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What is the Voynich Manuscript?

A medieval medical text

An ancient astronomical chart

An undeciphered coded manuscript

A lost literary work of Shakespeare

The Voynich Manuscript is known for its mysterious content that has yet to be deciphered. Its pages are filled with unknown symbols and illustrations that suggest it could be a sort of scientific text.

Where was the Antikythera Mechanism discovered?

Off the coast of Greece

In the Egyptian pyramids

Inside a Mayan temple

Near Stonehenge

The Antikythera Mechanism was discovered in 1901 in the remains of a shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island Antikythera. It’s an ancient Greek analog computer.

What is the main controversy around the Shroud of Turin?

Its creator

The person it depicts

Its age

The materials used

The main controversy surrounding the Shroud of Turin involves its age, with debates centered on whether it dates back to the time of Jesus or is a medieval forgery.

What was the purpose of the Baghdad Battery?

Cooking vessel

Electrical experiments

Religious rituals

Storage jar

The Baghdad Battery is theorized to have been used for electroplating or other simple electrical experiments, based on its design and residue analysis.

The Crystal Skulls are alleged to be from?

Aztec civilization

Ancient Egypt


Viking explorers

Crystal Skulls are often claimed to be pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts from the Aztec civilization, although there is significant debate about their authenticity and origin.

What mystery is associated with the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Their destruction

Their authors

The language used

The materials on which they were written

The Dead Sea Scrolls, found in the Qumran Caves, are surrounded by mystery regarding who wrote them, with theories ranging from Jewish sects like the Essenes to unknown groups.

What legendary city is the Ark of the Covenant associated with?

El Dorado




The Ark of the Covenant is traditionally said to be housed in the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum, Ethiopia, making Axum a city of legendary significance.

What is the Rosetta Stone known for?

Decoding Egyptian hieroglyphs

First laws of Babylon

Oldest map of the world

Detailed record of ancient Olympics

The Rosetta Stone was crucial in deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs due to its inscribed texts being repeated in three different scripts.

The Dropa Stones are believed to tell the story of

An ancient Chinese dynasty

Visitors from another planet

A lost Roman legion

The first emperor of China

The Dropa Stones are controversial artifacts that some claim tell the story of extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times, though many consider these stories to be pseudoscience or hoaxes.

What is the primary debate about the Piltdown Man?

Where he lived

Its discovery site

Its authenticity

The age of the fossils

The Piltdown Man was a paleontological hoax involving forged fossils found in the UK. The main debate centered on the authenticity of these fossils until they were proven fraudulent.

Where was the Nebra Sky Disk discovered?

In a German cave

On a Swedish ship

In a French museum

Near Stonehenge

The Nebra Sky Disk was discovered in 1999 by treasure hunters in a forest near Nebra, Germany. It is one of the oldest known representations of the night sky.

What is the Dendera light bulb theory based on?

Ancient carvings

Medieval texts

Renaissance paintings

Modern scientific analysis

The Dendera light bulb theory is based on reliefs found in the Hathor temple at Dendera, Egypt, which some claim depict an ancient electrical device.

What does the Piri Reis map allegedly show?

Antarctica without ice

The Americas in 1492

Alien landing sites

Hidden treasure locations

The Piri Reis map, created in 1513, is noteworthy for allegedly showing Antarctica centuries before it was officially discovered, and remarkably, without ice cover.

What controversial claim is made about the Sacsayhuamán walls?

Built by aliens

Constructed overnight

Can withstand earthquakes

Used advanced technology

The Sacsayhuamán walls in Peru are famed for their precise stone cutting and fitting, leading some to speculate about the use of advanced ancient technology in their construction.

What is the Tărtăria tablets’ significance?

Oldest writing in Europe

First use of the wheel

Earliest form of binary code

Discovery of zero

The Tărtăria tablets, discovered in Romania in 1961, are thought to contain the earliest form of writing in Europe, dating back to around 5500 BCE.

Where is the controversial Glozel Tablets’ origin?





The Glozel Tablets, discovered in 1924 in Glozel, France, have stirred controversy due to claims that they contain ancient unknown script and bizarre symbols.

What is unique about the Phaistos Disc?

Made of gold

Contains a map

Undeciphered script

Oldest known book

The Phaistos Disc is known for its undeciphered script, which is composed of symbols stamped onto clay, dating to the Minoan civilization on Crete.

What theory surrounds the Cochno Stone?

It’s a star map

Marks burial sites

Predicts solar eclipses

Ancient game board

The Cochno Stone in Scotland is covered with swirling decorations that some researchers interpret as an ancient star map, although its true purpose remains a mystery.

What is controversial about the Kensington Runestone?

Its age

Its origin

Its authenticity

Its inscriptions

The Kensington Runestone, found in Minnesota, USA, has been a subject of controversy primarily regarding its authenticity, with debates over whether it’s a medieval artifact or a modern hoax.

What mystery surrounds the Iron Pillar of Delhi?

Its composition

Why it doesn’t rust

How it was transported

All of the above

The Iron Pillar of Delhi is mysterious for several reasons, including its resistance to corrosion, the purity of its metallurgy, and the logistics of its transportation in ancient times.

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