Take This Survival Quiz To Demonstrate Your Ability To Withstand Nature’s Wrath!

Everyone has wondered what would happen if they got stuck somewhere and nobody came to help them at some point in their lives. How could you survive? Everyone has a chance to survive if they know what to do. See your chances by taking this quiz!

What should you do in a survival situation to boost morale and reduce stress first?

Concentrate on the positive

Run around to see if anyone else is with you

Realize the odds of getting rescued are slim

Patiently wait

Concentrate on the positive
In the long run, your initial mindset may save your life. Many people without formal survival training have survived in the wild by remaining composed, positive, and focused on the positive.

What should you do if you come into contact with a snake in the wild?

Find a mouse to lure it away

Walk away or give it a wide berth as you go around it

Lie down on the ground and pretend you are dead

Run fast

Walk away or give it a wide berth as you go around it
Avoiding contact with a snake is the best course of action. You should turn around and head back the way you came.

There should be a fire in your shelter area as well. What are the advantages of starting a fire?

Signal to passing boats and planes


All of these

Cooking food

All of these
A fire provides warmth. If a boat passes by, it will notice the fire and realize a person is on the island.

How can you stay away from dangerous animal encounters?

Stay out of caves

Stay out of the deep end of water

Watch where you step

All of these

All of these
You never know what animals may be found on the island. Some predators use caves as dens, whereas sharks prefer to lurk in the deepest parts of the ocean.

To avoid a confrontation, which action is preferable if you encounter a large cat, such as a lynx or mountain lion?

Stare at it directly in the eyes

Make yourself look bigger than you actually are and yell at it

Stay perfectly still

Turn your back on it and run

Make yourself look bigger than you actually are and yell at it
Big cats prefer to catch their prey off guard. You may scare the cat away by making yourself appear more significant than you are.

The shore is the best place to find shelter. What is the reason for this?

You can quickly signal to any passing planes or ships

The sand is more comfortable to sleep on

The ocean serves as a water source

The sound of waves is soothing

You can quickly signal to any passing planes or ships
You’ll need to send out signals to help someone find you. Making your shelter near the water’s edge allows easy fire signal or rock formation access.

Which of these should NOT be your priority if shipwrecked on an island?


Food and water



You’ll need food, water, shelter, and safety to survive on a deserted island. Entertainment is not required. However, talking to a nearby object can help if you need to relax.

What can you collect from the island to help build a fire if you don’t have a lens?



Dry tinder

All of these

All of these
Any dry foliage will aid in the start of a fire. Initially, it would help to gather some twigs and branches to form a small teepee.

What supplies can you scavenge for if you become stranded?

Sheets of plastic


All of these


All of these
Everything has the potential to be helpful. Try to collect as much as possible because items from the boat or plane may wash up on the shore in large quantities.

What symptoms indicate heat stroke?

Lack of sweating even though it is hot out

All of these



All of these
The signs of heat stroke are numerous. The rapid heartbeat and throbbing headache are additional symptoms.

Hippos are fiercely possessive animals. What should you never do if you see one of the following?

Stand between it and its calf

All of these

Surprise it

Block its path

All of these
Despite their adorable appearance, hippos are among the most dangerous animals you can encounter. Keep your distance because they move faster than you anticipate.

Should you consume salt water?

No, it will not taste good

Yes, it will thoroughly hydrate you

No, your body will lose more water trying to digest it

Yes, whales are mammals and drink it

No, your body will lose more water trying to digest it
Drinking salt water is not advised, even if you are already dehydrated. You’ll become even more dehydrated as a result.

How do you recognize a black widow spider?

They only have six eyes

They have tufts of hair on the abdomen

They have large red fangs

They are dark spiders, and the females have red or orange marks on the abdomens

They are dark spiders, and the females have red or orange marks on the abdomens
It’s essential to identify spiders because one bite could be disastrous. The red markings on the abdomens help to identify black widow spiders.

How can a shark attack be prevented?

Avoid being around large groups of fish

All of these

Avoid murky water

Stay out of the water when you are bleeding

All of these
You might have to get in the water to catch fish to eat. However, you should avoid the water if it is murky, there are numerous fish nearby, or there is blood nearby.

Where do mosquitoes tend to gather the most?

By standing water

On sand

Within tree canopies

By the plants

By standing water
The breeding ground for mosquitoes is stagnant water. It would help if you either tried to remove any standing water safely before setting up camp there or avoided doing so.

What should you do first when constructing a shelter?

Make sure the area is safe

Collect leaves

Build a fire first

Gather all your food in one place

Make sure the area is safe
Make sure the neighborhood is secure first. You don’t want to construct your shelter near a place where wild animals might be hiding.

Which characteristics indicate that a fish is toxic or poisonous to consume?

They have parrot-like mouths

All of these

They live in the reef

They usually have boxy shapes

All of these
It’s dangerous to eat a lot of fish species. Keep an eye out for cowfish, oilfish, and pufferfish.

Which of these fish poses a threat to people?


Moray eel

All of these


All of these
Most people are aware that sharks should be avoided. However, numerous fish species prey on humans in a variety of situations.

What do you plan on using to cover your teepee?


Spare clothing

Spare items you found

Large leaves and other foliage

Large leaves and other foliage
You want to cover the teepee with foliage once all the branches are in place. It will be best to use large leaves.

In some cases, a cave can serve as a place of safety. Where should you stay in the cave if this is your only option?

Directly outside of the cave

By the mouth

Through some of the corridors inside the cave

Deep inside

By the mouth
Because you never know whether animals are also using a cave for shelter, you must exercise caution when entering one. In a pinch, you ought to remain by the mouth, though. You won’t get lost inside that way.

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