Would You Make a Good Zookeeper? Prove That You Are Zookeeper Material By Taking This Quiz

It takes a lot of studying and hard work to become a zookeeper. See if you are a zookeeper material by taking our quiz.

Hermaphrodites include slugs, worms, and a variety of other invertebrates. What does it mean to be a hermaphrodite animal?

They mate year round

They have both male and female organs

They move without the use of any limbs

They eat plants and bugs only

They have both male and female organs
Animals with both male and female reproductive organs are known as hermaphrodites. Worms, bryozoans (moss animals), trematodes (flukes), snails, slugs, and barnacles are examples of hermaphroditic creatures that are parasitic, slow-moving, or permanently connected to another animal or plant.

At some time in their lives, all animals have hair on their bodies. What is the hair’s principal function?

Provide distinction between male and female

Increase sensitivity of touch


Protect against prey

Hair on animals retains air and acts as an insulator, similar to the fiberglass insulation found in most modern homes.

The resting metabolism of reptiles is substantially lower than that of mammals. What are the advantages of having a low resting metabolism?

They are able to more easily survive in cold climates

The animal is able to go long periods of time without breathing

The body requires less fuel (food)

Eye sight is improved

The body requires less fuel (food)
Reptiles have lower metabolisms because they are cold-blooded animals that do not create enough heat to keep their bodies warm and functional. Because they have a slower metabolism, they use less energy and so require less fuel (food).

What fish has one eye migrate to the opposite side of its head, giving it both eyes on one side of its head, after being born with eyes on both sides of its head?

Yellow tang




The flounder, like other flat fish, begins life as a somewhat normal-looking fish, but when one eye moves to the opposite side, it transforms into a flat fish that is excellent at concealing on the ocean floor.

Which of the following is an invertebrate’s defining characteristic?

They are warm blooded

They are herbivores

They have no backbone

They are symmetrical

They have no backbone
Invertebrates by definition have no backbone. In addition to lacking a spine, the majority of invertebrates lack an endoskeleton as well.

Which of the following insect species is most likely to be seen engaging in sexual cannibalism, with the female eating the male after the male has reproduced?

Dung Beetle

Walking Stick

Praying Mantis

Bullet Ant

Praying Mantis
It is not rare for a female praying mantis to swallow a male after mating, though this does not happen every time.

Many fish can generate light, which they employ in a variety of ways. What is it that allows them to create light in the majority of cases?

Infrared scales

Static electricity


Thermal radiation

A chemical process known as bioluminescence is used by many fish to produce light. Bioluminescence is used for a number of functions, including hunting and evading predators.

What factors influence the temperature of most fish?

The amount and speed of their swimming

Thermoregulation (like humans)

The temperature of the water

What they eat

The temperature of the water
Fish’s body temperature is determined by their surroundings because they are cold-blooded creatures, hence it is determined by the temperature of the water they are in for practically all fish.

What are the nesting grounds for sea turtles?

On the sandy ocean floor

In kelp forests

Between rocks on the ocean floor

On the beach

On the beach
Summer is when female turtles dig their nests, usually in June or July. Some animals will dig several holes; these “false nests” may function as predator deterrents. The female leaves after laying eggs in the hole and covers them with earth.

The male of one species of fish is the only known creature capable of becoming pregnant. What kind of fish is this?



Wolf eel


Male seahorses are the only creatures in which females transfer their eggs to the males, making them the only creature in whom men become pregnant.

Which of the following is NOT a pufferfish defensive mechanism?

Short burst of speed

Electric shock

Pointy spines


Electric shock
Pufferfish use sharp spines that emerge as they “inflate” themselves to defend themselves. When their quick burst of speed fails to get them to safety, they resort to this technique of defense. They are tough prey because of their tactics and poison.

What is the main function of a frog’s croak?

To attract a mate

They sing to their young as part of parenting

To scare away predators

To attract insects that they then eat

To attract a mate
A frog’s primary motivation for croaking is to attract a partner. Even if they don’t see or hear a female frog, male frogs croak to attract her attention.

From infancy to adulthood, nearly all amphibians go through a substantial transformation. What is the name of this change?





Almost all amphibians develop from a larval stage, which is usually a tadpole in the water, to an adult stage, which is usually spent at least partly on land. Metamorphosis is the process of changing from one phase to the next.

Humans catch which of the following fish by sticking their hands/arms into holes and pulling the fish out after it bites their hand?

Largemouth Bass


Rainbow trout


Noodling, also known as handfishing, is the process of placing your hand and/or arm into a catfish nest and then pulling it out of the water.

In their hearts, all mammals have the same number of chambers. What is the total number of chambers?





All mammals and birds have four chamber hearts, which regulate the flow of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood throughout the body.

Flamingos are distinguished by their brilliant pink hue. What makes them so pink?

They roll around in pink foliage.

Their diet

Blood vessels run through their feathers

There are pink parasites that live on their feathers.

Their diet
Flamingos get their vivid pink hue from beta-carotene, a red-orange pigment found in large amounts in the algae, brine fly larvae, and brine shrimp that they feed in their wetland habitat.

Because of the number of deaths caused by malaria, the mosquito is Africa’s deadliest critter. What is Africa’s deadliest mammal?


Water buffalo



The strong and territorial hippopotamus are some of the deadliest animals in Africa, killing at least 500 people a year.

Coral polyps are invertebrate critters that make up coral reefs. These are essentially jellyfish-like translucent creatures. What gives coral reefs their color?

Fish scales

The algae they feed on

The rocks underneath

Fish droppings

The algae they feed on
Coral reefs get their vibrant hues from algae that lives on them and that they eat. A symbiotic link exists between the algae and the coral.

Flutings are fringed feathers that owls have at the tips of their wings. What are these feathers used for?

To pick up potential prey

To keep their young warm

To allow the owl to fly silently

To attract females

What is this unique organ found just beneath the skin of several vipers, pythons, and boas?

Movement of the air

X-rays (to see through objects)

Thermal radiation (heat)

Magnetic fields

Thermal radiation (heat)
Various snakes have holes or channels on their faces that are packed with thermoreceptors, allowing them to sense heat. They can sense both prey and predators’ thermal radiation.

What is the most common insect in the planet?





Ants are the most common insects on the planet, with an estimated population of 10-10,000 trillion individuals.

What do you call the hard outer body that all insects have?

Abdominal shell

Insect Armor



Insects lack the internal skeletal framework and bones of vertebrate creatures. Instead, their body provides the necessary structure, thus the term exoskeleton (exo- meaning exterior).

Which of the following fish is not usually seen in and around coral reefs?



Yellow tang


On coral reefs, yellow tangs, parrotfish, and clownfish are widespread, but piranhas can be found in South American rivers.

Ants are incredible organisms that dwell in large colonies. What is the mechanism through which all of these adult ants communicate with one another?

Magnetic fields

Clicking sounds

Air vibrations

Chemical pheromones

Chemical pheromones
Pheromones are used by ants in a variety of ways, including releasing ‘danger’ pheromones when they die to notify adjacent ants, or creating chemical trails from their colony to prospective food sources.

The red-tailed hawk is renowned for its keen vision. Consider a person who has 20/20 vision, which means they can see small print from a distance of 20 feet. How far away might the red-tailed hawk (if it could read) read the same sign?

40 feet

80 feet

160 feet

20 feet

160 feet
The vision of a red-tailed hawk is eight times greater than that of humans, or 20/2.5 vision. They can see what a regular human can see at 2.5 feet from a distance of 20 feet.

Which fish is the most popularly consumed in the United States?





Tuna is the most popular seafood in the United States, mostly in the form of canned tuna. Herring is the most popular fish in the world. Keep in mind that this does not include shellfish like shrimp, which aren’t really fish.

Which invertebrate has a stomach that may leave the body while eating and then return after the meal is finished?




Sea Urchin

By possessing a stomach that can escape the body, starfish have the unusual capacity to devour prey that is completely outside of their body.

What amphibians have wart-like lumps on their skin?





Many toads have warts on their skin, however, these warts are not contagious, despite common assumptions. Many toads have warts on their skin, however, these warts are not contagious, despite common assumptions.

All insects have three sections to their bodies. What is the name of the intermediate part between the head and the abdomen?





The thorax is the insect’s midsection. It is where the head, legs, wings, and abdomen are held.

Mammals are extremely social creatures, and many predators hunt in packs. Which of the following is not a pack hunter?


Polar bear



Polar bear
Coyotes, lions, and orcas are all highly social creatures that hunt in packs. Polar bears are not a pack animal, and they are most often observed alone, with the exception of a mother with her cubs.

Ectothermic means that reptiles use which of the following to regulate their body temperature:

Absorbing heat from the environment

Shivering or sweating to control temperature

None of these, the body automatically regulates temperature like in humans

Moving around more to generate heat

Absorbing heat from the environment
Reptiles are ectothermic, or cold-blooded, which means their bodies are unable to control their core temperature and must instead absorb heat from their surroundings.

Food is detected in a unique way by flies. How do they usually recognize edible food?

Having the most powerful sense of smell in the animal kingdom

Detecting unique radiation with their antennae

Tasting things with their feet

Receptors in their wings can taste food while flying

Tasting things with their feet
Flies’ feet have chemoreceptors, which function similarly to taste buds and allow them to “taste” food with their feet.

While there aren’t many reptiles that migrate, one did so for a total of 12,774 miles in 647 days! What reptile holds the world record for longest reptile migration?


Giant tortoise

Water Moccasin (snake)

Leatherback Turtle

Leatherback Turtle
The leatherback turtle, the world’s biggest turtle, travels great distances between breeding and feeding grounds. One was discovered to have traveled 12,774 miles!

Which of the following statements regarding fleas is false?

Fleas can jump a distance of 100 times their body length

Fleas are parasites

Fleas have wings

Fleas transmit diseases

Fleas have wings
All of this is correct, except that fleas lack wings, necessitating such a long jump.

Which crustacean is known to live in abandoned animal shells?

Hermit crab


Spider crab

Softshell crab

Hermit crab
Hermit crabs are little crustaceans that may be found in shallow water all around the world. The mollusk shells that these crustaceans carry on their backs and must change shells as they grow.

How do tree frogs manage to scale tall trees?

Extreme gripping strength

Small claws

Molecular bonds

Sticky mucus on their feet

Sticky mucus on their feet
Tree frogs have pads on their bodies that create mucus that sticks to trees and other surfaces.

The capacity to lose and regenerate one’s tail is common among lizards. What’s the most prevalent explanation for this behavior?

As food for their young

To attract a mate

To distract a predator

As part of shedding their skin during growth

To distract a predator
For many lizards, releasing their tail is a costly protection strategy. When they are afraid, they droop their tail in the hopes of diverting or subduing the predator.

What invertebrate was (and still is) used as part of medical therapy for disease?

Sea anemone



Hook worms

During the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, physicians frequently utilized leeches as part of bloodletting treatments. They are still used to increase blood flow following plastic surgery, such as the reattachment of a missing finger.

Which of the following characteristics of a bird’s bodily structure is required for it to fly?

Having zero body fat

Having hollow bones

Having no bones, only cartilage

Having no liver or kidneys

Having hollow bones
Birds have a skeleton that is largely made up of thin, hollow bones.

How do most amphibians reproduce?

By live birth

By spreading spores

By laying eggs

By self-cloning

By laying eggs
Many amphibians that breed in ponds and streams reproduce by depositing a large number of eggs in water.

Sorry. You are not a zookeeper material.

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Congratulations. You are a zookeeper material!

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