Were These Really Olympic Sports? Find Out With Our Lost Olympic Sports Quiz!

Which sport was part of the 1900 Paris Olympics?

Solo synchronized swimming


Rugby sevens

Beach volleyball

Cricket was only featured in the 1900 Paris Olympics. It included teams from Great Britain and France, with Great Britain winning the match. The sport was discontinued after 1900 due to lack of participants.

Tug of war


Balloon racing

Motor racing

Tug of war was actually part of the Olympic Games from 1900 to 1920. Teams from different nations competed in this strength-based sport, which has its origins in ancient ceremonies and rituals.

Which sport was included in the Olympics only once, in 1900?


Basque pelota

Water motorsports

Kite flying

Basque pelota was featured as an Olympic sport only during the 1900 Paris Games. This fast-paced court sport is similar to squash but involves hitting a ball against a wall using a curved paddle.

Which discontinued Olympic sport involved live animals?

Pigeon shooting

Horse long jump

Dog racing

Bear wrestling

Pigeon shooting was featured in the 1900 Paris Olympics and is the only time in Olympic history where animals were deliberately harmed as part of an event. Participants shot at live pigeons, and the winner was the one who shot down the most.

In which year did Olympic croquet appear?





Croquet appeared in the 1900 Paris Olympics. It was not popular, with only a few French participants, and was never featured in the Olympics again.

Which one-time Olympic demonstration sport involved artists?



Literature competition


Architecture was featured as a demonstration sport during the Olympics from 1912 until 1948 as part of the art competitions. Architects submitted their designs and plans as competitive works.

What kind of competition was Olympic rope climbing?

Speed only

Technique only

Speed and technique

Height only

Olympic rope climbing was judged on both speed and technique. Competitors raced to climb a suspended rope, using hand-over-hand technique without the use of their legs.


Jeu de paume


All of the above

All three sports were last included in the 1920 Antwerp Olympics. Polo, jeu de paume, and lacrosse are traditional sports with varied popularity across different countries, but they were not continued in subsequent Olympics.

Which event was a part of the Interwar Olympic Games?

Dueling pistols


Javelin catch

All of the above

Dueling pistols was an actual event during the Interwar period, particularly at the 1906 Intercalated Games in Athens, where competitors fired at mannequins dressed in frock coats.

What was unique about the swimming obstacle race in 1900?

Swimmers wore flotation devices

Included underwater swimming

Swimmers raced over and under obstacles

Was held in open water

The swimming obstacle race at the 1900 Paris Olympics required swimmers to climb over a pole and a row of boats, and swim under another row of boats. This made the event not only a test of speed but also agility and adaptability.

Which sport appeared as a demonstration sport in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics?

Solo synchronized swimming

Live pigeon shooting

Town planning

Roller hockey

Roller hockey appeared as a demonstration sport in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics but has not been included as an official Olympic sport.

What was the “plunge for distance” competition at the 1904 Olympics?

Plunge for distance

Platform diving

Water polo

Synchronized diving

The “plunge for distance” competition was a swimming event in the 1904 Olympics where competitors dove into the water and remained motionless for a minute or traveled as far as they could without swimming.

Which sport, similar to squash, was included in the 1908 London Olympics?

Jeu de paume




Rackets, a precursor to squash, was featured in the 1908 London Olympics. It is played in an enclosed court with a smaller, harder ball than squash.

What American version of croquet was included in the 1904 St. Louis Olympics?

Live pigeon shooting



Town planning

Roque, an American version of croquet, was included in the 1904 St. Louis Olympics. It was played on a hard sand court with borders.

Jeu de paume


Motor racing

Tug of war

Ballooning was featured as a demonstration event in the 1900 Paris Olympics. Contestants were judged based on altitude reached and distance covered.

What unique swimming event was part of the 1900 Paris Olympics?

Underwater swimming

Obstacle swim


Water polo

Underwater swimming was part of the swimming events at the 1900 Paris Olympics, where swimmers covered as much distance as possible underwater.

Cannon shooting

Kite flying

Club swinging


Club swinging, an event similar to rhythmic gymnastics with clubs, was an Olympic event in the 1904 and 1932 Olympics, showcasing gymnastic skills with wooden clubs.

What individual water sport was included from 1984 to 1992?

Distance plunging

Solo synchronized swimming

Figure skating

Long jump

Solo synchronized swimming was included in the Olympics from 1984 to 1992. Competitors performed routines solo, judged on their artistic impression and technical skills.

Which unusual art competition was part of the Olympic Games from 1928 to 1948?

Fire fighting

Pigeon racing

Kite flying

Town planning

Town planning was part of the art competitions held during the Olympic Games from 1928 to 1948. Competitors submitted designs for urban planning and development projects.

What equestrian event was included in the 1900 Paris Olympics?

Long jump for horses

Tug of war


Jeu de paume

The long jump for horses was included in the 1900 Paris Olympics as part of the equestrian events. It was not included in subsequent Olympics due to its limited appeal and practicality.

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