys

“Pan Pan”



If you are in severe distress, use the MAYDAY signal. This indicates a serious or imminent danger and necessitates immediate assistance.

The Sun can help you find your way if you get lost at sea. Which of the following statements about its direction is correct?

It rises in the west and sets in the east

It rises in the south and sets in the north

It rises in the north and sets in the south

It rises in the east and sets in the west

It rises in the east and sets in the west
As the saying goes, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, though this is an oversimplification. It only rises due east twice yearly, on the spring and fall equinoxes. Still, you’re on the right track.

NEVER drink seawater because what can the salt in it cause?

High cholesterol

Heart attack

Kidney failure


Kidney failure
Human kidneys can produce only urine less salty than salt water. To eliminate all the excess salt from drinking seawater, you must urinate more water than you drank. Even as you become thirstier, you will eventually die of dehydration.

You’re starting to get thirsty. What should you drink ideally?


Straight seawater

Your pee

Boiled seawater

While ideally, you’d have some bottled water on hand, the longer you’re at sea, the less likely that is. If possible, capture and store rainwater using plastic bags or the detachable hood of a raincoat. Never drink seawater, or you’ll soon be sick.

There are many ways to build a fire in the event that you’re stranded somewhere. Which is NOT one of the ways?

Flint and steel

Match and wet bark


Magnifying glass

Match and wet bark
While matches are excellent for starting a fire, they should not be used in conjunction with wet bark. Friction, a magnifying glass, or flint and steel are other options.

Which of the following colors would be the best to be wearing when waiting for rescue?


Forest green



The more vibrant, the better. Out of all the choices, red is the best clothing color to wear in an emergency because rescuers can spot it more easily.

What type of fishing might you be able to master with a sharpened bamboo stick?





Spearfishing will come in handy if you don’t have a fishing kit. Find a long stick (8 to 10 feet), make two intersecting 6-inch crosscuts at one end, wedge vine into the prongs, and sharpen them.

When at sea, psychological distress is inevitable. What did Tom Hanks do to rectify this?

Built a fire

Read Harry Potter

Ran an obstacle course

Talked to Wilson

Talked to Wilson
Isolation and mental distress can have a psychological impact. You might even come close to being rescued, only to see your source of hope drift away without seeing you. This is where you must find ways to keep your mind from racing or to keep yourself entertained. When he got lost at sea, Hanks did it with his volleyball, Wilson.

Seabirds can also be caught and eaten for nutrition. What is the first step in getting them ready to eat?

Cook them over a fire

Remove their beak

Remove feathers and skin them

Eat them raw

Remove feathers and skin them
If you’re tired of fish, try catching a seabird for some poultry. You’ll need to feather and skin them before cooking or eating them raw if you prefer.

On the ship, a fire has started. You’re lucky to have a fire extinguisher. How do you employ the P.A.S.S. technique?

Push, aim, squeeze, sweep

Pull, assess, spray, stop

Pull, aim, squeeze, sweep

Punch, attack, slap, slam

Pull, aim, squeeze, sweep
Even though you are in the middle of a large body of water, fire is still a serious threat. Pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep over the fire to extinguish it using the PASS method.

If your ship is sinking, you should load your life raft with all BUT which of the following items?




First Aid Kit

On the open ocean, you might come face to face with a shark. What should you do if one comes after you?

Bite it back

Punch it in the nose

Play dead

Make yourself look big

Punch it in the nose
While humans are not a shark’s favorite food, you may encounter an attacking shark in the ocean. If you can’t flee and don’t have a weapon, the best you can do is punch it square in the nose, which is very sensitive. You can also target the gills or the eyes.

The stars can also assist you in determining your direction. Polaris (the North Star) can be found in the sky by drawing a straight line from which constellation?

Little Dipper


Big Dipper


Big Dipper
Polaris is close to the north celestial pole, so locating it will tell you which way to go. You can draw a line five times from the end of the Big Dipper’s bowl until you reach the bright star in the Little Dipper (Ursa Minor).

When stranded at sea, it might feel like the sun is boring into your brain. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of heatstroke?

Shallow breathing

Rapid heartbeat

Elevated body temperature

Excessive yawning

Excessive yawning
Aside from the elevated temperature, heatstroke manifests itself in a variety of symptoms. You may be suffering from heatstroke if you have a rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, nausea or headache, or are confused.

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