Unbelievable TV! Can You Guess These Outrageous Reality Show Concepts?

What is the premise of the reality show “Married at First Sight”?

Couples meet for the first time at their wedding

Singles date through avatars

Celebrities marry fans

Matchmaking based on horoscopes

In “Married at First Sight,” individuals agree to marry a complete stranger, whom they meet for the first time at their own wedding, making the concept both unique and controversial.

What happens in the show “Dating in the Dark”?

Dates occur in pitch-black rooms

Singles date in haunted houses

Dates are based on costume themes

Singles date during solar eclipses

Dating in the Dark features daters meeting and interacting in completely dark rooms, relying on verbal communication and physical touch, rather than visual cues.

Which show features celebrities living with Amish families?

Breaking Amish

Amish Mafia

Vanilla Ice Goes Amish

The Simple Life

Vanilla Ice Goes Amish is a reality show where rapper Vanilla Ice lives and works with Amish communities to learn their traditional building techniques.

In “Naked and Afraid,” participants must survive in the wild for how many days?

21 days

30 days

10 days

40 days

Contestants on “Naked and Afraid” are challenged to survive in the wilderness for 21 days without clothing, food, or water provided.

What is the unique twist in the show “The Masked Singer”?

Singers perform in elaborate costumes

Singers compete via lip-sync battles

Singers reveal secrets after each song

Singers create their own songs

The Masked Singer features celebrities singing in full-body costumes and face masks which conceal their identities from other contestants, the panel, and the audience.

Which show features a competition among professional tattoo artists?

Ink Master

Tattoo Fixers

LA Ink

Best Ink

Ink Master is a reality competition where tattoo artists participate in various challenges testing their tattoo skills and related artistic abilities.

In “Joe Millionaire,” what was the major plot twist?

The millionaire is actually a billionaire

The millionaire is a woman

The millionaire is actually not wealthy

All contestants are millionaires

Joe Millionaire tricked its participants by introducing them to a man who was portrayed as a millionaire but was, in reality, just an average Joe with no wealth.

What does the winner receive in “Survivor”?

A vacation

$1 million

A book deal

Their own reality show

The winner of “Survivor,” after outlasting other contestants in challenges and strategic gameplay on a deserted location, receives a grand prize of $1 million.

What’s the concept of “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry'”?

Contestants date a Prince Harry lookalike

Singles compete for a royal title

Contestants think they are dating Prince Harry

A royal family member finds love

In “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry'”, female contestants are led to believe they are competing for the affection of Prince Harry, but he is actually a lookalike.

Which show involves contestants running a pawn shop?

Pawn Stars

Hardcore Pawn

Storage Wars

American Pickers

Pawn Stars focuses on the daily activities at a family-run pawn shop in Las Vegas, where people bring in items to sell or pawn.

What show has participants live like cavemen?

Return to Stone Age

Caveman Challenge

Stone Age Survival

Live Like Cavemen

Return to Stone Age tasks participants with surviving using only tools and techniques available during the Stone Age, emphasizing human adaptability and historical lifestyle challenges.

Which reality show features brides competing for plastic surgery?


Surgery Race

The Swan

Extreme Makeover

Bridalplasty had brides-to-be compete in wedding-themed challenges with the ultimate prize being a full plastic surgery makeover before their big day.

What’s the main concept of “My Cat From Hell”?

Train problematic cats

Wild cats in homes

Cats predict weather

Famous cats live together

My Cat From Hell features a cat behaviorist who helps cat owners manage their particularly troublesome pets, aiming to resolve conflicts and misbehaviors.

Which show features competing interior designers?

Design Star

Interior Wars

The Apartment

Home Challenge

Design Star features a number of interior designers competing in various design challenges to win a chance at their own show.

Which reality show involves extreme hair cutting and styling?

Shear Genius

Hair Battle

Cutthroat Hair

Style Wars

Shear Genius gathers hairstylists to compete in creative hair-cutting and styling challenges, testing their skill under pressure and in unconventional circumstances.

In which show do bosses join their own workforce incognito?

Undercover Boss

Boss Swap

Secret CEO

Mystery Manager

Undercover Boss features CEOs and company leaders who disguise themselves to work incognito among their own employees, gaining insights into their business and workforce.

What is unique about “Kid Nation”?

Children build a society

Kids run companies

Teens travel alone

Babies learn survival skills

Kid Nation featured a group of children who were tasked with creating a functioning society in a deserted town, highlighting the capabilities and dynamics of young individuals.

Which show features a fake psychic medium?

The Mentalist

Psychic Challenge

Seatbelt Psychic

Crossing Over

The Mentalist, although a fictional series, fits the description as it centers around a former fake psychic who uses his keen observational skills to help solve crimes.

What was the premise of “Boy Meets Boy”?

Gay bachelor reality show

Blind dates

Internet dating

Cross-country love search

Boy Meets Boy was a reality dating show with a twist: the gay bachelor was led to believe all contestants were gay, though some were actually heterosexual.

Which reality series involves chasing tornadoes?

Storm Chasers

Tornado Hunters

Twister Pursuit

Cyclone Race

Storm Chasers documents the adventures and often dangerous missions of meteorologists and enthusiasts who track and study tornadoes in the U.S.

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