Madness in Monarchy: Can You Guess These Eccentric Royals?

What was the title of the King of France who believed he was made of glass and feared he would shatter if touched?

Louis XIV

Charles VI

Henry IV

Francis I

Charles VI of France, known as Charles the Mad, suffered from periods of psychosis throughout his reign. One of his most famous delusions was the belief that he was made of glass, leading him to take precautions to prevent himself from “shattering.”

Which Danish king was known for his attempts to seize control of the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, leading to conflicts that emphasized his erratic leadership?

Christian IV

Frederick VII

Christian VIII

Christian IX

Frederick VII’s reign was marked by political instability and efforts to control the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, leading to the Second Schleswig War, reflecting his erratic leadership and contributing to the end of absolute monarchy in Denmark.

Who was the infamous emperor of Rome known for his debaucheries, including allegedly making his horse a consul, and for his cruel entertainments?


Julius Caesar



Caligula’s reign is infamous for stories of his madness, cruelty, and bizarre behavior, including claims that he planned or did make his horse Incitatus a consul, symbolizing the erratic nature of his rule.

Which Queen of England was known for her “Virgin Queen” persona, yet entertained numerous suitors throughout her reign?

Mary I

Elizabeth I



Elizabeth I, known as the “Virgin Queen,” famously never married but maintained a complex web of suitors as part of her diplomatic strategy, keeping European powers guessing and balancing England’s interests.

Which Mughal Emperor is celebrated for his patronage of the arts, including the construction of the Taj Mahal, but also known for his capriciousness and eccentric decisions?



Shah Jahan


Shah Jahan is best remembered for his monumental architectural achievements, particularly the Taj Mahal, built in memory of his wife. His reign, however, was also marked by lavish spending and eccentric personal choices, contributing to the empire’s financial strain.

Which Ottoman Sultan is known for his significant contributions to the architectural landscape of Istanbul but also faced criticism for his perceived eccentricity and extravagance?

Mehmed II

Suleiman the Magnificent

Selim II

Ahmed I

Ahmed I is known for commissioning the Blue Mosque, one of Istanbul’s most iconic landmarks. His reign is often noted for its artistic contributions but also criticized for financial extravagance and decisions seen as unorthodox for an Ottoman Sultan.

Who was the Holy Roman Emperor known for his unpredictable behavior and for wandering his realm incognito, sometimes administering justice in disguise?

Charles V

Frederick II

Maximilian I

Joseph II

Joseph II was known for his reforms and attempts to modernize the Holy Roman Empire’s governance. His habit of wandering the empire incognito to better understand his subjects’ issues and administer justice reflects his unconventional approach to rule.

Which English monarch’s love for sea voyages earned him the nickname “the Navigator,” despite never actually going on voyages himself?

Henry VIII

Edward III

Richard I

Henry the Navigator

Prince Henry the Navigator, although not a monarch, was instrumental in the Age of Discoveries, promoting maritime exploration. His nickname suggests direct involvement, but he himself did not participate in voyages, instead sponsoring them.

Which Roman Emperor retired unexpectedly, choosing to spend the rest of his days tending to a vegetable garden?

Julius Caesar




Diocletian was unique among Roman Emperors for his voluntary abdication. He retired to his palace in Split, where he is said to have devoted himself to gardening, a stark contrast to the usual end of Roman rulers.

Who was the queen regnant of the Kingdom of Hawaii known for her efforts to resist annexation by the United States, eventually leading to her overthrow?




Kamehameha III

Queen Liliuokalani was the last sovereign monarch of Hawaii. Her attempts to preserve Hawaiian sovereignty and oppose annexation faced resistance, culminating in her overthrow by parties favoring U.S. annexation.

Which Sultan of the Ottoman Empire was known for his poetry and interest in astronomy, earning him the nickname “the Mad Sultan”?

Suleiman the Magnificent

Mehmed the Conqueror

Selim the Grim

Ibrahim the Mad

Sultan Ibrahim the Mad was known for his erratic behavior and interests in hobbies unbecoming of a Sultan, such as poetry and astronomy, which led to his nickname and eventual deposition.

Which English monarch allegedly conversed with the dead and claimed to be guided by them?

Queen Elizabeth I

King James I

King Henry VIII

Queen Mary I

King James I of England, also known as James VI of Scotland, was deeply interested in the supernatural, including witchcraft and the occult, though direct claims of conversing with the dead are more apocryphal, reflecting the era’s fascination with the supernatural.

Which monarch was known for her eccentricity and for appointing her horse as an official senator?

Catherine the Great of Russia

Caligula of the Roman Empire

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire

The Roman Emperor Caligula is infamous for his bizarre and tyrannical reign, including numerous anecdotes of his madness, such as appointing his horse, Incitatus, as a consul and senator.

Which queen was known for her excessive gambling habits, leading to significant personal debts?

Queen Marie Antoinette of France

Queen Elizabeth I of England

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom

Empress Maria Theresa of Austria

Queen Marie Antoinette of France was notorious for her extravagant lifestyle, which included excessive spending on gambling, contributing to the public’s negative perception of her and the monarchy before the French Revolution.

Which king became famous for his “Blue Beard” due to his use of silver nitrate to treat a medical condition?

King Henry IV of France

King George V of the United Kingdom

King Henry VIII of England

King Frederick I of Prussia

King Henry IV of France earned the nickname “Blue Beard” after using silver nitrate in an attempt to treat war wounds, which resulted in a chemical reaction that turned his beard blue.

Who was known as the “Mad King” of England, famously suffering from bouts of acute mental illness?

King Henry VIII

King George III

Queen Victoria

King Edward VII

King George III is often referred to as the “Mad King” due to his recurring and eventually permanent mental health issues, which were later thought to be symptoms of the genetic condition porphyria.

Which eccentric queen was known for her deep mourning and elaborate rituals following the death of her husband?

Queen Isabella of Spain

Queen Elizabeth I of England

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom

Queen Marie Antoinette of France

Queen Victoria famously mourned the death of her husband, Prince Albert, for the rest of her life, wearing black and withdrawing from public life for many years.

Which Russian Tsar was known for his immense physical size and his creation of the “Potemkin Villages”?

Tsar Nicholas II

Tsar Alexander II

Tsar Ivan IV

Tsar Peter the Great

Tsar Peter the Great was not only known for his towering height but also for modernizing Russia. However, it was his minister, Grigory Potemkin, who allegedly erected fake portable settlements to impress the empress during her journey.

Which French monarch was known for his lavish lifestyle and the construction of the Palace of Versailles?

Louis XIV

Louis XVI

Napoleon Bonaparte

Charles IX

Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, epitomized royal absolutism and is famous for his extravagant lifestyle and the construction of the Palace of Versailles, symbolizing his absolute rule.

Who was the “Mad King” of Bavaria, noted for his extravagant castles and mysterious death?

King Ludwig II

King Frederick II

King Otto

King Wilhelm

King Ludwig II of Bavaria is known for his opulent castles, such as Neuschwanstein, and his untimely and mysterious death, which remains a subject of speculation.

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