Real Fans Score 90% On This Stranger Things Quiz. Dare to Take The Challenge?

Are you a real fan of this Netflix series? If you watched all the seasons then you can pass our Stranger Things quiz without a hitch!

The Demogorgon, often known as the Monster, was a major antagonist in Stranger Things’ first season. What happened to Eleven after she defeated the Demogorgon?

Castle Byers

The Upside Down

Hawkins Lab

Mike’s Basement

The Upside Down
Eleven disappeared into the Upside Down while fighting the Demogorgon. She eventually discovered the Demogorgon’s gateway established when it entered the school. She created a gateway large enough for her to crawl through and into the real world.

Suzie met Dustin while attending summer camp at Camp Know Where. They ultimately become romantically involved. Where does Suzie live?


The Upside Down



Suzie enjoys science and comic books, much like Dustin. She is shy and silent as a result of her devout family and looks, which contributes to her nerdiness. A ham radio is used by Dustin and Suzie to converse.

Eleven discovers Will in the Upside Down while floating in her homemade sensory deprivation tank. Do you remember where Will stayed?

In Hawker’s Lab

On the middle of the road

In the Byers’ living room

Inside Castle Byers

Inside Castle Byers
Will Byers and Jonathan Byers built Castle Byers in the woodland near the Byers residence as a temporary fort. Will hid at Castle Byers after escaping his residence in the Upside Down. He hid for three days from the Demogorgon there. Thankfully, Eleven was able to track him down before they lost contact.





The second season begins with the four friends playing Dragon’s Lair at a local arcade, a 1983 arcade game known for its visuals and, as Dustin puts it, for being “overpriced bullsh**.” Don Bluth and Rick Dyer designed Dragon’s Lair because they wanted to make something bigger than the tiny graphics found in previous games. Daphne is the princess in the game.

Hopper assumed responsibility for Eleven, almost as if she were his daughter. Do you recall what song he began dancing to in try to brighten up Eleven?

Wake Me Up Before You Go by Wham!

You Don’t Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce

When Doves Cry by Prince

Karma Chameleon by Culture Club

You Don’t Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce
“You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” is a 1972 single by Jim Croce from his album of the same name. The song was also Croce’s debut single released in 1972. This is the song Hopper dances to in order to cheer Eleven up. And, as you would expect, he became a meme.

Despite his carefree lifestyle, Chief Hopper was nonetheless troubled by his past. Do you recall what story he read to his daughter when she was hospitalized?

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Anne of Green Gables

The Chronicles of Narnia

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Anne of Green Gables
Sara Hopper was Jim and Diane Hopper’s only child. She was born and reared in New York before being afflicted with cancer and passing suddenly tragically. We see Hopper reading Anne of Green Gables in one of the first season’s flashbacks.

Hawkins National Laboratory abducted and raised Eleven. She was the “011” test subject. Do you, however, know her real name?





Jane is Eleven’s true name. Her mother gave her the name Eleven when Brenner informed her that the pregnancy was a miscarriage. She did, however, make a frantic attempt to reclaim her daughter. She will never be a mother as a result of all of the tests and medicines that have been conducted on her.

Dustin returns home from camp in the third episode of the season. Do you recall what kind of summer camp he went to?

Science Camp

Dungeons and Dragons Camp

Basketball Camp

Math Camp

Science Camp
Dustin traveled to Camp Know Where in the summer of 1985 and met Suzie, who became his girlfriend. Despite his friends’ warm welcome, Dustin felt left out and required some time to adjust to the new power dynamics.

What is the name of Eleven’s biological mother?

Vicky Tomlinson

Margaret White

Terry Ives

Becky Howard

Terry Ives
Terry Ives is Eleven’s biological mother, although she is not her legal guardian because her mental condition was ruined when she tried to reclaim her daughter from Hawkins National Laboratory.

What is the name of the building on which the terrifying Mind Flayer resides?

Brinborn Metals

Erinborn Metals

Erimborn Steel and Metal Factory

Brimborn Steelworks

Brimborn Steelworks
The human world celebrated a modest victory when the Demodogs were defeated and the Gate was sealed. The ethereal piece of the Mind Flayer that departed Will’s body sat dormant at Brimborn Steel Works until the events of July 1985, thanks to the telepathic link to his primary form in the Upside Down.

What is the name of the girl Robin confesses to Steve that she likes?

Nancy Wheeler

Maya Hawke

Tammy Thompson

Barb Holland

Tammy Thompson
Stranger Things’ third season featured Robin Buckley as a prominent character. She and Steve both worked at Scoops Ahoy. Robin enjoyed making fun of Steve since she was envious of him in high school because her crush, Tammy Thompson, liked him.

Brenner used numerous experiments to stretch Eleven’s skills to their maximum. He took advantage of Eleven and used him to advance his “scientific knowledge.” What did Eleven call him?

Mr. Martin




Brenner has a long relationship with Eleven: not only did he shape her youth, but he was also responsible for her birth. Brenner had tested her mother Terry, who had agreed to be an MKUltra subject. Eleven was abused and mistreated throughout her youth. Dr. Brenner was Eleven’s only acquaintance, therefore she referred to him as “Papa.”

In Season 1, which of the following quotes did Eleven not say?


“Bad Place”

“Do You Lie?”

“Friends Don’t Lie”

“Do You Lie?”
In the first season, Eleven doesn’t say much. She does, however, acquire a few words and sentences with Mike’s coaching, including “poor location,” “friends don’t lie,” and “mouthbreather.”

Sam was a high-ranking official of the US Department of Energy in the second season and is a prominent character. He was charged with putting an end to the unusual happenings in Hawkins. What is Sam’s last name?





Dr. Sam Owens was a high-ranking US Department of Energy official. He took over as Director of Operations at Hawkins Lab from Dr. Brenner. He assisted Jim Hopper in formalizing Eleven’s adoption as his daughter.

Mike’s love relationship with Eleven continues to flourish over the summer of 1985. In one episode, he gets Eleven a birthday present. Do you have any idea how much it was?





Mike and El’s connection was growing stronger in 1985, much to El’s father’s chagrin. Hopper was worried enough that he threatened Mike with not spending time with Eleven. Mike obeyed his orders out of fear, but Eleven then dumped him. Mike bought her a $3.50 present in the Mall with his pals to make amends.

Caleb McLaughlin plays Lucas Sinclair, a prominent character in Stranger Things. He develops a love involvement with Max in the third season. What is his middle name?





Lucas Charles Sinclair is a courageous young guy who is unafraid to fall in love and is always ready to defend his friends and family. Even when playing D&D, he’s the most pragmatic of the bunch.

Which of the following characters has never been to the terrifying Upside Down?





The Upside Down is an other realm that exists alongside our own. The Mind Flayer controls a hive mind that connects most, if not all, plants and wildlife. Nancy, Jim, and Shepard are among the characters who have visited the Upside Down. Unfortunately, Steve was too afraid to travel in the first season.

Dungeons & Dragons, the classic role-playing game that exploded in popularity in the 1980s, is one of the most essential pop culture allusions in the Stranger Things universe. Do you recall what Eleven’s D&D title was?

The Warrior

The Mage

The Paladin

The Ranger

The Mage
This is a no-brainer! In the group’s D&D party, Eleven is the wizard. That’s because the mage is the game’s most powerful magic user, which matches to Eleven’s psychic abilities in real life.

Jim Hopper apprehended Alexei, a Russian employee of the Key. Later, he, Joyce, and Murray went on a run together. What did Hopper call this character?





Alexei had a childlike attitude throughout his brief association with Hopper, Joyce, and Murray. He liked Slurpees and cartoons, and he wished he could attend the Hawkins 4th of July Fun Fair. Smirnoff was his nickname.

Dustin wants to turn around while searching for Will in the rain. When they hear rustling in the woods and see Eleven, Mike and Lucas dispute about continuing ahead. In the first episode, how many words did Eleven say?





Eleven is a quiet person. Eleven says only three words in the first episode: “No,” “Eleven,” and “Eleven.” In the first season, she talks an average of 30 words every episode.

The main monster and adversary of Season 2 is the terrible entity that governs the parallel dimension known as the Upside Down. What is it called?


The Mind Flayer

The Flying Dutchman


The Mind Flayer
Stranger Things’ major adversary, the Mind Flayer, also known as the Shadow Monster, first appeared in season two. It’s an enormously strong entity of unknown origin who controls the Upside Down. It tries to corrupt both Hawkins and the rest of the world on a regular basis, with malicious purpose.

Dr. Brenner, a senior research scientist, conducted studies on Eleven after MKUltra and pushed her powers to their limits numerous times. What did Mike promise Eleven when she was vulnerable after her confrontation with Dr. Brenner?

They’ll build a fort in the woods

They’ll go to the Snow Ball

He’ll teach her how to play D&D

They’ll set up her room in his basement

They’ll go to the Snow Ball
When Brenner learned that Eleven was staying with Will’s friends, he dispatched agents to apprehend her, but Eleven managed to elude them. Despite this, she felt weak whenever she employed her skills. As a result, Mike assured her that if she improved, they would go to the Snow Ball.

Murray encountered Jim Hopper outside the police station on the morning of October 30, 1984, where he claimed to know of a conspiracy in Hawkins. What was he referring to?

Russian spy presence

Eleven possessing powers

The Mind Flayer

Mike and Eleven’s relationship

Russian spy presence
Marru Bauman appears in the second and third seasons of Stranger Things as a recurring character. He becomes a key character in the fourth. As a former investigative journalist, he believes Hawkins is being invaded by Russians. Hopper is skeptical until he mentions a “Russian girl with psychic abilities.”

The battles between Dustin and Lucas were a highlight of the series. Do you recall what delectable treat they stole from the cafeteria while you were at school?

Chocolate Pudding

Ice Cream


Dr. Pepper

Chocolate Pudding
Dustin Henderson is a sweet and sensible character who has made us chuckle numerous times. Lucas Sinclair, on the other hand, is a sarcastic, unforgiving, and tenacious character. Since the beginning of the series, the two have had a strong and amusing relationship. They’ve also had a number of fights. One of the quarrels was over chocolate pudding!

When Eleven performed well, Dr. Brenner would show her affection. He subjected her to brutal psychological torment after she disobeyed him. But do you know what he did with Eleven’s abilities?

To spy on the Russians

To brainwash the citizens of Hawkins

To rule the world

To teleport to Russia

To spy on the Russians
Dr. Brenner professed to be using Eleven to “expand” his scientific understanding. However, the US government pushed him to undertake tests so that they might spy on the Soviet Union and gain an advantage in the Cold War.

Around the summer of 1985, Nancy and Jonathan started working at a local newspaper. Unfortunately, they get fired within the first weeks. Do you know the newspaper’s name?

The Hawkins Gazette

The Hawkins Times

The Hawkins Post

The Stranger Times

The Hawkins Post
Nancy worked as a writer while Jonathan worked as a photographer for the newspaper. The male journalists, on the other hand, would spend their days insulting and criticizing Nancy for being the lone female journalist. When Tom, their Chief Editor, is possessed by the Mind Flayer, both of them are fired.

Eleven’s aunt tried to persuade Joyce and Hopper that Terry, her sister, did not have a daughter. Terry, in fact, suffered a miscarriage, according to her. What is the name of Eleven’s aunt?

Becky Ives

Saint Ives

Annie Ives

Bethy Ives

Becky Ives
Terry Ives’ sister and Eleven’s aunt is Becky Ives. Becky has always been unaware of her sister’s involvement in the Hawkins National Laboratory research. That’s why, assuming Terry had miscarried, she was suspicious of Terry’s claim that Martin Brenner had taken her newborn daughter Jane.

Kellogg’s Eggo is a frozen waffle brand sold in the United States. Because of Eleven’s infatuation with them, they’ve become a Stranger Things symbol. Do you recall how many Eggos boxes she took from the store?





The morning after Mike and the party discovered her, Eleven was exposed to Eggo waffles for the first time. Mike handed her a waffle at breakfast, which resulted in a waffle addiction. Eggos were the sole meal El grabbed from Bradley’s Big Buy while she was stranded in the woods.

The trick to enticing a female, according to Steve, is to seem as if you don’t care, even if you do. Use a special hairspray, of course. Do you have any idea what it’s called?

Farrah Fawcett

Aqua Spray

Aqua Net


Farrah Fawcett
The famed Farrah Fawcett hairspray is Steve’s secret to being the school’s playboy and attracting females. Dustin befriends Steve and asks for his aid with the females, and Steve gives him this advice.

We’ve all seen how smart Robin is by now. The Russians’ secrets would almost certainly never be uncovered if it weren’t for her. At least, not according to Steve. Do you recall the three languages she speaks in addition to English?

Spanish, French, and German

French, Spanish, and Italian

Spanish, Italian, and German

Spanish, French, and Mandarin

French, Spanish, and Italian
True, Robin is a brilliant young woman who speaks four languages fluently: Spanish, French, Italian, and pig Latin. Robin is able to interpret and learn Russian while listening to a Russian broadcast, demonstrating her aptitude to learn a new language.

While everyone was looking forward to Winona Ryder’s comeback in the Stranger Things series, Millie Bobby Brown was the true star of the episode. Which episode did she not appear in?


“Will the Wise”

“The Spy”

“The Sauna Test”

“The Spy”
Stranger Things has just two characters that have featured in every episode. Mike and Hopper are their names. In contrast, Eleven was absent from the episode “The Spy.”

On what date did the Russians attempt to reopen the portal to the Other Side for the first time?

July 1, 1984

June 30, 1983

June 25, 1985

June 28, 1984

June 28, 1984
The Right, sometimes known as the Gate, was a doorway to the upside-down situated in Hawkins National’s subterranean subsystem. In 1985, a group of Soviet scientists attempted to reopen the Gate with the Key gadget. But that wasn’t the first time they tried. On June 28, 1984, Soviet scientists opened the Gate, which resulted in massive energy releases, forcing them to seal it.

Mike is heartbroken at Eleven’s departure in Season 2 and attempts to contact her via the supercomm. How often did Eleven ignore his messages?





Eleven was always attentive when Mike contacted her and spoke to her for hours. When the two are reunited, she acknowledges it. “I never gave up on you, I called you every night,” Mike says. Every evening for-” “353 days,” Eleven responds.

Do you recall the Dungeons & Dragons location Dustin compares to the Upside Down?

The Sunless Citadel

The Vale of Shadows

The Barrow of the Forgotten King

The Bastion of Broken Souls

The Vale of Shadows
The fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons was initially released in 1974. Mike, Lucas, Will, and Dustin, who play the 1983 Expert edition in Mike’s basement, find it to be a popular pastime. The Vale of Shadows is compared to the Upside Down by Dustin.

In the first season, who wore Eleven’s pink dress?





Mike and the other guys drove El to school in the first season so she could use Mr. Clarke’s Heathkit radio to contact Will. They put Eleven in a blonde wig and borrowed a pink dress from Nancy and drove her to Hawkins Middle School.

Karen Wheeler is Nancy, Mike, and Holly’s caring but naive mother. She gets a crush on Billy in the third season and flirts with him at the local pool. What was the title of the book she was reading at the time?

To Kill a Mockingbird


Tender Is The Night

50 Shades of Grey

Tender Is The Night
Mrs. Wheeler visits the local pool on a frequent basis when she is sexually attracted to Billy Hargrove, generally with Tender Is The Night by her side. When Billy offers her “swimming lessons,” she understands how selfish this is and decides to stay with her family.

What is the first line of the Russian code cracked by Dustin, Robin, and Steve?

A trip to China sounds nice if you tread lightly

The silver cat feeds when blue meets yellow in the west

The week is long


The week is long
The complete code is as follows: The week is long. When blue meets yellow in the west, the silver cat eats. If you tread cautiously, a vacation to China seems appealing. Following that, Steve discovers that the coding is designating locations in the mall as Russian drop-off points.

As Mike and Eleven’s bond became stronger, Hopper had to establish some ground rules for Eleven. Do you recall when she and Mike split out from the rest of the group due to her curfew?

3:00 PM

4:00 PM

5:00 PM

10:00 PM

4:00 PM
Because to the events of the previous year, Hopper is exceedingly possessive and protective of Eleven in season 3. Eleven and Mike, on the other hand, are now a relationship, with Mike routinely visiting the cabin to spend time with her, much to Hopper’s chagrin. Hopper did, however, impose certain restrictions during his visit, including a 4:00 p.m. curfew and no excursions to the Starcourt Mall.

Which of these names did not appear on walkies during the legendary episode “The Battle of Starcourt”?

Scoops Troop

Griswold Family

Bald Eagle

Who Else

Who Else
The organization is given many codes by Dustin, including Bald Eagle, Griswold Family, and Scoops Troop. However, not Who Else. Murray’s code was Bald Eagle, the Griswolds’ code was Griswold Family, and Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica’s code was Scoops Troop.

Dustin had to evict his turtle in order to make room for his “pollywog.” What was the name of the turtle??





Yertle is Dustin’s turtle, who first debuted in the second season’s third episode, “The Pollywog.” Dustin throws out his turtle to make room for the new pet after discovering what he assumes to be a pollywog in the garbage. This sent the internet into a frenzy.

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