What Information Do You Have Regarding Historical Conspiracy Theories?

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The Titanic story is well-known, especially in light of the 1997 movie, but some people believe that certain events transpired somewhat differently. What have significant Titanic-related conspiracy theories been made?

It never actually sank.

The death toll was much higher than reported.

The ship was abducted by aliens.

The captain sunk it intentionally.

It never actually sank.
This theory has even been the subject of books. There have been rumors that the Olympic, the Titanic’s sister ship, was involved in the infamous incident. According to rumors, the previously damaged Olympic was misrepresented as a brand-new ship, giving the company the right to receive an insurance payout when it eventually sank.

There are bound to be several rumors floating around a famous event like the sinking of the Titanic. What banker and financier were allegedly behind the disaster?

Andrew Carnegie

J.P. Morgan

William G. Fargo

J.D. Rockefeller

J.P. Morgan
According to the theory, the wealthy and influential passengers Benjamin Guggenheim, John Jacob Astor, and Isidor Strauss opposed the creation of the United States Federal Reserve. Morgan, who decided not to travel himself at the last minute, may have planned to sink the ship to get rid of the men who stood in his way.

Shakespeare is one of history’s most well-known authors and playwrights, but some people doubt the authenticity of his body of work. Whose oratory and philosophy are credited with inspiring some of Shakespeare’s works?

John Locke

René Descartes‎

Francis Bacon

Thomas Hobbes

Francis Bacon
Theorists have noted similarities between works attributed to Shakespeare and those attributed to Bacon. Supporters of this rumor also assert that, in contrast to Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon’s education and sophistication were better suited to the themes of Shakespeare’s plays than Shakespeare’s non-aristocratic background.

Some believed that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had been poisoned when he became ill and died. Which well-known Mozart rival and associate was the top suspect?

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Richard Wagner

Ludwig van Beethoven

Antonio Salieri

Antonio Salieri
Rumors about Mozart’s sudden demise abounded, and the possibility of poison inevitably led to suspicions about Salieri, a rival of Mozart’s. These allegations were considered a contributing factor when Salieri started having nervous breakdowns later in life.

Some think the Freemasons ordered Mozart’s execution as retaliation for disclosing the organization’s secrets. What opera is alleged to hold these secrets?

Tristan und Isolde

The Barber of Seville

The Magic Flute


The Magic Flute
This 1861 urban legend has a somewhat dubious foundation. Mozart did write the music for “The Magic Flute,” but Schikeneder’s libretto served as the inspiration.

There are many rumors about Adolph Hitler’s passing, many of which are based on the idea that he did not commit suicide. Where is Hitler frequently thought to have fled to in South America?





This theory has always been well-liked; even in 2018, it is still being discussed as new evidence comes to light. Proponents of this alternate history provide surprising information, right down to Hitler’s Argentine address and the day of his “real” death.

The ancient Greeks and technology were the subject of an intriguing conspiracy theory that surfaced in 2016. Which electronic device is said to have existed in ancient Greece?




Laptop computer

Laptop computer
The Malibu, California-based sighting started this rumor at J. Paul Getty Museum. A 100 BCE stone relief grave marker shows a woman who appears to be using a laptop. Those who disagree think it might be a wax tablet or a jewelry box.

Both of Plato’s works, Timaeus and Critica, have sparked a discussion far beyond simple philosophy. What sunken city has been the subject of centuries of speculation?


Treasure Island

Monkey Island

El Dorado

There are various Atlantis theories. Some people believe Atlantis was now known as Antarctica, while others think it vanished into the Bermuda Triangle or the ocean. In the end, an absence of evidence — even with modern technology — points to Plato’s invention of Atlantis.

Which well-known Egyptian site can be seen here that is commonly said to be much older than most people believe?


Abu Simbel temples

The Sphinx

Giza pyramid complex

The Sphinx
Many historians concur that the Sphinx was constructed around 4,500 years ago in memory of the pharaoh Khafre, but some theorize that it may be twice as old. However, conspiracy theorists think there is proof that the Sphinx is nearly a million years old.

Augustus Caesar

Julius Caesar

Marc Antony

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Julius Caesar
Caesar had long been troubled with a mysterious illness that modern scholars believe to be epilepsy when he was killed in 44 BCE. Some speculate that Caesar chose to be killed on purpose rather than die a long and possibly humiliating death from his condition, given that he had already named a successor and dismissed his guards on that fateful day.

Which famed Roman opponents are said to have traveled to the Americas?

The Carthaginians

The Mongolians

The Vikings

The Turks

The Carthaginians
The theory has been debated since the 1700s and is still relevant today. According to a 2014 PBS program, the Chachapoya people of Peru had ancestors who fled Carthage and immigrated to South America.

A good conspiracy was nothing new to ancient societies. Who was said to have assisted his mother in the assassination of Philip II of Macedon?

Julius Caesar



Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great
Although there is no official evidence, this theory has been around for a while. One of the most evident signs is how quickly the accused assassin was put to death without having a chance to defend himself.

Alexander the Great is the subject of numerous absurd theories. What is one of the more enduring rumors?

He lied about his accomplishments.

His death was a murder.

He faked his own death.

He was related to Julius Caesar.

His death was a murder.
Alexander died after drinking, so many people assumed he was poisoned. According to rumors, Antipater, a disgruntled former regent, used Aristotle’s assistance to carry out the deed.

Numerous theories suggest that ancient structures may have been influenced by extraterrestrial life. Which of the buildings shown here is commonly the subject of those rumors?


The Sphinx

Egyptian pyramids

Easter Island heads

Some people think that humans could not have built Stonehenge with the technology available at the time because of the size and weight of the stones used to construct it. In most of these situations, aliens are the preferred theory.

Which Arthurian wizard is also credited with building Stonehenge?




Harry Potter

Geoffrey of Monmouth, who lived in the 14th century, popularized this theory. Whether Merlin used his magic alone or with assistance from some other mystical force has been the subject of conflicting interpretations.

Some believe that these enormous, linear drawings of shapes and animals must be the work of aliens. Which country do they call this place?


United States



These reports of alien origin were sparked by the size and scope of these figures and patterns. Theorists wonder how these drawings, some of which span more than 1,000 feet, could have been created by a society lacking flight because they are best viewed from a plane.

Where can one find these heads, famously thought to be alien?


Fire Island


Easter Island

Easter Island
Easter Island is home to almost 1,000 moai or stone statues. Some people think that because of their enormous size and enigmatic nature, they could only have been created by something extraterrestrial.

What is a beloved Egyptian animal also thought to have been created by extraterrestrials?





This theory was supported by evidence of cat worship in ancient Egypt. Cats are well-documented in Egyptian art, but they were never pictured before. The idea that cats are alien creatures has been sparked by their alleged sudden appearance and the Egyptians’ description of them as “gifts from the gods.”

Which princess has long been said to have escaped the execution of her family?





Some speculate that Anastasia had jewelry hidden beneath the clothing that allowed her to withstand bullets to survive the Bolsheviks’ execution of her entire family. Many theories about her survival emerged over time, as did several women who claimed to be her.

She was a time traveler.

She was actually a man.

She had six body doubles.

She wasn’t of noble birth.

She was actually a man.
According to legend, Queen Elizabeth I did exist, but she died at a young age due to illness. Those in charge of her care allegedly found a local boy to replace her, convincing even her father, King Henry VIII, that this was Elizabeth.

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