Only True 80s Kids Will Remember These Lesser-Known Toys!

What was the primary function of the toy “Computer Perfection”?

Voice synthesizer

Light pattern memory game

Remote control car

Educational math tutor

Computer Perfection is a light pattern memory game, similar in concept to “Simon,” where players must remember and reproduce sequences of flashing lights.

Which of these was a fashion-focused toy for children?

Fashion Plates




Fashion Plates allowed children to design outfits by combining different plates that they could then rub to create an outline, which they could color in.

What is unique about the toy “Popples”?

They transform into balls

They glow in the dark

They speak phrases

They have scented fur

Popples are plush toys that can tuck into a ball, making them both a stuffed animal and a ball for playful versatility.

What does the “Starcom: The U.S. Space Force” toy line feature?

Magnetic figurines

Water-powered rockets

Solar-powered vehicles

Battery-operated robots

Starcom toys feature magnetic figurines which allow for automatic deployment of vehicles and stabilization on metal surfaces, enhancing play interaction.

Which toy was known for its customizable ring system?

Battle Beasts

Ring Raiders

Army Ants

Sky Commanders

Ring Raiders is a toy line that includes miniature airplanes which are worn on rings, allowing battles to be imagined on the hands of kids.

What did the toy “Madballs” resemble?


Human faces


Sports balls

Madballs are foam balls designed with grotesque faces and features, each with a unique and often humorous appearance.

Which toy involved building with magnetic rods and steel balls?

Lincoln Logs




Geomag is a construction toy that utilizes magnetic rods and steel balls to create a variety of shapes and structures, promoting creativity and spatial skills.

What was the “Glo Worm” toy designed to do?


Light up



Glo Worm toys are plush toys designed to light up when squeezed, offering comfort and a friendly glow to children at night.

Which toy allowed for voice recording and playback?


Teddy Ruxpin

Speak & Spell

Yak Bak

Yak Bak is a handheld digital recording device from the 80s that allowed kids to record and play back their voice or sounds, often with distortion effects.

What feature did the “Snugglebumms” toy have?

They could walk

They glowed when squeezed

They made giggling sounds

They changed colors in sunlight

Snugglebumms were plush toys that giggled when shaken, providing auditory stimulation and encouraging interactive play.

What was the primary feature of “My Pet Monster”?

Wearable mask

Scented fur

Recordable voice

Detachable handcuffs

My Pet Monster came with distinctive, break-apart handcuffs, highlighting its theme of a friendly monster who could be “captured” and then escape.

What could the “Cricket Doll” do?

Walk on its own

Sing songs

Repeat words

Change outfits

The “Cricket Doll” was capable of singing songs and telling stories through a cassette player located in its back, providing interactive entertainment.

What was the feature of “Waterful Ring-Toss”?

Water-filled game

Battery-powered lights

Sound effects

Color-changing rings

Waterful Ring-Toss is a water-filled game where players press buttons to propel rings to catch on pegs, relying on manual dexterity and timing.

What was “Wacky WallWalkers” known for?

Sticking to walls

Changing colors

Glowing in dark

Making noise

Wacky WallWalkers were sticky octopus-shaped toys that could be thrown against walls and would “walk” down them due to their sticky surface.

What is the primary action of “Sky Dancers”?

They spin and fly

They sing

They light up

They change colors

Sky Dancers are toys that fly into the air by pulling a cord, spinning with their wing-like arms, which allows them to lift off.

What interactive feature did “Chubbles” have?

Light-up nose

Sound when squeezed

Motion-activated lights and sounds

Change facial expressions

Chubbles were plush toys equipped with light sensors, activating lights and sounds when they detected movement, providing surprise and delight.

What did “Boglins” primarily mimic?





Boglins were hand puppet toys made of flexible rubber, designed to resemble grotesque, mythical creatures, adding a fun and eerie element to puppet play.

What type of toy was “Thistle Blocks”?

Building blocks

Soft dolls

Pull-along cars

Electronic game

Thistle Blocks were unique building toys featuring interlocking pieces with soft, thistle-like bristles that could easily stick together.

What was unique about “Fluppy Dogs”?

They could swim

Keychain accessory

Brushable fur

They were stackable

Fluppy Dogs featured long, brushable fur, marketed with their distinctive, fluffy appearance and grooming play aspect.

What was the engaging feature of “Magic Sand”?

It floated in water

It changed colors

It never dried out

It glowed in the dark

Magic Sand is a hydrophobic sand that repels water, allowing it to be sculpted underwater and when removed, it becomes instantly dry.

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