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When people claim that dogs are man's best friends, they are most definitely not joking. Many people have experienced "one of those days," but no matter what, your dog was always able to make you feel better. See whether you know everything there is to know about dogs by taking this quiz!

Despite having a Beagle-like appearance, this dog really belongs to an entirely other breed. They are lankier and slimmer than Beagles, as you can see.


Polish Hound

Parson Russell Terrier


The Harrier, please. This breed’s fame stems from its usefulness as a hunting companion for the English. A large group of Harriers are often brought by hunting groups.

This breed is said to have been created to hunt in packs, however, given their small stature, it may be hard to comprehend.

Old English Terrier

Cesky Terrier


Scottish Terrier

Cesky Terrier
The Cesky Terrier, please. They differ from other Terriers in that they have more energy and perseverance.

Which breed of dog lives the longest?

Toy Poodle

Australian Cattle Dog


Yorkshire Terrier

Chihuahuas can live to the ripe old age of 20, when the average canine can expect to live for 10 to 13 years.

This kind of dog has been employed in a wide range of jobs, including truffle hunting and gun dog.

Norwegian Lundehund

Lagotto Romagnolo

Münsterländer, Small


Lagotto Romagnolo
Consider the Lagotto Romagnolo. Although this breed may have begun with professional goals in mind, it is currently primarily chosen for adoption due to its charming look.

Look at this adorable dog! This breed has amazing climbing skills, which you can’t tell by looking at it.


Skye Terrier

Redbone Coonhound


It belongs to Telomia. The Malaysian Orang Asli people are the breeders of this canine. The Telomian can climb so effectively because these people had stilt homes.

Although this remarkable dog breed typically has little hair, when it does, it is quite noteworthy.


St. John’s Water Dog

Thai Ridgeback

Sussex Spaniel

Thai Ridgeback
The name of this man is a Thai Ridgeback. Its name refers to the hairy ridge that runs along its back. A trait like that is rare in breeds!

Despite having a beagle-like appearance, this dog breed is quite uncommon.

English Foxhound

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cirneco dell’Etna

Dogue de Bordeaux

English Foxhound
The English Foxhound is a very old breed of dog. Actually, the AKC acknowledged it in 1909. These canines are renowned for being devoted and extremely active.

Another designer dog with a Poodle as a father is seen here. The usual Poodle traits are there, but who was the other parent?

Miniature Pinscher




It turns out that this Poodle’s pup was a Pekingese mix. They combine to form a Peekapoo.

Another dog that was produced by breeding Poodles may be seen here. What is the name of the child in this instance when a Labrador was introduced into the mix?





It is not surprising that this breed of designer dog is dubbed the Labradoodle because it resembles the Goldendoodle so closely.

Because it is a cross between two of the most iconic and well-known breeds, each with its own distinctive traits, this designer dog is simple to recognize.

Pug + Labrador

Labrador + Beagle

Pug + Beagle

Chihuahua + Labrador

Pug + Beagle
This guy has a Pug-like nose and Beagle-like ears. This adorable dog breed is known as a Puggle.

This breed is well-known for its brilliant red color. There are very few dogs with this 
unique coloration.

Maremma Sheepdog

Pandikona Hunting Dog


Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz
Watch the Finnish Spitz in action! Another breed that was created especially for hunting is this one. This time, it was for small game hunting in Finland.

With curly fur and a big stature, this designer dog captures the best of the big dog and small dog worlds.

Australian Shepherd + Poodle

German Shepherd + Pomeranian

Sheepdog + Porcelaine

Podengo + Pointer

Australian Shepherd + Poodle
Aussiedoodles are puppies that are a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. Both breeds are obviously seen there!

In 101 Dalmatians, Roger’s pet dog is actually the one responsible for finding Roger’s wife, and a female Dalmatian for himself, too. With all 101 puppies, there are a lot of names to remember, but can you remember daddy Dalmatian’s name?





The parents of these 101 Dalmatians were Pongo and Perdita. They only actually had 15 Dalmatians as children, but they moved quickly to adopt the other 84. Together, the two parents and 15 add up to 101.

This special kind of Terrier was bred for elegance and dignity. While they are lesser-known, they make great family pets.

Skye Terrier

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sporting Lucas Terrier

Skye Terrier
It makes sense that the Skye Terrier resembles a Scotty dog. These dogs were raised on Scotland’s Isle of Skye.

In All Dogs Go to Heaven, a German Shepherd comes back from heaven to learn a lesson about friendship. Do you remember the name of this dog protagonist in this animated musical comedy?

Chewey Bone


Charlie B. Barkin

Chase N. Catch

Charlie B. Barkin
Charlie B. Barkin is the name of the dog who has returned from the afterlife. The name is absurd enough to fit the film’s humorous mood. This cartoon German Shepherd was voiced by Burt Reynolds.

It doesn’t get much more classic than “The Wizard of Oz”. Dorothy carries a Cairn Terrier through her entire journey through the land of Oz. So what was her dog’s name?





Toto was the name of Dorothy’s small Cairn Terrier. She was billed as Toto, although the dog’s true name was Terry. Considering she received no credit for the other 15 movies she acted in, getting the wrong credit isn’t that horrible. Terry truly was a talented actor, because she was playing a male dog in the Wizard of Oz.

Don’t forget the huge St. Bernard that slobbers all over the Newton family. This titular dog spawned seven sequels and even a television series.





Beethoven was the only person who could be the large St. Bernard. He triumphs against a villainous veterinarian in the first movie.

What a beautiful dog this is, but can you guess what its parents were? It is a combination of two very similar dogs, so the result is incredibly subtle.

Mudi + Mastiff

Poodle + Scottish Terrier

Golden Retreiver + Labrador Retriever

Majorca Shepherd Dog + Maremma Sheepdog

Golden Retreiver + Labrador Retriever
What you are seeing is a Goldador, which is a Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever crossed.

In one of Tom Hank’s early films, he plays a police officer named Turner who adopts the dog of a murder victim. Do you remember the name of the Dogue de Bordeaux, which appears in the title?





In the movie Turner & Hooch, police officer Turner took in the dog Hooch. A dog called Beasley performed the role of Hooch.

The story of this Japanese Akita Inu is based on a real story of a dog who waited for his owner to return for nine years after his owner’s death. This is a touching story of a dog’s never-ending loyalty. What is the name of the main dog?





The dog’s name is Hachi, and the film is titled Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. There aren’t many images more poignant and sincere than this loyal dog, and the fact that the narrative is based on a true story just adds to how powerful it is.

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