The Most Difficult “The Office” Trivia Test You’ll Ever Take

What do you recall about the well-known TV show The Office, from Michael's misquotes to Jim's numerous practical jokes? By passing this The Office quiz.

In the “Search Committee” episode, Robert Lipton asks Angela to marry him. What does Lipton do for a living?


Vice President


State Senator

State Senator
Robert Lipton, a state senator who is secretly gay and having an affair with Oscar, marries Angela. They share a nine-pound boy, or is it Dwight’s child?

A last-minute launch party for Ryan’s new Dunder Mifflin website needs to be organized by the Party Planning Committee. What does Phyllis mistakenly put on the signs in place of “Launch Party”?

Happy Birthday

Lanch Party

Lunch Party

Bachelorette Party

Lunch Party
Corporate is throwing a virtual launch party for Ryan’s brand-new company website, “Dunder Mifflin Infinity.” Michael makes the Party Planning Committee host an impromptu party after realizing he only received an invitation to a chat room and not the actual party. Phyllis, who is in charge of the sign, spells “Lunch Party” incorrectly.

What club do Toby, Oscar, and Pam join where they eat finger foods and discuss books?

Knights of the Night

Party-Planning Committee 

Here Comes Treble

Finer Things Club

Finer Things Club
The Finer Things Group, the “most elite club” at work, meets once a month to appreciate culture. Over tea and finger snacks, they talk about literature and the arts. Jim and Andy both make unsuccessful attempts to enter.

Where do Pam and Jim spend their first night away from one other?


New York City

Schrute Farms

Niagara Falls

Schrute Farms
Jim and Pam decide that Schrute Farms is where they must spend their first night away from each other after learning that Dwight has established a bed and breakfast there. The experience is just what you’d anticipate.

Who is Dwight’s cousin and a helper on his beet farm? They usually dress in Amish attire





Mose rarely ever talks, and he is frequently seen doing strange things like silently hopping across the roofs of people’s parked automobiles without apparent cause. Mose is his cousin and greatest buddy, and Dwight states that they live together.

What is Phyllis’ high school nickname, which Michael discovers despite having a little role in the wedding?

Ice Queen

Easy Rider



Easy Rider
Michael wants to steal the show during Phyllis’ wedding because he feels belittled by the fact that Phyllis’ wheelchair-bound father can carry her down the aisle. At the reception, he makes a speech in which he notes that Phyllis’ high school nickname was “Easy Rider,” and Bob Vance ejects him.

Which breed of dogs are there when the CEO of Sabre Jo Bennet comes to Dunder Mifflin?

Harlequin Great Danes

Pitbull Terriers

Alaskan Malamutes

Australian Shepherds

Harlequin Great Danes
Jo, represented by Kathy Bates, frequently comes to the workplace with her gigantic Harlequin Great Danes. Everyone attempts to ride them, according to Jo, and they seem to like sniffing crotches.

In the episode titled “Fun Run,” Dwight mercy-kills which of Angela’s cats?


Milky Way



While Angela and Dwight are secretly dating, she asks Dwight to take care of Sprinkles, one of her ill kittens. Dwight, on the other hand, ends the cat’s suffering since it was in pain.

What dish is Kevin famous for creating, which he drops and spills all over the workplace carpet?



 Beef Stew


In one of The Office’s classic cold starts, Kevin goes into great depth on the process of making Kevin’s Famous Chili. He stumbles while taking a vat of it up to the office, spilling the chili all over the floor and then frantically attempting to clean it up. This incredible scene was produced in a single take.

 In the last episode of The Office, which couple finally gets married after years of “will-they” or “won’t they”?

Ryan and Kell

Angela and Robert

Jim and Pam

Dwight and Angela

Dwight and Angela
The office crew reunites for Dwight and Angela’s wedding in the finale, which takes place a year after the documentary’s airing. Note: Because Dwight fooled Angela into marrying him once previously, this would be their second wedding.

Which cleaning tool that David Wallace invented after being fired and eventually purchased by NASA?

Scrub It

Suck It

Polish It

Blast It

Suck It
David Wallace and the executives are all dismissed after Sabre buys Dunder Mifflin. But David keeps going and starts a new company that makes a toy-collecting children’s vacuum named “Suck It.” Wallace tells in a later episode that NASA purchased his concept.

Jim buys Pam a teapot loaded with little presents for Secret Santa. Which one of these is NOT a gift from the teapot?

 Yogurt lid

 Hot sauce packets

Golf pencil

Jim’s high school yearbook picture

Yogurt lid
A high school yearbook photo of Jim, two hot sauce packets, a pencil for miniature golf, a tape, a Boggle timer, and a note—presumably declaring Jim’s love—are all found inside Pam’s teapot. Before she notices, he secretly leaves the letter.

To inspire the workforce, Andy consents to get a tattoo. What option did the office choose?

 A butterfly

A baby crawling

#1 Boss

A nard dog

A nard dog
Andy looks for methods to inspire his team members after being appointed office manager. One method is through an incentive scheme, in which he promises to have a tattoo, picked by the office if they meet a particular target. To his dismay, his incentive is successful, but instead of receiving anything embarrassing, the staff brings a puppy and says “Nard” in response to his moniker.

Jim impersonates Dwight while dressed as him and uses three “B’s” to identify his hobbies. Among the following, which one is NOT one of them?




Battlestar Galactica Beans

“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica” sums up Dwight’s interests in three terms; although he may also enjoy beans, this is not one of his major interests.

What song do Michael and Holly sing repeatedly after Holly Flax is sent to Nashua?

 “Life is a Highway”


“My Humps”

“Play That Funky Music”

 “Life is a Highway”
Michael helps Holly transfer her belongings to Darryl’s vehicle. The couple sings “Life is a Highway” over and again as they travel until they realize they need to break up.

In a game of “Hot or Not,” which actress do the colleagues disagree with?

Drew Barrymore

Hilary Swank

Sandra Bullock

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank is the subject of a fairly cruel “Hot or Not” workplace argument. The workplace is split equally until Michael finally walks by the collage of images of Hilary Swank pinned to the wall and casually remarks, “She’s hot.”

The office descends into a day of skiving off in the Office Olympics while Michael is away. Which of these wasn’t a part of the competition?


Guess the Elevator

Senor Loadenstein


Senor Loadenstein
The Office Olympics consist of several different sports, even if the gang does play Senor Loadenstein in another episode. These include “Who Can Put the Most M&Ms in their Mouth,” “Who Can Put the Most Flonkertons in Their Mouth,” “Guess the Elevator,” and Dunderball.

In the “Hot Girl” episode, a beautiful woman (played by Amy Adams) comes up at the workplace. What is it she is selling?


Scout Cookies



When Amy Adams portrayed the sexy purse girl in the first season of the program, she was not very well-known. Although she caught the attention of both Dwight and Michael in the episode, Jim ended up with the girl.

 What song does the workplace cover to bid their boss farewell on the night of the last Dundies?

 “Crazy Train”


“Season of Love”

 “My Life Would Suck Without You”

“Season of Love”
“9,986,000 Minutes,” a spoof of Rent’s “Season of Love,” details what Michael has accomplished in his 9,986,000 minutes at work. Michael bids his coworkers farewell as he leaves to begin his life with Holly.

Who wins the mini-fridge in the episode when the workplace has a casino night to raise money for charity?





Phyllis and Pam appear to be doing well at the tables, but Creed takes the mini-fridge home. He spends the entire night stuffing his pockets and sleeves with swindled poker chips, which explains why.

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