Do You Have What It Takes To Survive in an Island? Find Out By Taking This Quiz

Do You Have What it Takes to Survive on A Deserted Island? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

What is the first thing you need to do in a survival situation to lower stress and boost morale?


Realize that the odds of getting rescued are slim

Run around to see if anyone else is with you

Concentrate on the positive

Concentrate on the positive
Even if you don’t have formal survival training, when you kept a calm, level head and focused on the good you will be able to survive.

How do you identify a venomous snake?

They have rattles

They are all black

They have sidewinders

They have diamond-shaped heads

They have diamond-shaped heads
An easy way to identify a venomous snake is if it has a diamond-shaped head.

What should you do if you encounter a snake in the wild?

Find a mouse to lure it away

Lie down to the ground and pretend you are dead.

Walk away or give it a wide berth as you go around it.

Try to step on it.

Walk away or give it a wide berth as you go around it.
The best course of action when you encounter a snake is to not engage it. You should walk back in the direction you came.

Why is a buffalo dangerous?

They have sharp, pointy teeth

They are venomous

They are not dangerous at all

They travel in herds

They travel in herds
Buffalos travel in herds and can run at speeds of 35 mph. You’ll be at risk of getting trampled.

One way to start a fire is to use a convex lens and direct it to the sun’s rays. In the event you don’t have a lens, what can you do to help build the fire?



Dry tinder

All of these

All of these
Any dry foliage can help in starting a fire. Gather twigs and branches together to form a teepee initially.

What are the benefits of having a covered shelter?

It shields you from animals

It protects you from the harsh elements

It helps you psychologically

All of these

All of these
Your shelter not only protects you, but it also aids your mindset of having a home for the time being.

What is the benefit of starting a fire in a survival situation?

Cook food

Signals passing boat or plane


All of these

All of these
Fire helps you keep warm, especially at night. It can also help people on boats and planes know that a human being is on the island.

What can you put on top of your fire to create smoke?




Green fonds

Green fonds
Green fonds increases the amount of smoke the fire products, which can help the boat or plane see you.

Which of these is not a way to avoid a bite from a tsetse fly?

Wear bright clothing

Avoid wandering into the bushes during the day

Wear long-sleeved clothing

Sleep in a scented room.

Wear bright clothing
Bright clothing attracts tsetse flies and other animals.

Insects can help feed your hunger in a survival situation. Which of these is a warning sign that you should not eat an insect?

It has a stinger

It has bright colors

It is considered a disease carrier (ex. mosquito).

All of these

All of these
Watch out for bugs with bright colors, stingers, or those that carry diseases.

Why is it that the best place to have your shelter is on the shore?

The sound of waves is soothing

You can quickly signal passing planes or ships

The sand is comfortable to sleep on.

The ocean is a great water source.

You can quickly signal passing planes or ships
Making shelter near the shore gives you easy access to where fire signals or rock formations should be.

How will you know if a frog is poisonous?

It has bright coloring

It croaks weirdly

It does not hop

It will attack you

It has bright coloring
Frogs with bright coloring are poisonous, even to the touch.

If you end up shipwrecked on an island, which of this information should be not the main priority?



Food and water


You need food, water, shelter, and safety to survive on a deserted island.

If using a cave as a shelter is your only option, where should you stay within the cave?

Through some of the corridors while inside the cave

Directly outside the cave

By the mouth

Deep inside

By the mouth
You never know if animals are also using it for shelter so stay by the mouth. In that way, you do not also get lost inside.

What items are useful for scavenging when you are stranded on a deserted island?



Sheets of plastic

All of these

All of these
Anything can be a useful scavenge. Try to get as many items as you can.

What materials will you cover your teepee with?

Spare clothing


Large leaves and other foliage

Spare items you found

Large leaves and other foliage
Find the largest leaves and bush you can find and use it as a cover.

How do you know if you are experiencing a heat stroke?



Lack of sweating even though it’s hot out.

All of these

All of these
Other symptoms include a rapid heartbeat and a throbbing headache.

How will you know if a fish is toxic or poisonous to eat?

They usually have boxy shapes

They have parrot-like mouths

They live in the reef

All of these

All of these
Many species of fish are not safe to fish. Do not catch pufferfish, cowfish, and cowfish.

Which of the following should you never do when you encounter a Hippopotamus?

Surprise it

Stand between it and its calf

Block its path

All of these

All of these
Hippopotamuses are some of the most dangerous animals you can come across.

How do you avoid a shark from attacking you?

Avoid murky water

Avoid being around large groups of fish

Stay out of the water when you are bleeding

All of these

Stay out of the water when you are bleeding
When catching a fish to eat, stay out of the murky water, and avoid large groups of fish especially if there is blood in the vicinity.

Oh no! you can’t survive in a deserted island.

Great Job. You can survive on a deserted island.

Awesome. You are a survivor!

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