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Only a True Mechanic Can Get 100% On This Quiz. Dare To Take The Challenge?

Not every car fan is an automotive expert. Prove that you know cars by answering these questions only an auto mechanic should know.

This component reduces engine vibration and, in some cases, serves as a pulley for drive belts.

Shock shield

Harmonic balancer

Dampening bucket

Absorption matting

Harmonic balancer
The crankshaft is in charge of converting the engine’s output into the motion required to move your wheels, however, it produces a lot of vibration. The harmonic balancer is mounted on the crankshaft and minimizes vibrations for a smoother ride.

What shown device, which is common on diesel automobiles, distributes fuel to all of the injectors?

Supply valve

Fuel jet

Fuel rail


Fuel rail
Common rail direct fuel injection, or “fuel rails” for short, is controlled by an ECU that regulates the fuel delivery electronically.

What is the name of the device that cleans the engine oil in a car?

The piston

The purifier

The carburetor

The oil filter

The oil filter
Engine oil is filtered by oil filters to remove sediments and other impurities. Dirty oil can wear down the machined components of the oil pump and harm the engine’s bearing surfaces.

What is in the button located on the center of the steering wheel that makes a noise when you press it?

Tonal defender




You’ve probably had occasions when you wanted to grab another driver’s attention, and using your horn is the most effective method to do it. An electromagnet causes a thin metal plate to vibrate when you push the button, producing the appropriate sound.

Which authentic transmission component sounds like it belongs in a science fiction novel?

Deflector dish

Planetary gear

Impulse drive


Planetary gear
The planetary gear, often known as planet gear, may sound out of this world, yet it’s a standard component in every gearbox. Planet gears, like the planets in the solar system, rotate around a central gear known as the sun.

What is the name of the mechanism that stops a car’s wheels using hydraulic pressure?

Wheel cylinder

Hydraulic press

Backing plate


Wheel cylinder
Drum brake systems use wheel cylinders on top of the wheels that bring the brake shoes into contact with the drum.

These parts may have a strange name, but they are essential to the correct operation of your engine.

Super springs

Shearing grids



The tappet is located at the end of each of your engine’s push rods and aids in maintaining alignment. The engine generates a noise termed “tappety” when these components start to wear out owing to inadequate maintenance.

What is the name of the springy part found beneath automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles?

Impact cushion

Vibration compensator

Shock absorber

Inertial dampener

Shock absorber
Engineers may strive to make roads straight and smooth, but surface streets do not always have the luxury. Shock absorbers are included in car suspension systems to assist reduce the severity of road bumps.

What is this pictured car part that sits on top of your engine?

Air filter


Dust sieve


Air filter
Every automobile has at least one air filter, but many have many filters to keep the passenger compartment clean. The one for your engine ensures that dust and other airborne particles do not obstruct the oxygen supply required for combustion.

What is this pictured that live inside the engine’s cylinders?





The pistons in your engine live within the cylinders, moving up and down to spin the crankshaft. You’ll notice a misfiring engine, rattling, and even a loss of power if your pistons start to break.

What components are intended to provide ventilation in gasoline-powered vehicles?

The air ignition system

The petrol case

The air flow regulator

The PCV valve

The PCV valve
The Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve prevents pollutants from being emitted into the atmosphere by your engine.

What portion of a car’s suspension is seen in this image that carries the wheel hub and connects the upper and lower control arms?


Wheel mold


Hub cap

A spindle links the control arms and retains the wheel hubs. “Steering knuckles” is another name for them.

What term does the British use to describe a car’s hood?



Flat panel


While Americans call the door that covers the engine a hood, British English people refer to it as a bonnet. Both phrases have a fashion history, as they are names for a piece of fabric that covers the top of the head, similar to how the hood protects the car’s delicate mechanisms.

This component assists you in starting your diesel engine in cold temperatures.


Heat vaporizer

Engine torch


Because of the heavy-duty components in the combustion chamber, diesel engines are notoriously difficult to start at cooler temperatures. A glowplug is a tiny metal rod with a heating element at one end that ignites the initial spray of gasoline straight to start the engine.

What do you call ths image shown below which are crucial for driving in harsh weather?

Humidity regulators

Windshield wipers

Frame reinforcements


Windshield wipers
Windshield wipers are equipment that cleans the windshield of a car by removing moisture and undesirable particle pieces.

What is the name of this image manual automobile component?


Engine engager


Driving lever

In a manual transmission, a car’s gearshift is an essential part of the vehicle. While these transmissions are prevalent in tractor-trailers, they are only found in 3% of automobiles and trucks sold in the United States.

What’s behind this car’s grill in this image?



Water bubbler


The radiator in your automobile receives hot coolant from the engine and discharges thermal energy into the atmosphere. Make sure the automobile is cool before working on this component so you don’t burn yourself.

What portion of your steering system connects to the steering shaft and turns your wheels across the steering rack?



Assist module

Tooth grip

The pinion is a tiny gear that runs over a toothed bar known as a rack at the end of your steering shaft. A recirculating ball is an alternative to rack-and-pinion steering that is still used in many vintage automobiles and trucks today.

The connecting rod

The sub-shaft

The joiner

The piston hand

The connecting rod
Both ends of the connecting rod are free to pivot: The small end of the connecting rod connects to the piston, while the big end attaches around the crankshaft.

What is the name of the coupling that allows a shaft to transmit rotational power at various angles?

The rotary

The universal joint

The cross shaft

The hinge

The universal joint
Universal joints are commonly utilized in driveshafts to help in rotational motion transfer. A universal joint is required if the drive shaft is not in a straight line between the gearbox and the driving wheels.

What part of your vehicle generates electricity?



Power plant


A broken alternator might be the cause of your car’s battery not charging while you’re driving. Using electromagnetic, this gadget creates electricity for your headlights, radio, and other electronic equipment.

How does gasoline in a modern automobile reach the combustion chamber?

Fuel injector

Gas sprayer

Mist pump


Fuel injector
Carburetors were employed in early automobiles to get fuel and air into the combustion chamber, but they frequently flooded, causing problems with its normal operation. Fuel injectors pour flammable material into the engine in today’s automobiles, which is far more dependable.

What is the name of the image below, which is usually seen in the interior of a car?

The antenna

The transmission

The bumper

The emergency hand brake

The emergency hand brake
The parking brake, also known as the emergency hand brake, is usually used to park an automobile on a sloping surface. To stop the car, it normally triggers a corkscrew mechanism that forces a piston into the brake pads.

What is the name of the component in the image located on your car’s seat?

Scalp pillow

Skull cushion


Cranial cushion

The headrest in your automobile provides some relaxation, but it also serves a vital safety purpose. If you’re ever in an accident, having this component properly installed will help you prevent serious whiplash. Doctors advise that the top of the headrest be aligned with the tops of your ears.

What is the name of the equipment that used to combine air and fuel but has since been mostly replaced with fuel injectors?



Static pressure system


A carburetor is a device that aids in the mixing of fuel and air in an internal combustion engine to facilitate internal combustion.

What is the name of this important part in your engine?

Piston arm

Rotary wing


Twister pin

The pistons in your engine travel up and down in a reciprocating motion, which the crankshaft converts into the rotations required to make it operate. To start the automobile in previous vehicles, the driver had to manually hold a handle and spin the motor.

What is the name of the component that supplies the cylinders with both air and fuel?

Intake manifold

Ignition advance

Ancillary system

Exhaust manifold

Intake manifold
The purpose of the intake manifold is to distribute the air/fuel combination uniformly to the cylinders. On the intake stroke, air is fed to the combustion chamber, where it is combined with fuel from the injector before the combustion cycle begins.

What is the name of this bass-booster speaker seen in various vehicles?



Bass cannon

Boom box

Speakers are available in a variety of sizes, from subwoofers to tweeters. Subwoofers aid in the delivery of bone-shaking bass that can frequently be heard well beyond the vehicle’s boundaries.

What is this shown piece of car technology that helps to start your engine?


Electrical cell

Artificial flint

Spark plug

Spark plug
Each cylinder in your automobile contains one spark plug, which is used to ignite the gasoline in the combustion chamber. The first version of this component was released in 1860.

The image below helps stop your car. Do you know what they are?

Brake pads

Stopper mats

Friction Cushions


Brake pads
The brakes on your automobile are identical to those on your bicycle, with one major difference. When it’s time to slow down, vehicle brakes apply pressure on a disc known as a rotor, but your bike’s brake pads compress the tire directly.

What do you call a mechanism that clears moisture from the windshield and thaws frost?

Ice zapper


Glass cooker

Reverse freezer

Your defroster will help you see clearly when you get into your car on a chilly or foggy day. While front-window defrosters utilize forced air, rear-window defrosters use electrical wire to melt ice and evaporate humidity.

What is the name of the component that distributes torque and power from an engine to a pair of wheels on a car?


Crank shaft


Wheel rail

Axles are one of the most important parts of any wheeled vehicle since they transmit torque and keep the wheels in place.

Which component aids in determining whether or not your engine is operating normally?

Triple meter

Knock sensor

Tympanic element


Knock sensor
Your engine requires exact timing with each ignition for best performance. The knock sensor is a tiny microphone located under the hood that detects minor flaws in the combustion process and instructs the computer to make modifications to fix any problems.

Which of these is the technical term for the speedometer and other gauges on the display panel?

Readout pane

Instrument cluster

Information window

Data panel

Instrument cluster
The instrument cluster in your automobile is a one-stop-shop for data about your vehicle’s performance. The speedometer, odometer, and other key instruments are all located here. On some high-end versions, these instruments are digitally recreated on a small display screen.

What equipment is used to slow down a car’s wheels from high-speed internal combustion engine rotations?

The shift improver

The transformer

The electrifier

The gearbox

The gearbox
The piston transfers the force of the expanding gas in the engine to the crankshaft through the connecting rod to transfer this power.

What is this device found in cars that are designed to store rotational energy?

The battery

The flywheel

The energy sink

The storage unit

The flywheel
A flywheel is a large disc mounted to the end of a spinning shaft that serves to smooth out power pulses and store energy through rotational momentum. These are carefully weighted to the crankshaft of the automobile to smooth out the unpleasant feeling generated by even minor imbalances.

What automobile component is used to check fluid levels?


Tank derrick

Immersion measure

Oil plumb

There are several dipsticks in your automobile, but the most well-known one is used to monitor engine oil levels. Pull the dipstick fully out, clean it, and then replace it in the tank to receive an exact reading. If you pull it out again, you’ll notice if extra lube is required.

What is this bulbous portion of your car’s exhaust system in the picture?

Restrictor plate




Your automobile runs on a steady stream of explosions, and all of that combustion may produce a lot of noise. By passing the sound through a series of fiberglass pockets and resonance chambers, the muffler helps to attenuate it.

What is the name of this device in the photo that minimizes the toxicity of vehicle exhaust?

The sequester

The catalytic converter

The redox device

The purifier

The catalytic converter
Chemical processes are used by catalytic converters to transform contaminants in the automotive exhaust into less damaging emissions. It can cut emissions from automobiles by up to 40%!

Many sports cars have one of these accessories on the back. What is it called?



Down wing

Trunk topper

Spoilers are designed to alter airflow above, around, and under cars in order to minimize wind resistance (or drag) or to use the air to generate greater downforce and increase grip at high speeds.

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